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28 July 1995

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1995-07-28 number 42

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                                                                    Published by Authority

          Vol. LXXIII, No. 42                                          28th JULY, 1995                                                                      Price $3,00

       General Notice 450 of 1995.                                                      Aquisition Act, 1992, has appointed Mr F. T. Chunga as the new
                                                                                        chairman of the Compensation Committee.
                 CUSTOMS AND EXCISE ACT [CHAPTER 177]                                                                                                      K. M. KANGAI,
                                                                                        28-7-95.                          Minister of Lands and Water Resources.
                          Bonded Warehouse Notice 6 of 1995
                                                                                        General Notice 452 of 1995.
         IT is hereby notified that in exercise of powers conferred upon the
       Director of Customs and Excise by section 57 of the Customs and                                     GOVERNMENT TENDER BOARD
       Excise Act [Chapter177], the warehousesspecified in the Schedule
       which have been approvedby the Director are appointed as bonded                                                    Tenders Invited
       warehousesfor the security of goods without paymentof duty under
« te

       the Act.                                                                           Alltenders must be submitted to the Secretary, Government Tender Board, P.O. Box
                                                                                        CY 408, Causeway.
                                                       R. J. MUNYARADZI,
                                                                                           Tenders mustin no circumstances be submitted to departments.
       28-7-95                                           Customs and Excise.               Tenders must be enclosed in sealed envelopes, endorsed on the outside with the
                                                                                        advertised tender number, description, closing date and must be posted in time to be
                                            SCHEDULE                                    sorted into Post Office Box CY 408, Causeway,or delivered by hand to the Secretary,
                                                                                        Government Tender Board, Fourth Floor, Atlas House, 62, Robert Mugabe Road,                .
       Nameand location of warehouse                   Description of warehouse
                                                                                        Harare, before 10 a.m. onthe closing date notified.
       Green Motor Services (Pvt.) Ltd.                An enclosure,inside an              Offers submitted by telegraph, stating clearly therein the nameof the tenderer, the
       Stand No. 879,                                    existing building measur-      service and the amount mustbe dispatchedin time for delivery by the Post Office to the
       Cardiff Road,                                     ing 26,6 m by 12,3 m,          Secretary, Government TenderBoard, by 10 a.m. on the closing date and the confirma-
       Mutare.                                           located on the south.          tion tender posted not later than the closing time and date. The telegraphic address is
                                                         Three sides concrete block     “Tenders, Harare”.
                                                          walls, one side wire mesh,
                                                                                        Note.—Tenders whichare not received by 10a.m. on the closing date, whetherby hand,
                                                          with two doors onthe north
                                                                                           by post or by telegraph, will be treated as late tenders.
                                                          and south sides, both with
                                                         double lock provision. _          If a depositis required for tender documents,it will be refunded on receipt of a bona
                                                                                        fide tender orif the tender documents are returned complete and unmarkedbefore the
       Delpot’s Tobacco Beetle,                        Concrete, Brick and mortar
                                                                                        closing date.
       Exterminaters (Pvt.} Ltd,                          room 8,8m x 4,5m x 2,8 m,
       Stand 14786,                                      no windows.Rollers shut-          For supply contracts, the country of manufacture must be stated. When tenders are
       Coventry Road,                                    ter door accessible only       compared,a degree ofpreference is deducted from prices tendered for goods manufac-
       Workington,                                       from inside and entrance       tured in Zimbabwe.
       Harare.                                           door fitted with bar for af-      Notendercan be withdrawnor amended duringa period of30 days (or another period
                                                         fixing customslocks.           specified in tender documents) from the stated closing date.

       AMB Wholesalers,                                Rectangle with a concrete           The Government does notbinditself to accept the lowest or any tender, and reserves
       110, Harare Street/Robert Mugabe Road,            roof—length 7 000 cm,          the right to select any tender in whole orin part.
       Harare.                                           width 3 850 cm, height
                                                                                           Tenders which are properly addressed to the Government Tender Board in envelopes
                                                         3.000 cm, walls of bricks,
                                                                                        with the advertised tender number and description endorsed on the outside are not
                                                         sand and cement.
                                                                                        opened until 10 a.m. on the closing date.                             :
       Datronics Distribution (Pvt.) Ltd,              Brick under concrete recta-         Membersof the public may attend the opening of tenders on Fourth Floor, Adas
       Stand 16953,                                       ngular enclosure measu-       House, 62, Robert Mugabe Road, Harare, from 10 a.m. onwards onthe date specified.
       Harare.                                            ring 13,52 mx 8,3 m with
                                                                                                                                                         MISS P. TICHAGWA,
                                                         one door and five win-
                                                         dows.                          28-7-95..                                                      Government Tender Board.

       General Notice 451 of 1995.                                                      Tender
                           LAND ACQUISITION ACT, 1992                                   Tenders are invitedfrom registered contractorsfor:
                                                                                        ZESA.26/95. Supply and delivery of copper cables and termination
            Appointmentof the Compensation Committee Chairman                                    kits.Closing date, 17.8.95. Non-refundable deposit, $25.
                                                                                        ZESA.27/95. Supply and delivery of a new30 tonne horse truck and
         IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Lands and Water                              triaxle trailer. Closing date, 17.8.95.Non-refundable deposit,
       Resources, in terms of subsection (1) of section 17 of the Land                           $25.
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