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23 February 1996

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1996-02-23 number 12

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          GOVERNMENTGAZETTE-                                                                 x

                                                                              Published by Authority

      Vol. LXXIV, No. 12                                               23rd FEBRUARY,1996                                                              ’ Price $3,00
   General Notice 69 of 1996..                                                                   Tender |
                      GOVERNMENT TENDER BOARD
                                                                                                 PTC.9188. Supply and delivery of switchboard cables. Closingdate,
                               \     Tenders Invited                                                 ‘     7,3.96, Documents may be collected from the Secretary, PTC
                                                                                                           Purchasing Committee, Room No. 518, Tenth Floor, South
     . Alltenders must be submitted to the Secretary, GovernmentTender Board,P.O. Box                      Wing, Runhare House, 107, Union Avenue, Harare, or P.O.
   CY 408, Causeway.                                                             .                     Box CY 331, Causeway. A non-refundable fee of $500 per -
      Tenders must in no circumstances be submitted to departments.                                    set of documents.
      Tenders must be enclosed in sealed envelopes, endorsed on the outside with the             DWD.6/96. Supply anddelivery of cold portable water meters: All
   advertised tender number, description, closing date and mustbe posted in time to be                provinces. Closingdate, 7.3.96. Documents are obtainable —
   sorted into Post Office Box CY 408, Causeway,or delivered by handto the Secretary,                      from Sixth Floor, Kurima House, Baker Avenue/Fourth
   Government Tender Board, Fourth Floor, Atlas House, 62, Robert Mugabe Road,                             Street, Harare, or Mhlanhlandlela Government Complex,
   Harare, before 10 a.m. on the closing date notified.                   :                                Department of Water, First Floor, Tenth/Basch Street,
      Offers submitted by telegraph,stating clearly therein the nameofthe tenderer, the
   service and the amount mustbe dispatchedin time for delivery by the Post Office to the        ZESA.12/96. Supply, delivery and commissioningof InfraredTher-
   Secretary, Government Tender Board, by 10 a.m.on the closing date andthe confirma-                _ mography camera. Supply andinstallation ofThermography
   tion tender posted notlater than the closing time and date, The telegraphic address is                  softwareandtraining personnel. Closing date, 14.3.96. Non-
   “Tenders, Harare”.                                                                                      refundable deposit of $200.      .                 Toe
  / Note.—Tenders whichare not received by 10 a.m,on the closing date, whetherby hand,           ZESA.9/96. Supply and delivery of semi-automatic test bench,-
                                                                                                       injections sets and portable meter test equipment. Closing
      by post or by telegraph, will be treated as late tenders.
                                                                                                        date, 14,3.96. Non-refundable deposit, $100.
      If adepositis required for tender documents,it will be refunded on receipt of a bona
   fide tenderorif the tender documents are returned complete and unmarked before the
                                                                                                 ZESA.12/96 and ZESA.9/96 are obtainable from the Procurement
   Closing date.
                                                                                                      _ Manager, Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority, Sixth
                                                                                                           Floor, Megawatt, House,.corner Samora Machel Avenue/
      For supply contracts, the country of manufacture mustbe stated. When tenders are"                    Leopold Takawira Street, Harare.
   compared, a degree of preference is deducted from prices tendered for goods manufac-
   tured in Zimbabwe.                                  ,
      Notendercan be withdrawn or amended during a period of30 days (oranotherperiod
                                                                                                 GeneralNotice 70 of 1996.
   Specified in tender documents) from the stated closing date.
                                                                                                           CUSTOMS AND EXCISE ACT [CHAPTER177]
      The Governmentdoesnotbinditself to accept the lowestor any tender, and reserves
   the rightto select any tender in whole or in part. .                                                           Bonded Warehouse Notice.3 of 1996
      Tenders which are properly addressed to the GovemmentTender Board in envelopes
   with the advertised tender nuthber and description endorsed on the outside are not              IT isherebynotified that, in exercise ofpowers conferred uponthe
   Opened until 10 a.m. on the closing date.                                                     Director of Customs and Excise by section 57 of the Customs and .
    “Members of the public may attend the opening of tenders on Fourth Floor,Atlas               Excise Act [Chapter 177], the warehousesspecified in the Schedule
   House, 62, Robert Mugabe Road, Harare, from 10 a.m. onwardsonthe date specified.              which have been approvedbythe Director are appointed as bonded
                                                                                                 warehousesforthe security ofgoods without paymentofduty under
                                                                 MISS P. TICHAGWA,               the Act.         os             ‘
                                                             Government Tender Board.                                                             -R. J. MUNYARADZI,
                                                                                                 23-2-96.                                Director of Customs and Excise.
   number                                                                                                                      ‘
   MOH & CW.5/96. Supply of wheat meal to the Ministry of Health                                    Nameandlocation of                    Description of warehouse
    :  and Child Welfare. Closing date, 7.3.96.,Documents are                                             warehouse
              obtainable from Ministry of Health and Child Welfare,P.O.                          Steel Service Centre,                  Fenced windowsectionsteel store,
              Box CY 1122, Causeway. Telephone: 730011.
                                                                                                 Stand 13378, Kelvin,                     measuring 22 m x 16 m.
   MOT&C.1/96. Tenders to develop and manage atraining programme.                                Bulawayo.
              Closing date, 7.3.96. Documentsare obtainable from Min-                            Varichem Laboratories,                 A square shaped room, measuring
              istry of Industry and Commerce(reception desk), Thirteenth                         Room 7,                                  6,05 mx 6,05 m and 3 m height.
              Floor, Mukwati Building.                                                           Stand 11,                                Brick walls under corrugated
   NRZ.6560: 3467. Supply and delivery of 20-tonne jacks. Closing                                Lisburn Road,                      a     iron.
        _ date, 21.3. 96. Documentsare obtainable from the Manager,                              Workington,
              Supplies and Stores, P.O. Box 1999, Bulawayo.                                      Harare.                                      e
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