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17 July 1996

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1996-07-17 number 42

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                                                                                     ZIMBABWEAN                                      [               im umm                               i


                                            GOVERNMENT GAZETTE                                                                                                                                !

                                                                                        Published by Authority

          S'                .     Vol. LXXIV, No. 42                                        17th JULY. 1996                                                           Price $3,00

                                G eneral N otice 362A o f 1996.                                          5. Exceptions
                                                                                                            P arag rap h 4 does not apply—
                                              C O N ST IT U T IO N O F Z IM B A B W E
                                                                                                            (a) to any habitual crim inal                   serving   a   sentence   of
                                                                                                                 extended im prisonm ent; o r
         if                                     C lem ency O rder N o. 1 o f 1996
         i                                                                                                  (b) to an y person w ho escaped from prison custody on
     i                            IT is hereby notified th at H is E xcellency the P resident has               o r before the 29th June, 1996, an d w as still at large
                                m ade the o rd er set out in the S chedule.                                     on th e 29th June, 1996; o r

     I                                                                              Y . O M E R JE E ,      (c) a person on bail pending appeal against conviction
                                                                                                                o r sentence; o r
                                                                 S ecretary fo r Justice, L egal and
                                17-7-96.                                    P arliam entary A ffairs.       (d) in respect o f any sentence fo r a specified offence; or
                                                            Sc h e d u l e
                                            C L E M E N C Y O R D E R N o. 1 O F 1996                       (e) any prisoner serving a sentence im posed by a C ourt
                                                                                                                M artial.                >
                                                    g en er a l   AMNESTY
                                                               Title                                     6. Interpretation
                                    T on?             be cited as the C lem ency O rder N o. 1 of           F o r th e purposes of paragraphs 2, 3 an d 4—
                                                                                                            “im prisonm ent” does not include detention im posed under
                                2. Remission of sentence for those sentenced to life impris                      th e D efence A ct [Chapter 11:02];
                                    ment                                                                    “p eriod of im prisonm ent”, in relation to a person w ho, on
     t                              A rem ission o f th e full outstanding period o f im prisonm ent             the 29th June, 1996, w as subject to tw o o r m ore
     i                              IS hereby granted to those prisoners sentenced to life                       effective term s o f im prisonm ent, m eans—       ,
                                    im pnsonrnent w ho w ere sentenced on o r before th e 31st
                                    January, 1981.                                                                (a) w here the sentences are nm ning concurrently, the
                                                                                                                      period o f th e longer o r longest sentence;
                                3. Remission of sentence for women convicted of infanticide
                                                                                                                  (b) w here the sentences are not running concurrently,
                                                           rem ainder of the period o f im prison-
                                           ’f b® J® by granted to those fem ale prisoners con-                        th e aggregate of the several sentences of im prison­
                                    victed o f infanticide an d are first offenders an d sentenced                    m ent;
                                                                     ‘’r      an d w ho w ill have          “specified offence” m eans—
                                    w reed at least one q u arter of th eir term o f im prison­
                                    m ent on o r b efo re the 29th June, 1996.             * '                  (a) m urder, arm ed robbery, rape, th eft o f m otor
                                4. fem'elcts"'                                                                        vehicle o r fraud;
                                                                    prisoners serving determinate
                                                                                                                  (b) any, conspiracy, incitem ent o r attem pt to com m it
                                                                                                                      any offence referred to in p arag rap h (a);
                                    if?              p en o d o f im prisonm ent is hereby granted                (c) cultivation o f dagga, m anufacture o f dagga,
                                    to those prisoners serving determ inate sentences of                              im portation o f dagga, possession o f dagga, dealing
                                    im pnsonrnent o n o r before the 29th June, 1996.                                 in o r im portation of cocaine, m andrax and L SD .


                                                                     Number                                                        Page
                                                                     362A . C onstitution of Z im babw e:   C lem ency    O rd er .
                                                                            N a 1 o f 1996   .                                  . 658A .

                                                                              Printed by the Government Printer, Harare.                                                        658A

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