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4 October 1996

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1996-10-04 number 52

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     K Sisks'!
                                                                                                                                     LA. COUNTV                            !'

                                                                                                                                       NOV-6 1996

                                                                                                                            i '{MlmM
                          /                                               ZIMBABWEAN
          GOVERNMENT GAZETTE                                                                                                                                               I ';,

                                                                             Published by Authority

   Vol. LXXIV, No. 52                                                       4th OCTOBER, 1996                                                         Price. $3,00

G eneral N otice 511 of 1996.                                                                    Tender
                       G O V ERN M ENT TEN DER B O A R D                                         ZR P/TS/I /96. Supply and delivery of w orkshop consum ables; C los­
                                                                                                       ing date, 24.10.96. Tender docum ents for tender ZR P/TS/1/
                                     Tenders Invited                                                   96 are obtainable from the Zim babw e R epublic Police,
                                                                                                       Transport B uyer, Tom lison D epot, Transport Stores. T ele­
   A ll lenders m ust be subm itted to the Secretary, G overnm ent T ender B oard, P.O . B ox          phone; 735756 Ext. 2043, H arare.
CY 408, C ausew ay.
                                                                                                 ''E T.7/96. Supply and delivery of vaccines to D epartm ent of V eteri­
   Tenders m ust in no circum stances be subm itted to departm ents.                                     nary Services for the period 1st January, 1997 to 31st
   Tenders m ust be enclosed in sealed envelopes, endorsed on the outside w ith the                      Septem ber, 1997. C losing date, 24.10.96. Tender docum ents
^vertised lender num ber, description, closing date and m ust be posted in tim e to be                   for tender V ET.7/96 are obtainable from the D irector of
sorted into Post O ffice B ox C Y 408, C ausew ay, or delivered by hand to the Secretary,                V eterinary Services, First Floor, N gunguoyana B uilding,
G overnment T ender B oard, Fourth Floor, A tlas H ouse, 62. R obert M ugabe R oad,                      N um ber 1, B orrow dale Road, H arare.      ,
H arare, before 10 a.m . on the closing date notified.
                                                                                                    Tenders are invitedfrom registered building contractors in                   J
    O ffers subm itted by telegraph, stating clearly therein the nam e of the tenderer, the                                  Category “D"
service and the am ount m ust be dispatched in tim e for deliveiy by the Post O ffice to the
                                                                                                 C O N .20/96. B ulawayo: R oad w orks at Ingutsheni H ospital. C losing
Secretary, G overnm ent T ender B oard, by 10 a.m . on the closing date and the confirm a­
                                                                                                         date, 17.10.96.                                                               I
tion tender p o s^ not later than the closing tim e and date. T lie telegraphic address is
‘Tenders, H arare”.                                                                                Tenders are invitedfrom mechanical contractors registered in
                                                                                                                             Categniy “E”
           T enders w hich arc not received by 10 a.m . on the closing date, w hether by hand,
    by post or by telegraph, w ill be treated as late tenders.                                   C O N .21/96. G w anda: Supply, delivery, installation M d com tnis-
                                                                                                         sioning of an incinerator at G w anda IV oyincial H ospital.
    If a deposit is required for tender docum ents, it w ill be refunded on receipt o f a bona
                                                                                                         C losing date, 17.10.96.
      tender or if the tfflder docum ents are returned com plete and unm aited before the
t^Iwingdate.                                                                                            D ocum ents for tenders C O N .20/96 and C O N .21/96 are col­
                                                                                                        lected from the M inistry of Public C onstruction and N ational
    Po t supply contracts, the country o f m anufacture m ust be stated. W hen tenders are
                                                                                                        H ousing, M akom be C om plex 3, Leopold Takaw ira Street
com pared, a degree of preference is deducted from prices lenderw l for goods m anufac-
                                                                                                        and H erbert C hitepo A venue. $ 100 non-reftm dable deposit
        in Z im babw e.
                                                                                                        m ust be paid for each tender docum ent.
    N otendercanbe w ithdrawn or am ended duringaperiodof30days(oranotherperiod
                                                                                                 M ED .23/96. D isinfectants, sterilising agents and gas treatm ent
specified in tender docum ents) from the stated closing date.
                                                                                                        accessories. C losing date, 31.10.96.
     G overnm ent does not bind itself to accept the low est or any tender, and reserves
^ hght to sel«;t any tender in w hole or in part.
                                                                                                 M ED .27/96. H ospital equipm ent. C losing date, 31.10.96. D ocu­
                                                                                                        m ents fortenders M ED .23/96 andM ED .27/96areobtainable
    Tenders w hich are properly addressed to the G overnm ent T ender B oard inenvciop es               from the C ontroller, G overnm ent M edical Stores, Lobengula
'ith the advertised tender num ber and description endorsed on the outside are' not                     R oad, P.O. B ox ST 23, Southerton, H arare.
           until 10 a.m . on the closing date.                                                   PTC .9252. R em ovals and storage of PTC staff personal effects.
    M em bers of the public m ay attend the opening o f tenders on Fourth Flocw, A llas                 C losing date, 24.10.96. D ocum ents for PTC .9252 are
  ®“se. 62, R obert M ugabe R oad, H arare, from 10 a.m . onw ards on the date specified.
                                                                                                        collected from the Secretary, PTC Purchasing C om m ittee,
                                                                                                        R oom N o. S15, T enth Floor, South W ing, R unhare H ouse,
                                                                    M ISS P .T IC H A G W A ,           107, U nion A venue, H arare, or by w riting to the Secretary,
                                                                                  Secretary,            PTC Purchasing C om m ittee, P.O. B ox C Y 331, C ause­
4 - 10 - 96 .                                                    G overnm ent T ender B oard.
                                                                                                        w ay. A non-refundable fee of $100,00 is required per set                          !

Tender                                                                                                  of docum ents.
dumber                                                                                           R D S.l 1/96. H ire of equipm ent for use in all provincial areas “as
^^^6. Ice cream : A ll centres. C losing date, 24.10.96.                                                 required” for the period IstJanuary, 1997 to 31st D ecem ber,
                                                                                                          1997. C losing date, 24.10.96. D ocum ents for teftder
       M argarine: A ll centres. C losing date, 24.10,96.                                                R D S.l 1/96 are obtainable from the Secretary for Transport
^9/96. Fish: B ulaw ayo. C losing date, 24.10.96.                                                        and Energy, K aguvi B uilding, Seventeenth Floor, R oom 62,
                                                                                                         com er Fourth Street/C entral A venue, H arare, and are issued
                 Poultry: M arondera. C losing date, 24.10.96.                                           upon paym ent of non-refundable fee of Z $100,00 or bank
                D ocum ents for tenders FI, F38, F39 and F42 are obtainable                              certified cheque.
                at the R eception D esk, Zim babwe G overnm ent Tender B oard.                                                                                                             i
                Fourth Floor, A tlas H ouse, 62. R obert M ugabe R oad, H arare,                           N O TE O F EX TEN SIO N O F C LO SIN G D A TE
                or by post from P.O. B ox C Y 408, C ausew ay. Telephone:                        ZESA .60/96. A nnual supply of treated w ood poles. The closing date
                721758/752540.                                                                         has been extended from 3.10.96 to 17.10.96.                                         r

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