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1 January 2004

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2004-01-01 number 5

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                                                                                                   HARARE LEGAL PROJECTSCENT
                                                                                                               POBOR NB               Ol
                                                                                                               OCHARARE         ‘ :


         ol. LXXXII, No. 5                                16TH IRGARE 2004
     eral Notice 17 of 2004.                                                   with paragraph (b) of the subsection (1) of section. { 1 oftheDefence
                                                                               Act {Chapter 11:02}, has appointed Air Marshall PerenceShiri to be:
                 _ CONSTITUTION OF ZIMBABWE 6                                  Commander of the Air Force ofZimbabwefora fiurtherperiod ofone ,
                                                                               year with.effect from the 1st January, 2004,
                    Appointment of Acting Ministers                        nd            f
                                                                                                                                  t. IKMAPOSA,
                                                                           '                 .                  ier

   ITis hereby notified that’ His Excellency the President has, in             161-2004,                eo                  Secretary for Defence. .
®@.ns of paragraph (a) of subsection (1) of section 31D of the
 Constitution of Zimbabwe, assigned—.                                          General Notice 20 of 2004,
   (@)     all the functionsof the Minister of Transport and Communi-                            CONSTITUTION OF ZIMBABWE oo
           cations to the Honourable J. Moyo, M.P., from the Ist                                 DEFENCE ACT,[CHAPTER HH:02);
           January, 2004, during the absence, on leave, ofthe Honourable
         - W. P.M. Mangwende, M.P.;"
          “Jall the functions of the Minister of Small and Medium                     Appointment of Commander of the DefenceFore
           Enterprises Developmentto the Honourable F, Buka, M.P.;
          from the 2nd January, 2004, during the absence, on leave, of           IT is heteby notified that Hs Bxcellency the President,in‘terms of
          the Honourable.S. G. G. Nyoni., M.P.;                                subsection (4) of section 96 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe as read _
                                                                       with section 7 of the Defence Act [Chupter 11:02], has appointed _
        all the functionsofthe Minister ofPublic Service, Labourand- General Constantine Guyeya Chiwenga to be Commanderofthe
        Social Welfare to the Honourable S. C. Mumbengegwi, - Defence Forces for a period of fouriT years with effect from the Ist
        M.P.,from the {st January, 2004 and Honourable F. D.          Janvaey,22004.            :                                     :
        Nhema, M.P., from 19th Janua , 2004, during the absence,
        onleave, of the HonourableJ. : Moyo; M.P.;
                                                                                                                     T. K, hatee,
    ){: all the functions of the Minister of Foreign Affairs to the.|"1641-2004.               o                 Secretary for, Defence..
        Honourable S. T. Sekeramayi, M.P., from the 5th January,
        2004,during theabsence, on leave, ofthe Honourable. S. G.     General Notice 21 of 2004,
        Mudenge.. M.P.              ed
                                                                                      CONSTITUTION OF ZIMBABWE|
                                               M.J.M. SIBANDA,.                       DEFENCE ACT (CHAPTER 1:02)
                     _-Chief Secretarytothe President and Cabinet.
 Adnéral Notice 18 of 2004.                                                     ‘Appointment of Commander of the Zimbabwe NationalArmy
                  CONSTITUTIONOFZIMBABWE                                         IT is herebynotified that His Excellency the President, interjas‘of
                                                                               subsection (4) of section 96 of the Constitution of Zimbabweas read
                   Appointment of Acting Minister                              with paragraph|(a) of subsection (1) of section 1 of the Defence Act:
                                                                               [Chapter 17:02], tas appointed Lieutenant General Philip Valerio
   ITsishereby notified that His Excellency thePresident has,in                Sibanda to be Commander ofthe ZimbabweNational sontfor a
     8 Of paragraph (a) of subsection (1) of section 31D of the                period of tour years wit effect from the Ist January, 2004.:
     titution of Zimbabwe,assignedall the functions of the Minister
                                                                                                           ‘     2 -          —+- TKMAPOSA.
     fhance-and-EconomicDevelopmenttothé HonourableJ- L—
    orp, M.P., from the 29th Decerhber, 2003, during the absence,              16-1-2004.                                  Secretary for Defence.
   i ave, ofthe Honourible H.M. Murerwa, MP.                               General Notice 22 of 2004,
                                           *-    °M.J.M. SIBANDA,                    MINES AND MINERALS ACT [CHAPT.ER 2120

                                                                                    Application for Exclusive Prospecting Order No. 59/03:,
                                                                  a                                  Gweru Mining District        i
          , \ DEFENCE ACT [CHAPTER11:02]  ~ ITisherebynotified,interms of subsection
                                                                                   (4(4)oofsection 87 of
                                         the Mines and MineralsAct[Chapter 21:05], that De Beers Zimba-
                                                                             bwe Prospécting Limited has applied to the Mining Affairs Board
                                                                           - for'an exclusive prospecting order, over the area described herc-
                                                                             under, in the Gweru miningdistrict, in relation to map reference
          hereby notified that His Excellency the President,in terms of      Shurugwi SE-36-13 of the Third Edition and ofthe Scale 1;; 250000,
     ction (4) ofssection 96 oftthe Constitution of Zimbabwe as read       “produced by the Surveyor-General.:
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