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2 January 2004

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2004-01-02 number 2

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                                                    ZIMBABWEAN                                                                                                           i

                                                     Published by Authority

  Vol. LXXXn, No. 2                                 2nd JANUARY, 2004                                                                       Price $600,00

General Notice 8 of2004.                                                    (h) Department of Lands and Rural Resettlement, Office
                                                                               ' No. F20, First Floor. Mtshabezi Building, Gwanda;
                                                                            (i) DepartmoitofLands and Rural Resettlement, Ndodahondo
                                                                                 Building, Bindura
       Preliminary Notice to Compulsorily Acquire Land
                                                                            Anyownerwoccupierorany otherperson who has an interest and
                                                                         right in the said lan^ and who wishes to object to the proposed
   NOTICE is hereby given, in terms of subsection (1) of section 5       compulsory acquisition, may lodge the same, in writing, witii the
of the Larrd Acquisition Act [Chapter 20:lO[, that the Presidoit         Minister ofLan^ Agriculture and Rural Resettlement. Mvate Bag
intends to acquire compulsorily the land described in the Schedule       7701, Causeway, Harare, on or before the 2nd February, 2004.
for resettlement purposes.                                                                                                                  J.M.MADE.
   A {dan of the land is available for inspection at the following                                                          Minister of Lands, Agriculture
offices ofthe Ministry ofLands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement       2-1-M04.                                                 and Rural Resettlement
between 8 a.m. and 4 p.nt from Monday to Friday other than on a                                                  SCHEDiaB
public holiday on or before the 2nd Fetauary, 2004.
   (a) Ngtmgunyana Building, No. 1, Borrowdale Road, Harare;                               DESCRIPTION OF LAND
   (b) Department of Lands and Rural Resettlement, CF 119,                Deed of Transfer 7092/81, registered in the name of PWct Noel
        GovemmentCompositeBl<xdc,Rd)ertMugrd)eWay.Mutaie;               Budian, in reflect of certain pi^ of land situate in the district of
  (c) Dqiartment of Lands and Rural Resettlanent. Office 146,           Victoria,bangChikore, measuringfourfaimdredandscventy-eigbt
        Fourth Floor, Block H, Mhlahlandlela Government                 comma seven rix (478,76) hectares.
       Comjdex, Bulawayo;
  (d) Dqtartroeat of Lands and Rural Resettieroent, M & W
       Building, Corner Park/Link Street, Oiinhoyi;
  (e) Department of Lands and Rural ResetdoneiU, First Flow,
       Fcnmders House, The Green, Marondna;                                                                    GatcraJ Notice
  (0 Dqrartmm of Lands and Rural Resettiement, 19, Hellet               NKnAer                                                                                    Pa%e
       Stie^ Masvingio;
                                                                           8.   Lud Acqomtk>aAct[C%i9i/«r20r/0]:PreIiiiMBary Nodce to
  (g) Departmort of Lands and Rural Resettionent, Exchange                      Compelsorily Aoquiie Land .....................................................     9
       Building, Main Street, Gwetu;

                                                      Printed by the Government Printer, Harare.
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