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23 January 2004

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2004-01-23 number 7

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                                                                                        ZIMBABWEAN                                      >•


                             GDVERNRfENT GAZETTE
          r'     ■
                                                                                          Published by Authority

                        VohlDbiXn, No. 7                                                23rd JANUARY, 2004                                                               Price $4 200,00
                     Geuwal             45 bf2004. .          '                                                 TeadermmAer
n                                                                                                               01/04. Tenders arc invited for topdj^i^ic sttrviiys di
                                       STATE ktOCUfiEMEJrt-BOAR!)                                                      proposed itrigaikn scbetnes— '
                                                                                                                Lot i. Banana Irrigation           50.li^ Biii^^
                                                     Tehd»s Invited                                                    Cential; Kanytarita. 25 ba, Gdrii^ Maihofisdaad^^^^t^
                                                                                                                       and Oiesa/Miit0Bd«w. 2001m. Mt DsyrWii^ Ma^^
    ■f.                 Ttnacn sinst t« eac^b^ in tcaiM cavdopes, (adotstd <n this ooB^ vrilh.the '
                     iKhcnncd tOKia atBqfecir, de«xi^(iaa.ckKiiw dale awl matt be pnued oi timers Ke :
                     loobd iabiVatOffice BoaNioterCY «».Cauew^.or<k£w«d
                                                                                                                Lot 2. Kimznd kB baidi.500ha^ Gcrbrnbiiri; MMiorialaud                         and
                     lirind^ Officer. Stale FkocncBKdt BcnnL        Boor, Old Rcscave Bank                             : Kimztri ri^t baidt. 500 ha.
                     SuDoiakiaci^ Avenue, Hsue,            IftOO am. caOe ekicii^ date^                         Lc4^3.MiaaWatawa:2)lia.UMP, MashonalandEast Wenimbi. 500
                                                                                                                      ha^ Matondoa,
                                                                                       P.M.MAtVCrtOi:-             .. Gonknoori, Mashooaland East
                     23-1:2QM;                   .    A^aii^Pifinc^ Officer, Stale FrococeaKsI Board.
                                                                                                                Lot,4. Marihi^ 234ha.
                     fen^ntmAer: y                                                                                     300 ha,vGwaida, Martah^h^ So^l .Si^
                                                                                                                     . Bd0nd^ Mat^»ddaod SoitihV
                          C3FOZ orZftE^               coidraclors in
                          higher for flie: erfetipn    a stntctnral steel roof for the
                          prt^xised iSfitibbid        Museum in Kwefcwe, Worics
                       \ incIudesiqqtbdnga^lixingoflxnvstringttussesaDdipaiiit-                                 Lot?. Mutange. 100 ha. Oofcwe. Midlands; Mbembeswani. 100 ha,
                          ing of all the associated stmctuia! steeiwork.and toiK^ up
    7^                                                                                                          LotgRuti teftbtok. 100hiCBuhaa.Mamtadi^
                          after ercction.
                                                                                                                   ■    100 ha, Gutu, Masvingo.
                          Meiested bidd^ (Mtperienoed in struct^ st^tvOrics to                                  Lot 9. Lupane. lOO ha, Luikme, Matabelclaikl North; Buford; 20 ha;
    $     .               coUe« tetiderdocamcnts fromKationalMuseums and Monu­                                          Hwange, Mat^klaod North,
»   m                     ments, Penrose Hill, No. 107, Rotten Row, Harare, upOn                                li* 10. Matsai (Siya water). 80 ha, Masvingo; Nyahunda fSiya
                          payment of a non-refiindable fee of $25 000,00, to Natkmal                                    water), 6M ha. Bikita, Masvingo.:
                        ' MuseumsandMonumentsthroughabankcertifiedchequew                                       Lot 11. Negande. 16ha, Kariba.Mashdhaland'West; Tashinga. 25
    m                     cash.                                                                                         ha, Kadoma, Mashonaland West; Biii 1200 ha, Makbhde,
    ;fc                      CcHit^ tek^rfione lyiinber is 04-752876/774208.                                            Mashcmaland West.
                             The closing date for the tender is 24th Pebruary, 2004.                                    Tender documents are obtainable from the Admijaisteation
    ?:■                      Bidding documents must be delivosd to the Principial OfBeer,                               Seetkm in Office No. 702, Bghth Floor, Kurima House, 89,
                             State Procurenieut Board, Fifth Floor, Bank CharvJsers, Old                                Nelson Mandela Avenue, Harare, upon payme.nt of a. non-
    4                                                                                                                   refundabfe cash deposit of $15 000,00, or bank-certified
                             Reserve Bank Building, 76, Samara Machei .Avenue, Harare,                                  cheqaepersetofdocamehts. Prospective tenderersskouldbe
    ;|v:-                    before 10 00 hours on the closing date.                                                    register^ companies with 23MRA. .A compulsory site visit
                             The tender documents should be enclosed in sealed envelopes                                to each of the prbj«:t sites will be conducted on 28tb January,
                             and clearly marked with the tender number and descrtptkm.                                  2004. C3osing d^ is 24tii February. 2004.
     I-              Gen«a! Notice 46 of 2004.                                                                  General Notice 47 of 2004.
    i                                  STATE PROCUREMENT BO.ARD                                                                   STATE PROCUREMENT BOARD                                            L
    7. ■                                                                                                                                                                                             i
    1                                                Tenders Invited                                                                           Tenders Invited

                        Tcoders must be codosed in sealed ccvclopes. endorsed on the outside uidi dw
                     adveitised lender nufober, descriplton, closti^ d^ aod mst be posted m time to be
                     sorted into Post Office Box Number CY 4(ft, Causeway, or ddrvered by hand to the
                     Principal Omcer, State Procureoieai Board, Rftb Floor,    Res^e Bank Building,
                                                                                                                   Tenders musi be enclosed ia scakd cnvciopcs, endorsed on the ouiskic with the
                                                                                                                &dhTttised teatier outctcr, descnptkict ciosicf daic and must be po^ed in time to be
                                                                                                                sorted hao Post OfBce Box Nambcr CY 406, Causeway, or dcUvercd by hand to the
                                                                                                                Principal O^cer. Slate Pfocuremcot Board, Fifth Ffcor, Old Rescn’c Bank Buikiing.
                     Samcra M^cHel Avenue, Haare. before 10.00 a.m- o« the eJosing dale.                        SaoKtra \lacbd A$*csttic, Karare, before JO.OO a-OL oq the closing d^.
                                                                                         5.-M. MA^’OYO, j                                                                          F. M. .M.AiWOYO,
                                                      Ariirif PnikLipai Ot’lkxr. S'.a?r Prvairemc-nt Board, j      ^ -2fXM                       .Acting rrir»cipai OfTker. Stair rrcKrurtincnl Board.
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