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19 March 2004

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2004-03-19 number 24

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!                                                                      ZIMBABWEAN
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                    GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
                                                                         Published by Authority

                Vol. LXXXII, No. 24                                       19th MARCH, 2004                                                     Price $4 200,00

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             General Notice 206 of 2004.                                                                                    Schedule
                               ROADS ACT [CHAPTER /,?. («)                                                            CONFISCATED GOLD
              Declaration of a Secondary Road: Bindnra Miinici^lity, Bindura                      Oi\c                                             Description of goU!

                   Rural District Council and Pfura Rural District Council                ■fhc .Siaic V T. Hondo (S.M. 677241)                     Gold alluvial
                                                                                          The Slate i’J. Majjaisa (S.M. 677242)                    2,12 gm gold suspect
                THE Minister of Transport and Communications, in terms of                                                                          12 gm gold alluvial
                                                                                           The Slate \> C. Chipimbike (S.M. 67724.S)
             section 28 of the Roads Act [Chapter 13:18], hereby declares the             The Stale v O. Manjeru (S.M. 677246)                     1 gold button
             road described hereunder and shown on Plan No. 1175 to be a                  Tlic State V B. Shumba (S.M. 677247)                     0,01 gm gold
             secondary road.                                                              'Flic State v M. Mawira
                Plan No. 1175 may be inspected free of charge at the offices of the       The State v T. Cliada (S.M. 677248)                      0,001 gm gold
             Secretary for Transport and Communications, Sixteenth Floor,                 The Slate v- P. R. LtJthcl (S.M. 677249)                 165,45 gm gold
             Kaguvi Building, corner Fourth Street and Central Avenue, Harare.            Tlic State vC. N. McDonald (S.M. 766250)                 21,87 gm gold
                                                                                          The State v H. Nyaunze (S.M. 677251)                     7,48 gm gold
                                       Description of road
                                                                                          The State i- A. ChitimlK (S.M. 677252)                   .13,20 gm gold
             Reference                                                                    The State i’ A. Zinihandi (S.M. 677253)                  2.14 gm gold
                Bindura-Matepatepa-Ml. Darwin Road (Route 115).                           The State v T. Y. Yodoh (S.M. 677254)                    26,59 gm gold
                                                                                          The State v M. Makombe (S.M. 677255)                     I,42 gm gold
                Commencing                                                                The State i’ S. Zhoki (S.M. 677256)                       I gold button
                 ■ At the intersection with the Bindura-Mt. Darwin Road (Route             The State v W. Nyatokwc (S.M. 677257)                    14,05 gm gold
                111) in Bindura Municipality area.                                        The Slate v A. Chikanga (S.M. 677258)                    39,37 gm gold
                                                                                          nic Stale V S. Kendclo (S.M. 677259)                     9,50 gm gold
                Passing through
                                                                                          The Stale V P. Nyagura (S.M. 677260)                     6,56 gm gold
               I Bindura Municipality area, Bindura Rural District Council                The Stale V T. Chipato (S.M. 677261)                     0,91 gm gold
              ' area, Matepatepa area and Pfura Rural District Council area.              The State V V. Manuel (S.M. 677262)                       II,77 gm gold
        y       Terminating                                                               The State v S. Mbewe (S.M. 677263).                      6,81 gm gold
                                                                                          The Stale v D. Sangarah (S.M. 677264)                     1.29 gm gold
                   At the intersection with the Bindura-Mt. Darwin Road (Route                                                                     76.76 gm gold
                                                                                          Hie Slate V S. Zhoya (S.M. 677265)
                111) in Mt. Darwin Rural District Council area.                                                                                    Gold'
                                                                                          The Stale v E. Kamoto and C. Manyowa (S.M. 677266)
                                                             C. M. KATSANDE,              The Slate v H. Nyamayaro (S.M. 677267)                   2,53 gm gold
             19-3-2004.             Secretary for Transport and Communications,           The State v K. Mnfiku (S.M. 677268)                      Gold
                                                                                          Hie Slate V O. B. Nyamwali (S.M. 677269)                 4.63 gm gold
             General Notice 207 of 2004.                                                  The Slate v M. Chikuyo (S.M. 677270)                      ! ,55 gm gold
                                                                                          The Stale v unknown (S.M. 67727!)                         13.84 gm gold
                           GOLD TRADE ACT [CHAPTER 2i.03]                                 The Stale v’ Chalunda (S.M. 677272)                      0,4 gm gold alluvial
                                                                                          The State v E. Chilorido (S.M. 671273)                   4.1 gm gold^
                                        Confiscated Gold                                  The State. V F. Shoko (S.M. 677274)                      2balls-g.«;i\l
                                                                                          The Stale v C. Kapuya (S.M. 677275)                       1 ball gold
                                                                                          I'lic Slate V S. Shashc (S.M, 677276)                    0,7 gm gold
                 IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 27 of llic Gold Trade Act
                                                                                          llic Slate unknou n (S.M 677277)                          2.3 gm gold
              [Chapter 21:03], that the gold described in the Schedule which has
                                                                                          Tlic .^lalc V (J..M\vei’da (^.M. 677278)                 0.5 gm gold
              been forfeited to the State is in the possession of the Ministry of
                                                                                          Tlie State r S. Machidza (S.M. 677279)                   Gold suspect
             .Mines and Mining Development.
                                                                                          The Slate V S. Kahozo (S.M. 677280)                       0,71 gm gold
                 The gold may, by prior arrangement, be inspected by a person             The Stale v unknnwp (S.M. 677281)                         Gold alluvial
              claiming a legal right to the gold at the Minisliy’ of Mines and Mining     'Hie State v S. Munyorn (S.M. 677282)                     gold flake
              Development, Kwame .Nkrumah Avenue,/Leopold Talcawira Street,                The State r C'. L'hingo/lia (S.M. 677283)                (7.5 gm gold
              Harare, during the two liionths following the date of publication of        'i he Slate T. <!'hiiira (S.M. 677285)                    Gold frill
              this notice.                                                                 Hie Slate V unkni'wn (S.M. 677286)                       5,23 gm gold
                 Any person claiming a legal right to any of this gold may apply,          The State y M. .Muniba (S.M. 677287)                     Gold frill
              in writing, within two monfhs from the date of publication of this           The State v E. Maziizu (S.M. 677288)                     one gold button
              notice, to the Secretary for Mines and Mining Development, Private           The State V R. Henso (S.M. 677289)                       Gold button
              Bag 7709, Caiistfway, for delivery to him of such gold.                      The Slate v S. Miirinyu (S.M. 677290)                    Gold frill
                                                                                           The State r I.. AH'i.slicr (S.M. 677291)                 Gold button
                 If no such person establishes a legal right to any ot this gold within    The Slate r M. (livhaziyo (S.M. 677292)                  7.64 gm gold
              the afore-mentioned period, it may be disposed of by the Secretary           Tlic State V N. Mwasc (S.M. 677293)                      5.01 gm gold
              for Mines and Mining Development.                                            The Slate y N. Muzaxazi (S.M. 677294)                    Gold ore
                                                                 T. E. N. CHIGUDU,         The State y B. Kabarc (S.M. 677295)                      9,41 gm gold
                                                                  .Secretary for Mines     The Slate r M. Naomi (S.M. 677296)                        1,44 gm gold
               19-3-2004.                                 and Mining De\'clopment.         The Stale i- P. Banda (S.M. 677297)                      Gold frill

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