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18 June 2004

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2004-06-18 number 45

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                                                         Published by Authority

   Vol. LXXXII, No.45                                     “18th JUNE, 2004                                             Price $4 200,00

 General Notice 323 of 2004.                                          General Notice 325 of 2004.
                LABOUR ACT [CHAPTER 28:01}                                  PUBLIC HOLIDAYS AND PROHIBITION'OF BUSINESS
                                                                                             ACT [CHAPTER 10:21)
 Application for Variation of Scope of a Trade Union: Zimbabwe'
         Posts and Telecommunications Workers Union                    ro4,            f     Public Holidays in 2004

   ITis hereby notified, in terms of section 39 of the Labour Act        IT is hereby notified, for public information, that the days listed
[Chapter 28:07}, that an application has been received for the        in the Schedule will be public holidays in 2004 in terms of subsec-
variation of scope ofregistration of ZimbabwePosts and Telecom-       tion (1) of section 2 of the Public Holidays and Prohibition of
munications Workers Union to be known as Communication and            Business Act [Chapter 10:21}.
Allied Service ofZimbabwe (CASUZ) in the following operations:              General Notice 137 of 2004 isrepealed.
  |. Postal and any mail delivery services:
                                                                                                                         » K. C. MOHADI,
  2. Telecommunications which include fixed network, mobile,           18-6-2004.                               Minister of HomeAffairs,
     cellular, internet and electronic mail. data and computer net-
     work,broadcasting and manufacturing of electronic communi-                                      SCHEDULE
     cation equipment,                                     :                               PUBLIC HOLIDAYSIN 2004
 3. Public bankinginstitutions sind public insuranceservice pro-        1.    New Year’s Day                  Thursday -     1 January
    viders; and                                                         2.    GoodFriday                      Friday         9 April
 4. Any other related enterprises dealing in similar operations.        3.    Easter Saturday                 Saturday      10 April
   Any person wishing to make representations relating to the          4.     Easter Monday                   Monday        12 April
applicationis invited to lodge such representations with the Regis-    5.     Independence Day                Sunday        18 April
trar of Labour at Compensation House. corner Fourth Street anil        6.     Public Holiday                  Monday        19 April
Central Avenue, Harare. or post them to Private Bag 7707, Cause-       7.     Workers Day                     Saturday       1 May
way, Harare, within 30daysof publicationofthis notice and to state     8.     Africa Day       \.             Tuesday      25 May
whetheror not he/she wishes to appearin support of such represen-      9.     Heroes Day                      Monday         9 . August
tations at any accreditation proceedings.                             10.     Defence Forces Nalional’ Day!   Tuesday       10 August
                                                                      If.     National Unity Day              Wednesday    22 December
                                             o        C. Z. VUSANI.   12.     Christmas Day                   Saturday     25 December
18-6-2004.                                    Registrar of Labour.    13.     Publte Holiday                  Sunday       26 December
                                                                      I4.     Public Holiday                  Monday       27 December
General Notice 324 of 2004.                                             Note: Thelist in the Schedule does not include any days which
                                                                      the President may declareto be public holidaysiinterms ofsubsection
    COMMERCIAL PREMISES(LEASE CONTROL) ACT                            (2) of section 2 ofthe Act.
                [CHAPTER fd4204|
                                                                      General Notice 326 of 2004.
   Appointment of Members+Commescial and Tndustiial Rent
                          Board                                         PUBLIC HOLIDAYS AND PROHIBITION OF BUSINESS
                                                                                    ACT [CHAPTER 10-21]
   IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Industry and Interna-
tional Trade has, in terms of section 3 of the Commercial Premises                           Public Holidays in 2005
(Lease Control) Act [Chapter 14:04], appointed—
                                                                         IT is hereby notified, for public information, that the days listed
  Mr. E. Ndlovu (Chairperson)                                         in the Schedule will be public holidays in 2005 in terms of subsec-
  Mr. R. L. Mupambire (Vice-chairperson)                              tion (1) of section 2 of the Public Holidays ard Prohibition of
                                                                      Business Act [Chapter 10:21).
  Mr. N. M. Chakanetsa                                          :
  Mr. T. Danda                                    :                                                                    ’ K. C. MOHADI,
  Mr. L. Zembe                                                        18-6-2004.                                Minister of HomeAffairs.
  Mr. V. Nyagweta                                                                                   SCHEDULE
as membersof the Commercial and Industrial Rent Board.                                     PUBLIC HOLIDAYSIN 2005
                                                                       |.     New Year's Day                  Saturday      1   January
                                        COL C. M. KATSANDE,            2.     Good Friday                     Friday       25   March
18-6-2004.         Secretary for Industry and International Trade.     3.     Easter Saturday                 Saturday     26   March
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