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2 July 2004

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2004-07-02 number 49

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                     GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
                                                                                  Published by Au^rity

               Vol. LXXXII, No. 49                                                   2nd JULY, 2004                                                           Mce $4 200,00

    1®'     General Notice 338 of2004.                                                                 General Notice 340 of2004.
                               STATE PROCUREMm^T BOARD                                                           CUSTOMS AND EXCISE ACT ICHAFTER 2J.-02J
                                                                                                       Zmbabwe Revenue AuUwrity Rummage Sales fer the Year 2004
               Tendeis must be enclosed in sealed oivdapes, endmsed on die otdside wWi the              NOTICE is hereby given, in tenns of s^<m 39 of tile Customs
            uivetiised tender number, description, closing date and must be posted in tiine to be     and &C1SC Act [C&yte/-25.02], tiat uncleared and fOTfeited go«ls
            sorted into Post Office Box Nondier CY 408, Causeway or deBveted by t»«~t to tbe          will be sold by public anctitm in the following places on the Hates
            Principal Officer, State Proenrement Board, Fifth Floor, OM Reserve       Bnadiag,        indicated undaeadh venue—
            76, Satnora Madid Avenue, Harare, before 10.00 a-m. on the closing date.
                                                                                                      Region 1               MonUt                :   Place             Dales
                                                                                                                          August                 Chnundu                15-16
                                                                      E. M. USHWOKUNZE,                                   August                 Harare                 22-23
                                                                              Pdndpal OfiScer,                            Septembo:              Kariba                 29-30
           2-7-2004. .
                                                                      State Fioaitematt Board.                            September              Nyamapanda            29^30
                                                                                                                          Novembo-               Kariba                 25-26
           Tender munber
                                                                                                      Regi(m2             August                 Bulawayo               2-3
           NSSA.28Q004, Marondera: Rusike 2 Housing Development.                                                          October                Bulawayo              19
                Setvidng of residential stands. Tendas ate invited Rom                                                    December               Bulawayo               7
                Civil Engineeting Contractors in Category “A” as specified                            Regum3              August
               by Minislry of Local Goveniinent, Public Works and                                                                                Mutare                 6
                                                                                                                          Augua                  Gworu                  13
               National Housing, ZBCA or CIFOZ for the servicing of
               about 740hi^ density residential stands in Rusike Hiase 2,                                  All sales shall commence at ^30 a m
               Marondera. TheworksinvblvethecMislructionofwaterand
•Q             sewage r^culatfon networks, Irituminons surfoced roads

!              andtiierBlatedstorm-waterdrainage.’-
                   A compulsory site visit will be conducted tm site on 9fli July,
                   2004,m 1000honts.AIlbiddeisaretoassembIeatMan»deia

                                                                                                     Gffiteral NtRice 341 of2004.
                                                                                                                                                         Cmnmissiaaer GeneraL

                   Municipality Offices at 1^ tiurty minutes before for clear­
                   ance purposes. ;                                                                                    STATE PRCOJREMENT BOARD
                e fTcnder documents are obtainable foom Office 13, Seventh
                   Floor, NSSA House, comer Sam Nujoma Strert and Selous
                   Avenue, Harare, upon paymort <rf a D0U4efondable cash
                                                                                                        Teodets Bmst be endosed m sealed oivdopes. endoraed oo the omside whh flie
                   dqtosit fee of $50 000,00 (fifty thousand dollars), for each                      •dveitised tender immher, description, doQi* due and mnst be posted in rime to he
                  set of tender documents. Closing date is 3rd Aug^ 2004.                            st^ into Pod         Box Number Cy 408, Causeway or defiveied by hand to fte
                                                                                                     Wnc^ Officer; State Prociireniejit Board, Hffli Floor, fMd Reserve Bank Bifl&ie,
          General Notice 339 of2004.                                                                 76, Sanora Madid Avenue, Harare, before IOjOO ajB. on tbe dosii* date.

                       ESTATE AGENTS ACT [CH4P7H? 27:05]                                             2-7-2004.                                        OÂŁ5co; State ftocdroBfitf Board,
          . Notice of Election of Members of the Estate Agents Council
                                                                                                    UZ.04/2004. Com4mcti(m of the Department of Tectmical Educa-
          ^ rr is herrfjy notified, in terms of section 11 of the Estate Agents                           tiem buildings. Closing date, 3rd August, 2004. Tender
          Ofoi^ mections) Regulations, 1998, that OswaldNyakunika and                                     mxannents are obtainable fiom Kurebgaseka Architecture,
                 Hiniik Chadwick have been elected memb«s of the Estate                                  No. 336, Herbot Chitqm Avenue corner Qghtii Street,
E         Agents Qxindl by registered estate agents, fix>m 1st Apil, 2004 to                             Hm^imoniMynKnt<rfZ$l00000iion-refondablefee,cash
          31 St Mar^i, 2007.                                                                             orbaiikdjequesniadep^rabletolheUmvasityofZimbabwe.
                                                                                                       . Uonng date, 3rd August, 2004. Tender docuntenits are
                                                                  J. C. C. WIGHAM,                       olton^le fimn the Registrar, Umvmitf of Smbabwe,
          2-7-2004.                                        Registrar of Estate Agents,                   AdmmistrationBuilding,MountPleasant,Harare.np(mpay-
                                                                                                         ment of anon-refundable fee of Z$6 000.                ^^
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