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2 July 2004

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2004-07-02 number 50

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                                                           "Published by Authority

       Vol. LXXXIL,N                                         Onn JULY, 2004.                                                   200,00
                                                                                                                       _ Price42

     in342 of2004.                                                ms          7 Deed of“Transfer 1522/89, reeistered in5 the. name.,of a
                                                                                  a Threeways(Private) Limited, in respect ofcertain piece of
              _ LAND ACQUISITION,ACT
                                   T [CHAPTER20:10),                              © landsituate in the district of Beitbridge,being Remainder.
                                                                                  of Bothasrus A of Nuanetsi-Ranche A, measuring seven™:
       _VesingofLand, Takis of Materials and Exercise ofits                       -: thousand twohundred and Forse commaa three five one
                       —Over Land:             2     sons  :                      . one(7 246,351 1) hectares. /    :             :

     " NOTICEiisherebya   given, ins termssofparagraphGi) ofsubsection
                                                                                    ~ Deedof Transfer3929/86,registerediinthe namear ce
                                                                             ‘Sentinel Ranch (Private) Limited, in respect of certain.
  - (1) ofséction 8 oftheLand Acquisition Act [Chapter20-10}, thatthe (J... ‘piece of land situate in the district of Beitbridge, being
“5. President has. acquired’ compulsorily.the land described inthe
                                                                           ~ Remaining Extent ofSentinel,measuring thirty-two thou-
 es Schedfor ee          ee oo                                                sand two hundred andfifteen comma three one one seven ae
                                     —“3, L.NKOMO,                              ~ 32 215,311 7)hectares.-
        Deeg ee                    ae” Ministerof SpecialAffairs inthe             realaes Gieseagtonediadcuncof fet Bay
        oe “2Office ofthePresident and Cabinet In Charge                        “3. Malley Development;:in' respect of. certain piece of. land...
         PP of Lands, Land ReformandResettlement,                               - situate in the district of Chipinga; being Lot 4 of Fortuna,
                                                                                    : ET Neseven Mo
                                                                                     ‘six three(197,076 3)hectares..
ees                     "DESCRIPTION OFLAND                    Des
                                                                               Deedof Transfer 1483/73, registered iina the n| ameof La. a
    oe essceneasesasnse registeredinthename ofR. Nagel,                    > (Lucie (Private) Limited, inrespect ofcertainpiece of land...
         ns in respect of certainpiece of land situate in the district of. ~ > situatein thedistrictofChipinga, being Lot 5 ofNewcastle, =
           . -Beitbridge,. being Remaining Extent of Bea of. Nuanetsi : as measuring one fndred and ninetysvecommnine ight 2
             -Ranche A; measuring fifteen thousand eight hundred and             a two nine(192,9829) hectares.-                        :
          ee forty-fourcomma ZeroZero Zerofour 15 844,000 4) acres.
       SoD. Deed ofTransfer 3972/88, ‘registered inthenameof B K               Meee “Deed of Transfer 2512/89,“pepistered in’ the nameof :
                                                                              “5+ Shydone(Private) Limited,in respect of certain pieceof)":
       Loe ~ ‘Cawood (Private)Limited, in respect ofcertain pieceofland-
          _” : situate in the district of Beitbridge, being Lot 9 ofJopempi    - ©? Jandsituate inthedistrict ofChipinga;being Dingley Dell,
             “> Block, measuringeight thousand five hundredand sixty-.
                                                                                 “is Tneasuring one thousand one hundred and ninety-seven oS
                eight commaseven oneseven three & 568,717.3) hectares.” : 127oh comma nine one six one (fF 197,516.A) hectares. fen
     io Bes Deed ofTransfer2733/90,registeredinthe nameofE.A.S.                   : Deed: of “Transfer “4480/96, ‘registered. in’the ame ‘of. -
      fee Farming Enterprises, in respect of certain piece. of land.           oe Packwood Investments (Private) Limited; in- respect: of“...
         -e° Situate in the district ofBeitbridge, being Lot 10 ofJopempi     Pee certain pieceofland situate in thedistrictofChipinga, being See
         >. Block, measuring eight thousand nine hundred and seven-               _» Remainder-of-Dhleniof HartbeestNeck, measuring four’:
             : _ teen commaninesixninenine (8 917,969 9)hectares.              “<2 hundred and _twenty-nine. comma‘two eight s| even sik.
                                                                                    _ 429,2876)hectares.                :                   ee
  wee Ae ‘Deed ofTransfer.2430/1;‘registeredin the name ofSwans
        - <<. Estate (Private) Limited, in respect ofcertain piece ofland            ‘DeedofTransfer 4636/79,aa :
         oa ‘Situate in the district ofBeitbridge, being Remaining Extent           MayGifford, ini respect ofcertain piece ofland situate in the
         =.-of Swanscoe Estate, measuring one thousand sixhundred                ~.. district of Chipinga, ‘being Subdivision C. of Wolfscrag,
         “and forty-two. commaone seven twotwo.
                                              od. OAR172 2)                         -. Measuring two hundred and (wenty-<ivcommaSee an
                                                                               |) zer0two (226,8702)hectares.
 a :      go Waead assess2100004
                   oe                   registeredinthe‘nameofJopempi             * Deed ofTransfer 246/82.registeredin the nameofDeborah 2
           2 Private) Limited, in respect ofcertain piece oflandsituate in|
                                                                                 =: Louis Odendaal, in respect ofcertain piece of landsituate in:
           :“the district of Beitbridge, being Lot 12 of Jopempi Block,
                                                                                 thédistrict of Chipinga,being Remainder of Wolveeldraai.
        :     measuring thirteen thousand one hundred comma oneeight
                                                                                   .-*A’ of Wolverdraai, measuring five hundredandsix:comma.
          --”. eight four (13 100,188 4) hectares.    =~
                                                                                : uh seven five one one (506,751. V.héctares.” -
    "6. Deed ofTransfer 1091/97,registeredin the nameofLesanth |
         =     Ranching (Private)Limited, in respect of certain piece of . BSDeed ofTransfer2836/85,registeredinthesuiveotNeil
               land situate in the district of Beitbridge, being Remainder of: | Hastings Baker,in respect of certainpieceoflandsituate in
            ~ Lesanth Ranch,measuringthirty-fourthousandfivehundred             ==0 the district of Chipinga, being Lot. 12 AB of Middle Sabi,
          ~ and twenty-fiveocomma five nineninethreeG4525.59 3.                     Measuring one hundred and thirty-five.co
                                                                                                                           commaaeight one two . .
       ©. ects.                                                                 = oe(135.8121)hectares. a
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