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9 July 2004

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2004-07-09 number 52

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                                                        Published by Authority .

    Vol.LXXXn,No.52                                        9th JULY, 2004                                             Mce $4 200,00

' General Notice 345 of2004.                                                                         Schedule

         LAND ACQUISITION ACT [CHAJ'’7ER 2a-i0]                                             DESCRIPTION OF LAND
                                                                        1.     Deed ofTiansfer945A)I,iegisteied in Ae name trf'PiOfdijept
         Preliminary Norice to Compulsorily Acquire Land                       Investments (Private) limited, in reflect of certain jaece of
                                                                               land situate in the district of Gcaomomd being Lot 2 of
   NOTICE is hereby given, in terms of subsection (1) of section 5             Subdivision C of Learig, measuring two hundred and fifty-
 of the Land Acquisition Act [Chapter 20:101, that the Resident                two comma one four nine nine (252,149 9) hectares,
 intends to acquire compulsorily the lai;d described in the Sichedule   2.      DeedofTransferl726/87,registaedindieDameofSidiKy
 for resettlement purposes.                                                     Petrus Sdioultz, in respect ofcertain piece ofland situate in
   A plan of the land is available for inspecrion at the foUowing             ' the district of Gwelo being Remainder of Sonambula,
 offices of the Ministry of Special Afiairs in the Office of the                measiuing eight hundred and thirty-two comma two zero
 President and Cabinet In C^ge of Lands, Land Refimn and                        four four (832,204 4) hecta^.
 Resettlement between 8 am. and 4 pm. from Monday to Rday               3.     DeedofTransfer3081/99,re^steredinlhenanKofMaIthar
 othar than on a public holiday on or before riie 13th August, 2t3M            ^terprises (Private) Limited, in respect of cotain jnece of
    (a) Bl(mk2,MakombeComplex,Cnr.HaiarBStaeetaidHmbert                        land situate in the district of Gwelo, bong Sunnyside,
        CTiitepo Avenue, Harare;                                               measuring seven hundred and sixty-sbc comma three (me
                                                                               two four (766,312 4) hectares.
    (b) MinistryofLands,LandRrformandResettlemmit,CF119,
        Government Composite Bl(Kk, Robert Mugabe Way,                  4.     Deed of Transfa 1762/84, registered in the name of
        Mutaie;                                                                Arthur Graham Franceys, in respect of cert^ piece of
                                                                               land situate in the district of Gwelo being Merve of
    (c) Ministry ofLands, Land Reform and Resettlement, Office                 Buttercups, measuring five hundred and thirteen conuna
        146, 4A Floor, Block H, Mhlahlandlela Government                       nine two six five (513,826 5) be(;tares.
        Complex, Bulawayo; .
                                                                        5.     Deed of Transfer 478/95, registered in the name of
    (d) MinistiyofLands,LandReformandRc5ettlement,M&W                          CcHiangamite Farm (Private) limited, in respect of certain
        Building, Comer Park/Unk Streets, Qiinhoyi;                            piece of land situate in the district of Gwelo being
                                                                               Cbrrangamite, measuring two diousand six hundred aid two
    (e) Ministry of Lands, Land Reform and RKettlement, Hrst                   comma cam four eight nine (2 602,148 9) hectares.
        Fl(x>r, Founders House, The Green, Marondma;
                                                                        6.     Deed of Transfer 1722/01, registered in the name of Basil
    (f) MinistryQfLands,LandReformaidResettlement,19Hellet                     Farming Company (Private) Limited, in respecl of certain
        Street, Masvingo;                                                      piece of land situate in the district ofGwelo being Remain­
  ■ (g) Ministry of Lands, Land Reform and Resettlement,                       der ofFarm 9 ofWest Gwelo block, nmasnring five hundred
        Exchange Building, Main Street, Gweru;                                 and forty-four emnma seven nine flnee            (544,793 8)
    (h) MiiiistryofLands,LandRef(HmandResrtlIement,hfi5habezi           7.     Deed oi Transfer 3845/99, roistered in the name of Jean
        Building, Office No. F20, First Fltxir.Gwanda;
                                                                               Pamela Thompson, in respect ofcertain piece oflaid situate
    (i) Ministry of Lands, Land Reform and Resettlement,                       in die district of Gwelo bdng Lot 1 of Lot 55- of the
        Ndpdahondo Building, Bindura.                                   *      UmsungweBlcxtk, measuring one hundred ffld seventy-two
                                                                               comma three five sevm one (172357 1) hectares.
   Any owner or occupier or any other poson who has an interest         8..    Deed(rfTransfer3167/03,r^isterBdintbBDame<dPeiitalnHr
 and right in the said land, and who wishes to otgect to the {Hoposed          Services (Private) Limited, in respect of certain piece of
 cmnpulscry ac(]uisition, may Itxlge the same, in writing, with die            land situate in the district of Gwelo being Remaining
 hCnistm'ofSpecial Afiairs in the (Iffice ofthe President a^ (Cabinet
                                                                               Extent of Lot 62 of the Umsungwe Block, tiKasuring three
 In (Tiaige of Lands, Land Reform and Resrttlement, Private Bag                hundred and seventy-seven comma four seven six sevm
 7779, (Causeway, Harare, on ot before flie 13th August, 2004.                 (377,476 7) hectares.
                                                     J.L.i^OMO.         9.     Deed of Transfer 1720/93, registered in the name of S.C.
                                                                               Shaw (Private) limited, in respect of certain piece of lard
                     MinisterofSperrialAfiairsintheOfficeofthe-                situate in the district of Gwelo bdng Subdivisiem 4 of Four
                        President and Cabinet In (Tiarge of Lands,             Chums BIcKk, measuring two thousaid (me hundred aid
 9-7-2004.                         Land Reform and ResrttleiiKnt               elevm comma five six six eight (2111466 8) hectares.
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