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6 August 2004

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2004-08-06 number 62

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                                  GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
      1   -V

                         •• ,■
                                                                             Published by Authority

                         Vol.LXXXn,No62                                      6th AUGUST, 2004                                                            Price $4 200,00

w                  General Notice 419 of 2004.
                                        CONSTITUTION OF 2JMBABWE

                                         Appointment of Acting Ministras
                                                                                                    Any          who wishes to maloe lepcesentations relating to the
                                                                                                 a^licsnioa is invited to lodge such icfitesentations, in writing, with
                                                                                                 the Re^stcar of Labour, at Compensaricm House, at die como' of
                                                                                                 Fmutfa Street and Cent^ Avoiue, Harare, ex'post them to Private ■
                                                                                                 Bag7707, Causew^, within 30 daj« ofthe pibUcatitm ofthis notice
                                                                                                 and state whetho-or not he ex’she wishes to qipear in suj^xnt ofsuch
                      IT is hereby notified that His ExccHauy die Plesidait has, in
                                                                                                 rejxesentatkxis at any accieditatitm proceedings.
                   terms of paragraph (a) of subsection (1) of section 31D of die
                   OxTstitution of Zimi^we, assignedr—
                   (a) all the fimetions of the Ministo' of Agriculture and Rural                6-8-2004.                                                Registrar of Labour.
                       Development to die Honourable J. T. R. Mujuni, MP., fromthe
                       26th July, 2004, during the absence, cm ofBdal twsiness, ofthe            Genoal Notice 422 erf 2004.
                       Honpimble J. M. Ma&,MJP; .
                   (b) all die functions of the Minister of Fordgn Affairs to the                                   STATE reOCUREMENT BOARD
                       Honourable A. M. B. Midzi, MP., from the 26th July, 2004,
                       during the absence, on official business, of the Honourable                                              Tmlers Invited
                       L S. G. Mudenge, MP.
                                                                                                     Teodos naBt be enclosed in sealed envdopcs, endorsed on die ontade witb tbe
                                                                   M.J.M.SIBANDA,                 advertised tender Bambei; desa^tkiii. dosizig date and mist be posted in dme to be
                   6-8-2004                 Chief Secretary to dmPresident and Cabinet            sorted into Post Office Box nmnber CY 408. Canseway, or deliveRd by band to tbe
                                                                                                  Pnia^at Officer. State Pcocnteraeid Board, Htdi Hoar, Old Reserve Bank BuOrfio^
                   General Notice 420 of2004                                                    . 76. Sanoca Macfad Avenne. Harare, before IOjOO ajn. on the dosii% dme.

                                 COMMERCIAL PREMISES (LEASE CONTROL) ACT                                                                                  E XtOSatEWOKUbCE,
                                                                                                 64-2004.                                mncipal Officer; Stale nocmesnent Board.
                                                  laiAPTER I4:04\
                                                                                                 Tender number
-                     Appointment of Members of the Commercial and Industrial
                                                                                                 IRRIG/12/03. Dzvete Drag Hose Sptinlder Irrigation Project.
                      ■:                                                                              Toidas are invited frixn suitably qualified ccmtractcxs fex
                     rris herd^ notified diatdie Ministeroflndustry and Intraiaticmal                 the aq^ly ami delivmy of irrigatimi equq^ment to, and die
                   Trade has, in terms ofsection 3 ofthe CommMcial Premises (Lrase                    ctxistmction of Dzvete Drag Hose Sjxiiikier friigation
                   Control) Act [CfagjierJ4.'04], appointed—                                          Project Trader documents ate obtiunrfile fixxn die Recep­
               .     .
    ^ ^             ; Mrs.M.Nago(C&wipcra£wi)                                                         tion, Ministiy ^ Agriculture and Rural Develc^ment,
      I             Mrs. S. Ncube (Vfce-Ctew‘rpers»n)                                                 Ngungunyana Building, l,BoEtowdale Road, Harare, upon
      I             Mr; M. Oiiiigonzoh                                                                payment of a non-refimdable cadi dqmat of $25 000,00, or
      f             Mrs.B.Mafconi                                                                   ; bank-ceitifiedcbequepraset<rfdcx3iiiirats.Theclosingdate
                                                                                                      for this tender is 31st August, 2004.
                         Mr. C. Muchdcedza
                         Mf.S.NdIovu                                                             General Notice 423 of2004.
                   as members of the Commercial and industrial Rent Board for the
                   Masvingo, MatabdelandNcxth and Matabeleland Soutii {xovinces.                                   STATE IROCUREMENT BOARD

                                                                     C.M.KATSANDE,                                              Tenders Invited
                   6-8-2004.               Secretary for Industry and fatematirmal Trade.
                                                                                            ■       Tcadeo mna be cDclosed in sealed envelopes, endeesed on the outside with the
                   General Notice 421 of 2004.                     n                             advertised tender mndia; desct^Hkn, doling date and most be posted in tiiDe to be
                                                                                                 sorted no Post Office Box nnmber CY 408, Causeway, or deBveted tgr hand to the
                                        LABOUR ACT [CHAPTER 2S.-0/I                              Preach Cfficei; Stele IVDcanmeat Boani, Hffii Hooe; Old Reserve Bte& Bnildii^
                                                                                                 76, Sana Madiel Avenoe, Hame, before nun ajn. on die doai% dale.
                         Aj^licaticm for Registration of an Enqiloyers’ Organisation:
                            Associatitm of RuralDistrict Ccwadls of Ziinbabwe                                                                           E M. OSHEWCHCUN2E,
                                                                                                 6.8-2004.                              Fdaopal Officer, Stele Rrocucmait Bosid.
                     IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 33 of the Labonr Act
                   [O^ter 2S.-07], that an application has bera reedved fra the                  Tendernumber
                   registration ofthe Association irfRural District Councils (rfTSihbabwe        IRRIG/2QA}4. Chitora n Irrigation Project. Tenders ate invited for
                   to represent the interests of employers in Rural District Coundls.                    the su{^y and delivery of irrigation equipment to, and the
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