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3 September 2004

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2004-09-03 number 73

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                                                                                                   (82: registered
                                                                           “LouisOdendaal,in respectof certail

                                                                                 istrictof Chipinga, being Remai       nder
                                                                                   Wolverdraai,.measu      ring five hun
                                                                                         ne.  orie.(506;751. 1) hectar
                                                                                                  00, , regist
                                                                                               076/86          ered in   thename of H: I
                                                                        vo Deed-of Transfer.1076/
                                                                         -- Omer Invest ments: (Priva te) Limite d;,in‘respectof certain
                                                                           piece‘of land situate. inthe, distric of: Chipin    ga,‘being
   thedistrict ofBeitbridg         §     2        pel
   measuring thirteen,thousand cone hundred comm
                                                 aoneeight’:              “<Gomondoni of Canterbury, -méasuring “two. hectares. Case” :
   eightfour(13 100,1 88:4) hectares: Case No: LA4092/04.       ye      _° fourteen commaone three onethree(214,1
                                                                        :. No.LA 4100/04. © esa A
                                                   R-Nagel,°| °-
. "DeedofTransfer453/60, registered in the name.ofdistric                                                                of Nevile~
                                                          t, of .| -.                      36/85, registeredin theofname
                                                                         peedof Transfer28respec
 ~. in respect ofCertainpiece’ of. land gitdate inthe’                    -” Hastings Baker, in  tofcertain piece land:situate in:
© Beitbridge, being: Remaining Extent of. Bea of Nuane nd                    the district of- Chipinga, being Lot.12,AB,of Middl
                                                                                                                                 e Sabi;
  --Ranche A, measu  ring,f ifteen thousa nd:eig ht:hu ndreda                                                                 eight one'two
                                                                            measuring one hundred and thirty-five.commia
 ” “forty-four comma zero zero Zerofour (15'844,000 4)acre
                             /0    4:    T        e       e
                                                              s. °
                                                                           * one.(135,812 1) bectares: Case No.LA 4165/04.
*.-Case No. LA    40   60
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