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12 November 2004

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2004-11-12 number 94

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                                                                                             into. Post Office Box ‘Number cy 408, ‘Causeway ordeliveredbylhand too'the
                                                                                      Principal Officer, State ProciirementBoard, Fifth Floor,Old ReserveBank Buildin
                                                                                  ao 76.8Samora Machel. Avenue, Harare, before 10.00a.im.-on‘the:closing date,, Bes

                                                                                     vdTeender nurnber :
                                                                                 =f NUST/01/2004.‘ProposedMpilorefurbishmentwor
                                                                                     8                                          ortheNUST: |
                                                                                             »-sFaculty.of‘Medicine. Tenders-areinvited’ from. Category Aue
                                                                                           at CIFOZ. and ‘ZBCA:contractors.: Documentsare ‘obtainable
                                                                                                fromtheDirector;Physical.Planning,Second Floor,Works.
                                                                                         , &Botates: AdministrationBuilding;NUST: Campus;‘Bula-
                                                           Sat Pecrenn Bord : men            __.wayo;Uporrpaymentof anon-refundable-depositfée:of$50
                                                                                       _, 000,00,perset:Closingdate is 14th December,2004.
                   004:-The'supply, delivery: and installationofaa.‘heavy :           AGeneral Notice 532:of2004.
              dutyphotocopier. Tenderdocuments ate obtainable from the "|            -                :   _STATEPROCUREMENTBOARD
              Systems Manager, HarareInstitute.ofTechnology, Ganges:                 |...
              Road,Belvedere, Harare, upon’ payment of non-refundable:.              |.
                                                                                                                    Tenders Invited -
              deposit of:$10 000,00.Cssdateis 14thDecember,2004."                                                        2 ere

                                                                                           Tenders must be enclosediin.sealed envelopes, endorsed:on. the‘outside ‘with the: .
    : Genera Noite530 of2004.                                                           advertised tender number, description, closing date. and mustbe:posted:in.time:to be =,
                                                                                     “ :sorted into-Post Office Box Number CY 408, Causeway or delivered by hand.to the
                  Pe“CONSTITUTION:OF ZIMBABWE.                                          Principal Officer, State Procurement Board, Fifth Floor; Old Reserve. Bank Building, fe
                                                                                       “76, Samora Machel Avenue, Harare,before: 10.00: a.m. ort the‘closing date.:
                  me| AppoimmentofActing Ministes :e                                                                 “ot ‘ae,       dae, BAe Es
                                                                                                                            ‘                  : mB, M:USHEWQKUNZE, :             :
                                                                                       12- 11-2004.                             :   PrincipalOrtier. State ProcurementBoard. wee
      Triis:s hereby. notified. that:His ‘Excellency the:‘President has:iin
      terms ofparagraph :(a)-of: subsection. (1) -of‘section 31D of the                Tender number:           .                                     eee
     ; Constitution’ f.-Zimbabwe,assigned—
                                                                            TSETSE/6/2004.‘Supply and:{delivery of Deltamethrin 200s.C.
      “@). all‘the.‘functions:ofthĂ© Minister ofB
                                               Education, Sport and
      Mas _. Culturetothe:Honourable'I2M. C: Chombo, M.P., from the..|: TSETSE/7/2004.Supplyanddelivery of >/, inch mild steel tubing. a
         ' Ast November, 2004, during the absence,«on leave, ofthe          TSETSEV/8/2004, Supply-and:delivery.of i, inch mild steel. tubing. we
           -»-Honourable-A. S. Chigwedere, M.P.;         pes,             L TSETSE/9/2004.‘Supply.and delivery:of Methly Ethyl Ketone. -
       aoeall thefiinctions ofthe Minister of:‘Industry and International        “ Tender documents areobtainable.after. paying anon-=refund-
      -"” ‘Trade-to the Honourable J.:G. Moyo, M.P., from the 30th                 able deposit ofZW$1000,00,per:set ofdocuments.atTsetse. os
           .’ October,2004,duringthe absence,on:-official business, of             and TrypanosomiasisControl'Branch, Bevan Building, 18,
           _ the:‘Honourable S.C: Mumbengegwi, MP3.”               .               BorrowdaleRoad,‘Harare. Theclosing date is 7thDecember, .
      Giall: the:functions: of. the Minister.of State’for Science and                          2004.
       ‘+ Technology: Deyelopment:in the: President's-Office to: the
             ‘Honourable -J>“Moyo, M-P., from the: 25th October, 2004, General Notice 533 of 2004. .
              during :the absence,on:eave, of the’ Honourable oO. N. .
              Mauchena,M M:PB.        a                                             "PARLIAMENT OF ZIMBABWE,
                                                MLM. SIBANDA,                                -Publication of:Bills
     a2 re2004.              Chief Secretary tothePresident and Cabinet.                                                                                                  “.

                                                                                         THE following Bills are published with this Gazette for
                                                                                                                                              or general
    ‘ GeneralNotice 531 of 2004.
                    “STATE. PROCUREMENT BOARD                                            Health ServiceBill,2004 (HB. 20 of 2004).
                                 “Tenders Invited                                        Agricultural Marketing Authority Bill; 2004 GLB. ‘a of 2004),

         “Tenders mist be enclosed in ‘sealed ‘envelopes, endorsed _onthe outside with the                 ~~         oe                            - AM.[.ZVONIA,
                                                                                       tbe eraandinn
=   _ advertisedtendernumber;description;‘closing date and mustbe posted“in'tiine          1
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