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8 April 2005

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2005-04-08 number 31

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               GOVERNMENT GAZETTE                                                                                                                            i

!                                                               Published byAuthority'

            Vol.LXXXIII, No. 31                                    8th APRIL, 2005                                             Price $4 200,00 ;

         General Notice 120A of 2005.                                               (2) The minimum amount that may be deposited in or with­
                                                                                drawn from an account at any one time shall be—
                                                                                  ■     (a) for. fixed deposit accounts                    $i 000,00
              Maximum and Minimum Deposits and Rates of Interest                         (b) for other accounts . ...                      $100,00
                                                                                                               Interest rates
           IT is hereby notified that the People’s Own Savings BankBoard,
         with the approval of the Minister of Finance and Economic Devel­             3. The interest payable on— . . ..
         opment, has fixed the amounts and rates set out in the Schedule for             (a) fixed deposit accounts shall be fifteen per centum per
         the purposes of section 24 of the People’s Own Savings Bank                         annum',
         (Accounts) Regulations, 2001, published in Statutory Instrument 47
                                                                                         (b) card accounts shall be-. .
         of 2001.
                                                                                               (i) on balances from $200,00 to $999, two per centum
                                                        W. L. MANUNGO,                             per annum;
         8-4-2005.        Secretary for Finance and Economic Development.
                                                                                              (ii) on balances from $1 000,00 to $4 999, four per
                                          Schedule                                                 centum per annum', /
           MAXIMUM AND MINIMUM DEPOSITS AND RATES OF                                         (iii). on balances froin $5 000,00 and above, eight per
                           INTEREST                                                              ' centum per annum;
                                                                                         (c) savings accounts shall be—
          Maximum and minimum amounts that may be held in accounts

         one time shall be—
              (a) for fixed deposit accounts:                       .0:
           1.(1) The maximu m amounts that may be held in aii account at any
                                                                                               (i) on balances from $0 to $99,00 nil;
                                                                                              (ii) on balances froin $100,00 to $999, five per centum
                                                                                                    per annum;          ,
                                                                                             (iii) on balances from $1 000,00 to $9 999, eight per
                     individuals........................   $20000 000,00
                                                                                                    centum per annum;
                     companies........................ ■   $14 000 000,00
                                                                                             (iv) on balances from $10 000,00 and above, eleven per
              (b) for card acGOUfits:
                                                                                                    centum per annum.
                     individuals........................      $3 000 000,00
                                                                                4. General Notices 317 and 391 of 2001, are repealed.                    ,
                     companies........................        $2 500 000,00
              (c) for ordinary savings accounts:                                • General Notice 120B of 2005.
                     individuals........................      $3 000 000,00                  LAND ACQUISITION ACT [CHAPTER 20; 10]
                     companies........................        $2 500 000,00
                                                                                             Preliminary Notice to Compulsorily Acquire Land
               (2) The minimum amount that may be held in an account at any
                                                                                   NOTICE is hereby given, in terms of subsection (1) of section
         ■one time shall be—
                                                                                5 of the Land Acquisition Act [Chapter 20:10], that the President .
               (a) for fixed deposit accounts                   $1 000,00       intends to acquire compulsorily the land*described in the Sched­
               (b) for card accounts ....                         $200,00       ule for resettlement purposes.
     I         (c) for ordinaiy savings accounts. . . . . . ..    $100,00          A. plan of the land is available for inspection at the following
             (3) If there is less than the minimum held in tlie account, the    offices of the Ministry of Special Affairs in the Office of the Presi­
         account will be closed.                                                dent and Cabinet responsible for Lands, Land Reform and Reset­
                                                                                tlement between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. from Monday to Friday other
                 Maximum and minimum deposits and withdrawals
                                                                                than on a public holiday on or before the 9th of May, 2005.
           2. (1) The maximum amount that may be withdrawn from an
                                                                                      (a) Block 2, Makombe Complex, cnr. Harare Street and Herbert
         account at any one time shall be—                                                Chitepo Avenue, Harare; :
              (a) for fixed deposit accounts, the amount held in the account          (b) Ministry of Lands, Land Refomi and Resettlement, CF119,
                  provided 90 days’ notice has been given;                                Government Composite Block, Robert Mugabe Way,
              (b) for card accounts                               $4 000,00               Mutare;
              (c) for ordinary savings accounts, $2 000,00 daily, pr a larger         (c) Ministry of Lands, Land Reform and Resettlement, Office
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