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6 May 2005

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2005-05-06 number 67

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                                                                                                                                                    }y-y ■                                                 ■■■.



                                                                          ,   ,::;s^:PubUshediy Authority
                                                                                                                                                               • •               ,   '             ;r'

         Vol. LXXXIII, No. 67                                                  ;:;v l2th AUGUST, 2005                                                        ; Price $4 200,00

      General .Notice 344 of 2005.                                                                             Any person who wishes to make any representations relating to.
                                                                                                            the app.iication is invited to lodge'such representations, in writing,
                             STATE PROCUREMENT BOARD                                                        with the Registrar of Labour,-at the Gdmpensation House:, corner
                                                                                                         . Fourth Street and Gentral Avenue, Harare, orpost them to him at
                                           Tenders Invited                                                ;^ErivateBag7.7Q7, Causeway,H:ifafe,,witliift 304ays 0^
                                                                                                            tion' .bf this notice. Any person who lodges or posts represd'ntatidns
         TeniJei'.s mu.sl be enclosed in sealed enveIope.s, endorsed on the.outside with the
                                                                                                            should ad vise the Registrar whether or riot he or she will beattending '
                                                                                                            the accreditation proceedings. ; '        ■      ..
      iidvenisctl tender iiuiiibei. de.scripiion. dosing date and must be posted in time to be
      sorted tnio Post OlTicv' lio.x Number CY 408. Cau.seway or delivered by hand to the
                                                                                                                                       ■                          'c.Avusani,'
      Principal OlHccr, Stale Procurement Board, Fifth Floor, Old Reserve Bank Building,
                                                                                                            12-8-2005.                                          Registry oLLabour.
      Samora Machcl Avenue. Harare, before. 10.00 a.m. on the closing date.
                                                                                                             General Notice 347 of 2005. -...t...
                                                                           E. M. USHEWOKUNZE,
      12-S-2n(l.S                                       Principal Officer, Slate Procurement Board.                            LABOUR ACT [CHAPTER 2,8:01]

      Tender number
                                                                                ' Application for Variation of Scope; Zimbabwe National;
      MHTE (MlTO.01/05. Supply and delivery of 10 xP4 computers to                         Museums and Monuments Workers’ Union!
            Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Mshsa Industrial
                                                                               ITisherebynotified,iritefmsofsectidn39oftheL!abdurAetiCtoprer.                                                                          •
            Training Centre. Documents for this tender ai‘e obtainable
            from Msasa Industrial Training Centre, 22, Felice Avenue,        28:01], tJiat an application for the variatipn pfscope of registration has ,
            off Muture Road, Msasa, Harare, upon payment of a non- . . been received Ironi the Zinibabwe.National Museums and Momirnents ,
            refundable fee of ZW.S20 000,00. Closing date for tire teii^^ i Woi-kers;’ Union to include the interests, of ehapJoyees specific in the ■;
                                                                             Schedule, in tb.e tourism, game paries, and wildlife iiuiusliy. ...
            is 30th Augu.st. 2005.                     . ,; ■
                                                                               Any interSted person who .wishes to; make any representations
                                                                          . relatihg-tp the applicationis inyitedi;o;ldd|esueh:representations, in;li;: V
      General Notice 345 of 2005.
                                                                          •" writing] with the Registrar of.LabouRit the Compensation JjQuse,v
            PEOPLE’S O^p^yiNGS BANK [CHAPTEli 24:22]
                                                                                                             publication of this notice. Any person who lodges of pdsts represen­
            Maximum and Minimum Deposits and Rates;5f Interest                                               tations should advise the Registraf ;wHeth.er:or not he or:,she will be                              ^.
                                                                                                             attending the accreditation proceeding.';.
        IT is hereby noiilied that General Notice 120A of 2005 was                                                                                              ; : C. Z. yUSANI, y.
      published by error. General Notice 120A of2005 is .hereby repealed.                                    12-8-2005.    ■                                    Registrar of Labour.' , -

                                                                          w. l.:manungo.                                                   Schedule
      12-8-2005.                                                        Secretary for Finance.
                                                                         . Air strip Attendant
      General Notice 346 of 2005..                                          Artisan
                                                                          V Artist
                      LABOUR ACT [CHAPTER 28:01]                            Auto Electrician
                                                                            Barman .
                                                                            Book Attendant
       Notice of Accreditaiion Proceedings: Zimbabwe.Transport and
                                                                            Boom gate Attendant
                             Allied Workers Union                                                                                                                                                        .-V
                                                                            Builder -
                                                                            Bils Driver and Deckhand
        IT is hereby notified, in lerm.s of section 42 of the Labour Act
                                                                          ; Cashier--
      [ChaiJia 28:01], lhai accreditation proceedings are proposed to be ’ Catering department of a vessel
      held in connection wilh objections received on ZimbabweTransport fClerk -              ■ .. ■
      and Allied Workers Union’s application for variatiomof scope. The     Computer Technician ■
      application for registration was notified by-General;Notice 139 of    Computer Typist                                                                                              -•
      2005, published in the Government Gazette of 6th May, 2005.          -Crew Leader and Coxsvyain                                                                        •       '        ••

        The accreditation proceedings will be held ,pn Zist'Sep.temB'ef, fjElectnciany.-;-;- :    f' ' A’: 71 ^^                                                      .•'1
      2005, at 10.30 a.m. in the Boardroom omthe Twelfth Floor, of , ; Engineer Room Attendant I j; 'Ty; A ;:y                                                       G-. ■
            _________ fT______________ -   ».i_------------------ .X*            .V i . j /-«. ..v.-i-
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