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14 October 2005

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2005-10-14 number 87

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                      GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
                                                                  Published by Authority

                   Vol. LpCXIII, No. 87                           14th OCTOBER, 2005                                                                     Price $30 000,00
        f ^   Genera} l^fptice 412 of 2005.                                            10. Secretary for Local Government, Public Works and Urban
              ZMBABWE ELECTORAL COMMISSION ACT [CHAPTER 2:12]                          11. Secretary for Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.
    i                                                                                  12. Commissioner of Police.
                                National Logistics Committee
    I                                                                                    And further notice is given of the establishment of the following
                                                                                       sub-committees of the Zimbabwe" Electoral Commission National
                NOTICE is hereby given that the Zimbabwe Electoral                     Logistics Committee—■
              Commission has, in terms of paragraph 7 of the First Schedule to
              the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Act JChapter 2:12],                       Human Resources sub-committee
              established the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission National Logistics          , Provincial sub-committees ■
              Committee (ZECNLC) for the purpose of mobilising resources for              District Subcommittees
              the Senatorial Elections to be held on 26th November, 2005. The
              composition of the committee is as follows—                                General Notice 84A of 2005 is repealed.

              1.   Chaiiman of the Public Service Commission {Chair).                                                                                 L. C. SEKERAMAYI,
    s         2.   Chief Elections Officer (Vice-Chair).                               14-10-2005.                                                 ■ Chief Elections Officer.
              3.   Secretary for Infonuation and Publicity.
                   Secretary for Transport and Communication.
                   Secretary for Rural Resources and Water Development. '
              6.   Director General, District Development Fund,                                                                 General Notice
              7.   Secretary for Home Affairs.                                         dumber
              8.   Registrar-General of Voters.                                        412. Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Act [Chapter 2:12]: National
              9.   Secretary for Finance.                                                   Logistics Committee..................................................................   975

        r                                                                                                                                                                                       4

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                                                                                                           ‘ .j.




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