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5 January 2007

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2007-01-05 number 1

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                                                                                                                           APTI  Say
                                                                                                                               LEE et


                COVERNGENT GAZETTE                              ‘Published by Authority .

> _ Vol. LXXXY, No. 1                                           5th JANUARY, 2007                                                           Price $1. 610,00
  ateGeneral Notice 1 of 2007.          ;                       foo                                                     Scueoue

                         “LABOUR ACT (CHAPTER 28:on :               1 _                                         CONFISCATED GOLD=

                                                                                                                                       Description oftprecious stonés
         ‘Application for Registration of a Trade Union: National Security       The State v. Ntokozo Dube Ndlovu (SM. 681087)              6 green pieces ofemeralds :
             :   ‘Guards and Allied Workers Union of Zimbabwe !'                 The State vy. Lee Zibasa (S.M. 681088)                             “il pieces of emeralds
                                                                                 The State. v. Tendai Zhou (S.M. 681094) -                            4 pieces of emeralds: |
              js'hereby notified, in terms ofsection 33 of ‘the Labour Act       The State v. Siyavo Bhebe (S.M. 673018)                            0,226 ms of emeralds
         (Chapter 28:01], that an application has been, received. for the
                                                                                 General Notice 3 of 2006..
         registrationof National Security Guardsand Allied Workers Union
         of:Zimbabwe as a trade union to represent the interests of the                           ‘GOLD TRADE ACT (CHAPT,ER 21:03)
         employees:engaged or employed as a security guards,
             ny!personwho wishesto mike any representations inrelation to                                        Confiscated Gold
         the applicationiis invited to lodge such representations,inwriting
      withtheRegistrar of Labour, at Compensation House,atthe comer        TT:isshereby notified, in‘terms of section 27 ofthe GoldTrade Act
                                                                         {Chapter 21:03}, that the gold described in the Schedule which has
   ofFourth Street and CentralAvenue, Harare, or post them to Private |.
                                                                         beenforfeited to the State, is in possession ofthe Ministry of Mines
   as Bag 7707, Causeway, within 30 daysofthe publicationofthis notice   and Mining Development.
         and state whetheror nothe or she wishes to appear in supportof such
            presentations at any.accreditation proceedings. |:                    . The gold may, by prior arrangement, be inspected. by a ‘person:
                                                                                 claiminga legalright to the gold at the Ministry ofMines and Mining*
                                                            C. Z. VUSANI,        Development, Fifth Floor, ZIMRE Building, Kwame. Nkrumah:
        5-1 -2007. |                                    Registrar of Labour.     Avenue/Leopold Takawira Street, Harare, during the two months “
                                                                                 following the date of publication ‘of this notice.                     |                  yop
       General Notice 2 of2007. -
                                                                                     Any person claiminga legal rightto anyofthis gold may ¥ apply, as : :
         ° * pret   : PRECIOUS ST
                                TONES ACT [CHAPTER 21:06),                      - in writing, within two months from the dateof publication of this. .
                                                                                  notice, tothe Secretary for Mines and Mining Development, Private
                                                                                  Bag 7709, Causeway,for delivery to him orherof such gold. -.
                           » Confiseated Precious Stones:
                                                                                   ’ If no such person establishes a legal right to any ofthis’ gold:
           ITis herebynotified, in termsofsection 16 (2) oftthe Precious         within the afore-mentioned period, it may be disposed “the:
           onésTrade Act [Chapter2]: 06}, that the precious stones described     Secretary.for Minesand Mining Development. ees
        in. the Schedule which have been forfeited to the State,. are in.                                                              os             “T.NDEOVU,
        _ possessionof the Ministry of Mines and Minig Development. -            511“2007.                Secretary for Mines and Minin Development. *
          .. Theprecious stonesmay,by priorarrangement, be inspected bya                                                SCHEDULE   ;        :   ‘
   .     person.claiming a legal right to any of the precious stones at the
        “:Ministryof:Mines and’ Minig Development, Fifth Floor, ZIMRE                                           CONFISCATED GOLD —
        ‘: Building, Kwame NkrumahAvenue/LeopoldTakawiraStreet, Harare,           a             a                                                   ~“Besriptionoftfold -
        ’"during‘the two monthsfollowing the dateofpublicationofthisnotice.      TheState v. M. Ndlovu (S.M. 681063)                                         -0-10gmgold. so
           ". Ayperson claiminga legalright to any ofthe preciousstones may-     The State v. A. Tapfumaneyi (S.M, 681064)                                   :2,108 gmgold. -
                                                                                 The State v. B. Ndlovu (S.M. 681065) °                                      2.385 gmgold.
       2“applyinwriting within two months from the date of publicationofthis
                                                                                -: The State v. N. Moyo (S.M. 681066)                                         6,66 gmgold: *- -.
        “noticé, to the Secretary for Mines and Mining Development, Private
                                                                                 The State v.   J. Zigogo (S.M. 681067)                                     . 1251 gm gold.
        Bes.7709, Causeway,for delivery to him or her ofsuch precious stones.    The State v.   I. Mavezele (S.M. 681068)                                      "9,09 gm gold.    7.
          Hf no.such personestablishes a Iegal right to any of theprecious       TheState v.    N. Ncube (S.M. 681069)                                          7,98 gm gold.’ “2
        , stones within the afore-mentionedperiod,it may disposed of to the -    TheState y,    T. Tshabalala (S.M. 681070)                                     A gold button.
        Secretaryfor Mines and Mining Development *                              TheState v,    D. Nduna (S.M. 681071)                                            3,6 gm gold...
                                                                                . TheState v. T, Sibanda (S.M. 681072)                                         1 gold button...
                                                              T. NDLOVU,         The,State v. L. Mukombwe(S.M. 681073) ©                                        ¥ gold bution.”
        “5-1-2007,         “Secretary for Mines and Mining Development.          The State v. R. Njuva (S.M. 681074)                                          - 1 gold button...

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