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16 January 2007

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2007-01-16 number 80

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                                                                     Published by Authority

   Vol. LXXXIY, No. 80                                             i5th DECEMBER, 2006                                                             Price $1 270,00 ■
                                                                                          soited into Post Office Bpx NniTibcr'CY 40S, Cai3seway, or delivered by hand to Ure
Genera! Notice 311 of 2006.
                                                                                          Principal 'Officer, State Proairemenf B'oard, Fifth Floor, Old Reserve Bank Building,
                                                                                          76, Samora Maclicl Avenue, Harare, before 10,OO'a.in. on the closing dale.
                   STATE PROCUREMENT BOARD
                                                                                                                                             ■         'S. MUTANHAURWA,
                               Tenders Invited                                            l.S-12-2006.                      Acting Principal Officer, State Procurement Board.

    TENDERS niusi be enclosed i.n sealed envelopes, endorsed on the oul.side. with the    Tender number
adveiTi.scd tender number, description, closing date and must be posted in time to be     POSB.0,6/2606, Supply of signature scanners to POSB—HQ.
soiled into Post Office Box Number CY 408, CaiTseway, or delivered by hand to the •
l^rincipal Officer. State Procurement Board, Fifth Floor, Old Reserve Bank Building,
                                                                                          POSB.06/2006. Supply andin.stallation of serveratPOSB Westgate
76. Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, before 10.00 a.m. on the closing date.                       (Disaster Recovery Centre);.
                                                            S. MUTANHAURWA. '                            Document,s for the above, tenders are obtainable from the
15-12-2006.                      Acting Principal Officer, Stale Procurement Board.                 .. Administration and Procurement Manager, People’s Own
Tender number                                                                                         i S avings Bank (POSB) Head Qffifce, Expenditure and Budgets
                                                                                                       ' Office, Fourtli Floor, Runhare House, corner Central Avenue
ZIMDEF. 455/2006. Tendens are invited coirtractors in Category                           . y ,. i’ -;: and Third Street, Haiareyupbh:paymbnt,6f a non-irefuhdablc
     “A” for the internal electrical engineering services instaliation                                   deposit fee of $ 2 OOO.OO, per set. The closing date i,s 16th
     at the propo.sed construction of a hostel for ZIMDEF sitC.in                         ■\             January, 2007.
    Masvingo. Tender documents are obtainable from ZIMDir;.
     Head Office, at First Floor, East Wing, CABS Centre,                                 General Notice 314 of 2006 on pa'ge 895.
     Moyo Avenue and Sam Nujoma Street, Harare, upon payiSfent
     of a non-refundable fee of $2 060.,00 (revalued). The closing                                                    CHANGE OF NAME
     date is 16th January, 2007,        '
                                                                                            NOTICEis herebygiven that; 6ri29tliNovember, 2006, Danisani
General Notice 312;§tg0O6.                                                                Moyo appeared before me, Gharles Ndlovu, a notary public, at
                                                                                          Masvingo, and changed Kis name to Nobeiit Toisepi," by which
   PREVENTION OF CORRUPTION ACT [CHAPTER 9:16]                                            name he shall be known on all occasions and for all purposes.'—
                                                                                          Charles Ndlovu, c/o Muzenda &.Partners, legal practitioners, P.O.
              Revocation of Declaration of Specified Person,s                             Box 664;'M,asvingo.                                     253158f
  THE Minister of Special Affairs in the President’s Office
responsible for Anti-Corruption and Anti-Monopolies, in terms of                                                      GHANGE OE NAME '
section 6(2) of the Prevention of Corruption Act [Chapter 9: J6], has
revoked the specification of the persons listed in the Schedule who                         . TAKB notice that; On the 1st day ,of November, 20.06, Jairos
were declared as specified persons under General Notice 530D of                            Tapfumaneyi appeared before me, Gilbert Machingambi, a legal
2002, published in the Government Gazette Extraordinary of the
17th October, 2002.                                                                        practitioner and notary public, at Harare, and changed his and the
                                                                                           surname of the minor children I-Jazel Tapfumaneyi, Aldridge
                                          , M.P.MANGWANA, .                                Tapfumaneyi and Carol Tapfumaneyi from Tapfumaneyi to Dzv ene.
            Minister of Special Affairs in the President’s - Office
                               ' responsible for Anti-Gorruption.      : Dated at Harare this. 30,th/.day;;bf.iNovember,: 2006;y-TGilbert
15-12-2006.        . .■                    • arid Anti-MonopoIieS:. XMaelringanjbi.;c/0;G; MaohiSgamW LelhlPfactitira^^
                                                                    : Nehdnda 5treet,:cnt Nelspfl Mandela Avenue, IJafafe.       253!65f
    1. Ishmael Kenneth Gwanzura.                                                                                   . ;:CHAN<3E:#NAME; i
    2. Daisytrust and Company.

General Notice 313 of 2006.                                                                 . TAKE notice that, on the 1st day of November, 2006, Hubert
                                                                                           Tapfumaneyi appeared before me,; Gilbert Machingambi, a legal
                   STATE PROCUREMENT BOARD                                                 practitioner and notary public, at Harare, and changed his surname
                                                                                           from Tapfumaneyi to Tichapna,        ,
                                Tenders Invited
                                                                                              Dated at Harare this 30th day of November, 2006.—Gilbert

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