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30 July 2007

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2007-07-30 number 53

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                                                   | _IMBABWEAN


                                                EXTRAORDINARY |
                   ‘                                          Published by Authority

   Vol. LXXXV, No. 53                                            30th JULY, 2007                                               Price $95 000,00

 General Notice 180 of 2007.                                                     with visitor’s passes and a visitor’ sregister shall be maintainedatthe .
               ‘CONSTITUTION OF ZIMBABWE                                                                                             M. MATSHIYA,
                                                                                  30-7-2007.                               Secretary for Honte Affairs.
                         Publication of Law
   THEfollowinglaw, which has been assented to by His Excellency
                                                                                              AREA DECLARED A PROTECTED AREA .
 the President,is publishediintermsofsection 51(5) ofthe Constitution
 of Zimbabwe—                                                                     Chimanimani Restricted/Reserved Area
   Masvingo State University AmendmentAct, 2007 (No. 4 of 2007).                     The area of land situated in the Masvingo and Harare Mining
                                                M. J. M. SIBANDA,     districts, as denoted and defined by an orange line commencing ata
 30-7-2007.         Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet. | ‘point which is approximately 21,0 kilometres north-east of
                                                  “ha                 BirchenoughBridge whichis at the confluence ofthe Save and Odzi
 General Notice 181 of 2007.                                          rivers(grid reference 36KVP364 | 36); thence proceedingin a north-
                                                                      westerly direction along the eastern bank of the Save River for a
                                                                  «}, distance ofapproximately 46 kilometres to a point whichis at the
                                                                    “confluence of the Save and Muroti rivers (grid reference
                                                                      36KVP 126486); thence procceding on a true bearing of approxi-
                 Declaration of Protected Places
                                                                      mately 34° for a distance of approximately 32,6 kilometres to a
                                                                                   beacon on Nyarumwe Mountain (grid reference 36KVP308760);
    IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Home Affairs has, in                thence proceeding on a true bearing of approximately 123° for a
 terms ofsection 5 of the Protected Places and Areas Act [Chapter                  distance of approximately 40,4 kilometresto a point (grid reference
 11:12], issued an order declaring the premises of the Chimanimani               36KVP644537); thence proceeding ona true bearing of approxi-
 Restricted/Reserved Area to be a protected place.                               * mately 193° for a distance of approximately 44,0 kilometres toa
    Theextent of the area so declared is more fully described in the              ‘beacon on Dzianike Range(grid reference 36KVP544108); thence
- Schedule to this order. The area shall be surrounded by a security               proceeding on true bearing of approximately 280°for a distance of
 fence and warmingsign posts shall be erected. Visitors will be issued             approximately 18,2 kilometres to the starting point.

                                                                           General Notices
                                       Number            :                          re                          Page
                                       180.   Constitution of Zimbabwe: publication flaw... 7...                 501
                                       181.   Protecteg’Place’ and Areas Act (Chapter dl:121: Declaration of
                                              Protected Places. . . . i                                          501                      -

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