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3 November 2007

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2007-11-03 number 76

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                                                                  IMBABWEAN                                                                .

                                                                 Published by Autharin.


e         Vol. LAXAYV, No. 76                                . 2nd: NOVIE MBER, 707                                              Price $95 000,00

    General Notice 735 of 2007.                                                                             CHANGE OF NAME

    ve                     * PARLIAMENT OF ZIMBABWE                                       TAREneice that, onthe 1 srday ot October. 2007; before me.
                                                                                     Peter Mikoovbe, a legal practitioner and notary aublic, appeared
    a                      ;       Puhiication ofPill                                Godfrey Nave awartteyi (born on 22rd June 1@e-4) and changed
                                                                                     his surname oo: Marashwa. sa that, henceforth. fox all parposes and
       THE following Ball is published with this Gazette for general                 occasions be shall be known by the name Godfrey Marashwa.
     information—                                                                      Dated at Mutare this 15th day of October. 2007.---Peter Makombe,
       One Stop BorderPosts Control Bill, 2007 (H. B. 12 of 2007),                   clo Makombe & Associates, c/o Chingunga & Company, 15. Bodle
                                                                                     Avenue, Tar Gea.» Heate,                                    381220f
           oy                                                A.M. ZVOMA, |
         2-11-2007.                                      Clerk ofParliament.
                                                                                                            _ CHANGEOF NAME
     General Notice 236 of 2007.                     ae                                 NOTICEis hereby given that, by notarial deed executed before
                                                                                     me, Wellington Muzenda. a legal practitioner and notarypublic,at
                           CONS’PITUTION OF4ZIMBABWE                                 Masvingo, 09 the 24st of Pebrucry, 2007, Henry Ndiweni changed
                                                                                     his name to Gilbert Heriry Musonza Mhembere, iv which name he
                                    Publication ofLaw                                shall henceforth be knownfor all purposes.
                                                                                        Dated at Masvingo this 2 Est day of February, 2007.-—Wellington
       THE following Jaw. which has beenassented to by His Excellency                Muzenda, ¢/ Mwonzora and Associates Legal Practitioners, 50,
     the President, is published in terms ofsection 51(5) of the Constitu-           Hotmeyer Stewl Masvingo.                                   381213f
    * tion of Zimbabwe—                         \
                                                                                                             CH:ANGE OF NAME
         ~ Precious Stones Amendment Act, 2007 (No. 10 of 2007),
                                                         M. J. M. SIBANDA.              NOTICE s hereby given that. by notarial deed of change of
         2-41-2007.               ChiefSecretary to the President anc Cabinet.   '
                                                                                     executed he! ore me, Tave ngwaHara, a legat practitioner and notary
                                                                                     public, at Bu!   1yo. onthe (3thday ofJuly. 2007, Martha Dhliwayo
                                                                                     in her capa    “as mother and naiveal guardian of the minor chitd
         General Notice 237 of 2007.                                                 Arnokd Dav: © Dhliwayo (born on 30th M ay, 1999), did formally
                                                                                     abandon the 5: ame Arnold Davia Dhliwayd and assume the name
               CUSTOMS AND EXCISE ACT {CHAPTER 23:02}                                 Arnotd Dast- Moyo,
                                                                                         Datediat E hawayo this Padbdis of July. 2007. --Tavengwa Hara,
                               Zimbabwe Revenue Authority:
                                                                                      legai practi ser/netary public. c/o Messes T. Yara & Partners,
               Cancellation of Customs Rummage Sales: Beitbridge                      Suite 202, & cond Floor, CIPE Centre, Jason Moyo StreeU/Ninth
                       .            .           >:
           NOTICE is hereby given that the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority
                                                                            . Avenue, Bul ayo,                                                   3811 16F

         Customs Rumnuuge Sales for uncleared and forfeited gouds duc to                                      CHANGE OF NAME -
         take place at Beitbridge on 2nd and 3rd November, 2007, has been
         cancelled.                                                                     NOTICE is hereby given that. on the L6th day of October, 2007,
                                                                                      before me. Phivdelts Bonde. a leaal practioner conveyancer and
          The public auction shall nowtake place at theani venueon the                notary public. appeared Wiltshire Clifford AndrewTizvione in his
         {th and 15th December, 2007.                                                 capacity the naturai father and suardian of Tariro Culita Matangira
                                                                                      (born on 3rd November, 1995) and Vongai Audrey Matangira (born
           The auction will be conducted by Messrs Zlook Investments                  on 29th Apel, 2003) who in his own capacity abandoned the said
         (Private) Limited, trading: as Westend Auctions, of 13, Robert               names and assume the names Trish Bridget Tizvione and Audrey
         Mugabe Road, farare.                                                         Vanessi Tis tone. respectively. for his minorchildren, which names
            All sales shall commene at 0830 hours.                                    shall be used in all deeds. documents and transactions whatsoever.
                                                                                              Dated ie PRirare this 16th day of October, 2097,.—Phydelis
                                                                  G.T. PASI, |           Bonde, vo Defence Legal Services, Ninth Floor, Liguenda
          2-14-2007,                                    Commissioner- General.        House. Firs: Sueet/Nelson Mandela Avenue, Harare.     381 184F

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