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20 March 2008

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2008-03-20 number 27A

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                                               .                                   ‘Published by Authority

         - Vol. LXXXVI, No. 27A                                                     20th MARCH,2008                                                       Price $5 000 000,00

         - General Notice 50 of2008.                                                                        Constituency         Candidate                             Party
                                                                                                            Zengeza East —        Chambaira Goodrich                     MDC -
                                           ELECTORAL ACT ICHAPTER 2:73]                                                           Gwekwete Wilfred Ngoni                 ZANU PR
                           ‘                                                                                                      Musundire     Alexio Leo               MDCT:             irai
                               Parliamentary Elections:
                                                    Wit Withdrawal of Candidature                                                 Tivaty Reinsowe                        UPP’ Svangiras
         - IT ishereby notified, in termsof section 49 ofthe Electoral Act
                [Chapter 2:13], that the persons specified below have withdrawn                                                                                  L. C, SEKERAMAYI,
         theircandidature ii n the fespective constituencies —                                                                                                  Chief Elections Officer,
                                                               Parl                                         20-3-2008.                            ZimbabweElectoral Commission.
                          - WITHDRAWAL FROM SENATORIAL CONSTITUENCIES                                       General Notice 51 of2008.                                    ,            ,
     a Candidate                                                Party            Constituency                              _ ELECTORALACT [CHAPTER 213.
      “- + MawungwaAnnah                                        ZPPDP          ' ‘Hwata
          _Mushonga Christopher                                 MDC              Chisipite                             _ Parliamentary Elections29th March, 2008;
        ; “moe Pasi                                             UPP            ~ Chitungwiza                                          Death of Candidature
                                                               Part Il                                        IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 50 of the Electoral Act
         - WITHDRAWAL FROM HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY CONSTITUENCIES                                                 [Chapter 2:13], that the candidates specified below have died.
        _             di
                onSteeema                                       toely.          Suningdate
                                                                                               :                                        >
                                                                                                              Accordingly, proceedingsin respectofelections in
                                                                                                                                                            .             .
                                                                                                                                                               the respective
                Mugaba Vernis                                   Independent     Zengeza East                constituencies are hereby declared void. A nomination court calling
                                                                                                            for fresh nominations of candidates for election to the said constitu-
                     The candidates for the above constituencies are now as follows—                        encies shallsit ona date to be advised through a Proclamation issued —
                                                                                                            bythe President.
                                              SENATORIAL CONSTITUENCIES
                Constituency                   _Candidate                        Party
                                                                                                                                                                 L. C. SEKERAMAYI,
                                                                                                                                                                Chief Elections Officer,
                Hwata |                            Kambewa Tineyi Chivizhe       Independent                20-3-2008.                           _ZimbabweElectoral Commission.
            :                                      Muchihwa Rorana               MDC Tsvangirai
                                                   Musinami Mavis Bibiana        MDC                                                          SCHEDULE
                                                   Tawengwa Charles Zvidzayi    _ZANU PF
                                                                                                            Constituency                      Candidate                  Party*
                Chisipite-                         Gaidzanwa Rudo Barbra         Independent
                      ,                            Gutu Obert Chaurura.          MDC Tsvangirai
                                                                                                            Gwetu Milford                     Pelandaba-Mpopoma          MDC
                                                   Jacob-Zvorwadza                        :                 Makwati Glory Joseph Tlou         Gwanda South               MDC
                 /             ;                     Pauline Hazvineyi           ZANU PF                    Malinga Mate Abedinigo            Redcliff                   MDC ©
            _Chitungwiza                           Chakanyuka Mary Evelyn        ZANUPF             .
                HO,                           - Makore James                     MDC Tsvangirai
                                                   Takapera Zarous               MDC

                                   _       HQUSE OF ASSEMBLY CONSTITUENCIES
                                                                                                                                              General Notices
                Constituency —                     Candidate                      Party
                Sunningdate                        Chaibva Gabriel               -MDC                       Number                                                                        Page
                                       .        Chataika Edward Mungwari         .ZANU PF
                                                                                                               50, Electoral Act (Chapter 2:17 ParliamentaryElections: Withdrawal
                                              ' Kachidza Blessing Ronald         UPP                           "of Candidature .                                  .      .        :        199
                                                   Machisa Thomas                 ZANU PF               .
                                                   Matienga Margaret              MDC Tsvangirai               51, Electoral Act (Chapter 2:13]: ParliamentaryElections 29th March,
                                               _ Muchenje Trevour                 VP                               2008: Death of Candidates .                                   :         199

                                                                                   Printed by the Governnent Printer, Harare.                                                             184A

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