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9 May 2008

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2008-05-09 number 43

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                                                                                         “4.                                           ae


                                                       Published by Authority

 * Vol.LXXXVI, No.43                                       9th MAY,2008                                      ‘Price $40 000000,00

General Notice 70 of 2008.                                                                     (CHANGE OF NAME
                                                                                                                                Me     ye
                                                                                                                                       oy   é‘
                .->LABOUR ACT [CHAPTIER 28::01)
                                                                          NOTICEis hereby giventhat, on 30th April, 2008, Simbarashe
         ‘Application for Registration of a Trade Union: National      Tiriairi Marange (born on 28th March,1987) appeared before me, .
       : matruction and Allied Trades Workers Union of Zimabwe         George Laita, a legal practitioner and notary public, at: Marondera,
                                                                       and changed his name to SimbarasheTiriairi Sakala, so that he shall
   IT.is hereby notified in termsofsection 33 of the Labour Act        henceforth be knownandreferred to as Simbarashe Tiriairi Sakala
 Chapter 28:01), that an application has been received for the         on all occasions and in all records, deeds, documents and transac-
  gistration of the National Construction andAllied Trades Workers
  nion'of Zimbabweto representtheinterestofall non-managerial
  mployeesi‘inthe construction industry.                                 Dated at Mariinderatis 30th day ofApril, 2008.—George Laita,
      Any;person whowishesto make anyrepresentations relating to       c/o Laita and Parfners, Malt House,5, Fifth Street, P29
                                                                                                                             Q-‘Box 157),
theapplicationis invited to lodge such representationsin writing.      Marondera.       i                             ;         .359508E'
      ith:the Registrar of Labour at Compensation House, at the
 omerofFourth Street and Central Avenue,Harare,or post them                                     CHANGE OF NAME
 0 Private Bag 7707, Causeway, Harare, within 30 days of the
  ublicationof this notice, and to state whetherornot he or she          TAKE noticethat, on16th April, 2008, Joseph Furawu appeared
   ishes to appear in support of such representations at any           before me, Blessing-Nyamwanza,a legal practitioner and notary
  ccreditation proceedings.                                            public, and changed his name to Joseph Kabira.
                                                 , C.Z. VUSANI,          Dated at Harare this 16th day of April, 2008.—Blessing
                                             ,, Registrar of Labour.   Nyamwanza, notary public, c/o Mangwana, Masawi-& Partners,
                                                                       legal practitioners, Eighth Floor, Globe House, 5 1, Jason Moyo
                                                  oF.”                 Avenue, Harare.                                      :          359425f

                                                                                                CHANGE OF NAME

                                                                         NOTICEis herebygiventhat, on 14th February, 2008, Chenesayi
                                                                       Muchabaiwa (born on 20th February, 1983) appeared before me,
                                                                       Caleb Hatizvigesi Mucheche,a legal practitioner and notary public,
                                                                       and changed her name from Chenesayi Muchabaiwa to Chenesayi -
                                                                       Portia Mungofa.—Caleb Hatizvigoni Mucheche, c/o Donsa Nkomo
                                                                       Legal Practitioners Attorneys, Suite 401, Fourth Floor, Temple Bar .. :
                                                                       House, corner Angwa Street/Nelson Mandela Avenue, (P.0. Box. .-
                                                                       1036) Avondale, Harare.                                         (359227£

                                                                                               _ CHANGEOF NAME

                                                                         TAKEnoticethat,on the 29th dayof April, 2008,‘Mudzingwa
                       y giventhat on the 30th April, 20%, before      Mushininga (born on 30th June, 1973) appeared |before me,’
                  -aita;‘a legal‘practitioner and notary public, at    Nyevero Desire Munharira, a legal practitioner.and notary
  |            appeared : Jesca (TwinI) Marange (born on 9th           public, and changed his name to Mudzingwa Gideon Mushininga,.
   ovember,:1972): and changed her name to Jesca (Twin Il)             which nameheshall use in all records, deeds, documents and
. akala,’sO that: she shall henceforth be known andreferred to as      other writings, and in all actions, suits and proceedings, as well -
  esca (T‘win I) Sakala on all occasions
                                 o        and in
                                              i all records, deeds,    as in all dealings and transactions and on all occasions whatso-
  locuments.and transactions.                                          ever.
      dated‘atMarondera this 30th day ofApril,2008.—GeorgeLaita,         Dated at Harare this 29th day of April, 2008—-Nyevero Desire. :
   ‘o Laita andPartners, Malt House,5, Fifth Street (P.O. Box 157),    Munharira, c/o Legal Aid Directorate, 111,Samora Machel Avenue/ ©
; Marondera, “                                             359509f     Fourth Street, Harare.                                    359225f

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