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16 May 2008

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2008-05-16 number 47

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                                                                 Published by Authority

   Vol. LXXXVI, No: 47                                              16th MAY,2008                                    _ Price $250 000 000,00
 oo gta
 “General Notice 74of 2008.                                ,                                   \       _ CHANGE OF NAME.
     *             CONSTITUTION OF ZIMBABWE                                                                                            |
                                                                      “NOTICEiis hereby given that, on the5th February, 2008, Wallace.
           ro   tas Publicationof Law                                Moldicai Makumbirofa(born on 20th December, 1978) appeared
                                                                   - before me, Joseph Mandizha, a legal practitioner, and changed his
    “THE following law, which has beenassented toby His Excellency name to Wallace Moldicai Makumbirofa Hwata.                            .
“the; President, is published in terms of section 51(5) of the
 "Constitution of Zimbabwe— ‘                                          Dated  at Harare  this 12th  day  of February,   2008—Joseph     .
                                                                                 Mandizha, c/o Mandizha and Company, legal practitioners, First -
7 _Enginterng Council Act[Chapter27:22] (No. 3 of 2008).                         Floor,Intermarket Building, cornerFirstStreet and George Silundika
                                                                                 Avenue, Harare.                                             > 359584f
                                          mo            M.J. M. SIBANDA,
   16-208.                 | Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet.                              CHANGE OFNAME                  :
 * Gen eral Notice 75 of 2008.                                                     NOTICEis hereby giventhat,by. notarial deed executed before me,
                                                                                 Albert Nyamupfukudza,alegal practitioner and notary public, ontthe
                   CONSTITUTION OF ZIMBABWE.                                     30th day. of April, 2008, Mavis Mpofu (born on 27th May, 1968)did
                                                                                 abandonthe surname Mpofu and assumethe surname Mbano,so that
           Notice of Removal from Office of Attorney--General                    she shall henceforth for all purposes be known as Mavis Mbano,.
  : “Wis herebynotified that His Excellency the President has received             DatedatHarare this30th dayofApril, 2008.—AlbertNyamupfukudza, : ,
 : the:report of the tribunal appointed under section 110(5) of the              c/o Phiri & Partners,legal practitioners, Seventh Floor, Hurudza House, ’
   Constitution to inquire into the question of removing the Attorney-           comer Nelson Mandela Avenue/Park Street, Harare.               340062f
  General, SobisaGula-Ndebele, from office for misbehaviour.
                                                                                                        CHANGE OF NAME
          ‘Atonthe tribunal has advised His Excellency the President
                                                                                   NOTICEis hereby giventhat, by notarial deed executed before me, ..
                                                                                 Vhurandeni Makuku, a notary public, on, the 25th April, 2008,
                                                                                 appeared Joseph Nyakunhuwain his capacity as the father and natural
                                                                                 guardian of‘ts child Fortunate Rumbidzai Mandichamira and
                                                                                 abandone:t the nameFortunate Rumbidzai Mapdichamiraandassumed
                                                                                 the name Fortunate Rumbidzai Nyakunhu a, by’which name the
                                                                                 minorchild shal! be known onall occasionsandforall purposes.
                                             .                 .M. RANGA,
                       °          .      .       Acting Secretary for Justice,     Dated atHarare this 6th day ofMay, 2008.—Vhurandeni Makuku,
                      a                  Legal and Parliamentary Affairs,        c/o Tizirai-Chapwanya Legal Practitioners, Suite 401, Fourth Floor,
                                                                                 ’ Silundika House, 22, George Silundika Avenue, Harare. 359558¢

                                                                                                         CHANGE OF NAME
   maeMiyata Nayaronge, anotary public at Bulawayo,on the                           NOTICEis hereby given that, by notarial deed executed before
   28th::Apul,”‘2008, Renet'Hove (bomon 19th January, 1963) in his                me, Vhurandeni Makuku, a notary public, on the 25th April, 2008,
               capacityaabandoned and renounced the name Renet Hove               appeared Joseph Nyakunhuwain his ‘capacity as the father and
                   in its place the name Renet DavisonHove,so that he             natural guardian of his child Obey Kudakwashe Mandichamira and
                own1 as‘Renet|Davison Hove,‘whichnameshallbe used                 abandoned the name Obey KudakwasheMandichamira andassumed.
                            ocumentsand transactions..                           -the name Obey Kudakwashe Nyakunhuwa, by which name thea
         Dated:atBulawayo on this 28thday:ofApril, 2008.=Munyacadzi
                                                                                  minorchild shall be knownonall occasions andforall jpurposes.
 mi Nzarayapenga,’<c/o'Dube-Banda, Nzarayapenga &Partners, legal                    Dated at Harare this 6th day ofMay, 2008 -—Vhurandeni Makuku,
 ‘* practitioners, Suite3, Second Floor:Astra Complex Phase 2, 106,               c/o Tizirai-Chapwanya Legal Practitioners, Suite 401, Fourth Floor,-
 - Herbert, Chitepo Street, Bulawayo.     ‘\              340073f                 Silundika House, 22, George:Silundika Avenue, Harare. 359559f,
  “                                                         ;

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