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19 December 2008

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2008-12-19 number 116

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                                                              - ZIMBABWEAN-                                                        a

                    OVERNMENT GAZETTE
                                                          EXTRA ORDINARY
                                            oo          7°         Published by Authority

            Nol.LXXXVI, No, 116                                  19th DECEMBER, 2008 |                                                       Price $10 000 000,00

                                                                                                .              ;            ~ Scuepun
                                                                                                                     DESCRIPTION OF LAND                          4

                                                                                          Deed of Transfer 4149/80, registered in the name of Nederduitse
                                                                                       Gereformeerde Kerk-Sinode Van Midde-A frika, in respect ofcertain
                                                                                       piece ofland situate in the district of Salisbury, being Stand 791
                                                                                       Greystone Township, measuring twenty-one commafour zero four
                                                                                       two (24,404 2) hectares.                                                _

              is     oftheland is available for inspeetion athe followingoffice
            j:the Ministryof State for National Security, Lands, Land Reform
           nd Resettiementin the President's Office between 8 a.m, and4 p.m.
           rolnMonday to Friday other than on a public holiday on or betore
         zibesloln  “off Januarys 2009—

            Any 0
                owneror occupier or any other person whohas an interest
            1drightiin the said land, and who wishesto object to the proposed
         ScOmpulsory acquisition, may lodge the same. in writing, wiih the                                                      General Notices
              ster-of State for National Security, Lands, Land Reform and             Number                            ‘   ‘                                           Pave
             ctllementiin the President's Olfice, Private Bag 7779, Causeway,           130,        Land Acquisition Act [Chapter 20:10: Preliminary Notice lo Compu-
             ‘ire.on or before the 19th of January, 2009.                                       cbsarifly Acquire land      2         ae                              OT
                    ve                                   ~1D.N. EL MUTASA,              13h         Land Acquisition Act {Chapter 20:10; Vesting of Land. Taking of
                                       Minister of State‘for National Security,                     Materials and Exercise af Rights over Land    eee        ee           TM
                                        Lands, Land Reform and Resettlement
                                                      in the President's Office.           Mantory tastmments issucd as Supplements to this Gazette Extraordinary

                                                                                        Vis. - Medicinesand Allied Substances ¢ “emtrol (General) (Amendsnent) Repu,
                              DESC RIPTION OF LAND                                                  2008 (No. 23),

           2 Deedof" Hranster 9091/90, registeredin the name ofBryan Gordon             179.)       Medicines and Atltied Substances Control (Condom) (Anendmend Regutations,
         ~ Rogers, in respeet ofcertain piece of land situate in the district of                 2008 (No. 2b                                                                  .
         's alisbury. being Lot 12 ofPhiladelphia, measuring twenty-four                P80.     Medicines and Aflicd Substances Control (Gloves) (Amendnent) Regulations,
         _ comma six'three three nine (24,633 9) hectares.                                       2008 UN. 2)

                                                                                        [Sd     Medicines and Allicd Substinces Control Ginport and Export of Medicines)
          General Notice 13 ot2008,                                                             (Amendawnt) Regdtations, 2008 (Ne. 1.

                   LAND ACQUISITION ACE [CHAPTER 20:10)                                 182.)    Medicines and Alficd Substances Control Homeopathic Remedies) (Amend
                                                                                                 tneut) Regulations, 200% (Na. 2).

~,          "Vesting of Land, Taking of Materials and Exercise of Rights’               183.     Dangetous Drugs (Amendient) Regulations, 2008 (No. O)
     :                               Over] and                                          18-1.    Medicines amd Allied Substances Control iiport aid EN portof Precursors and
                                                                                                Certain Chemical Substances) (Aincudincnt) Regulations, 2008 (No. 1,
            NOTICE is hereby given, in terms of subsection SENGii) of the
                                                                                        185.    Access to Laloniatiog aad Protection ofPrivacy (Registration, Acreditativn
          Land Acquisition Act [Chapter 20:70], that the President has                          and Levy) Amendment) Regulations, 2008 (Ne. 5).
.        acquired compulsorily the land described itn the Schedule for urban
               .                                         ID. N. EL MUTASA,
                                    Minister oF State for National Security,
                 .                   Lands, Land Reformand Resettlement
          19-12-2008.          -   ¥                  in the President's Office.

                                                                Printed bv the Gaverament Printer, Harare                                                                 Bl

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