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13 February 2009

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2009-02-13 number 17

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                                                      Published by Authority

   Vol.LXXXVII,No. 17                                13th FEBRUARY, 2009                                                       Price US$2,00

General Notiee 7A of 2009.
               CONSTITUTION OF ZIMBABWE                                                      CONTENTS
                       Publication of Law                                                              General Notice
                                                                     Number                                                                       Page
   THE following law, which has been assented to by His Excel­       7A. Constitution of Zimbabwe; Publication of Law                                 79
lency the President, is published in terms of section 51(5) of the
Constitution of Zimbabwe—
                                                                          Statutory Instrument Issued as a Supplement to this Gazette Extraordinary
   Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment No. 19 (No. 1 of 2009).        Number

                                             M.J.M.SIBANDA.            15. MineraIsMarketingCorporationofZimbabwe(DefinitionofMinerals)Notice,
13-2-2009.          Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet.          2009,
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