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13 January 2012

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2012-01-13 number 2

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  xc,No.2. ; ——+ 13thJANUARY,2012                                                                                                               Price sss00.
5» GeneralNotice2of 2012.::    :                                                             ‘sorted into Post OfficeB  «Number cy 408, Gsiinsivay, or delivered ty handt6the” f
                                                                                            “Principal Officer, State Procurement Board,Fifth Floor, Old Reserve BankBuilding; ey
             . STATE PROCUREMENT BOARD.                                                     Samora Machel Avene,Harare, ‘before 10.00;am. on.the    he closing date.”on     ae 2

                               - Tendersinvited©                                             3.12012.                             “PrincipalOfficer§State ProvureneatBoard: !

           abeenclosedinn sealed envelopes exidorsed on the outside ‘with the:              : ‘Tenderinibir
   advertised tender number, description,‘closing date and must be posted. in timetobe’:
» sorted into PostOffice Box Number.CY408, Causeway, or deliveredby hand to the’            “ZIMRA.1/2012.Thereha      tationiofthesewer systematBeithridge a
.. Principal Officer. State Procurement Board, Fifth Floor, OldReserve BankBuilding, 2             ‘ BorderPost.’Compulsory.site visit-meeting will be held:
  Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, before 10.00;am. on theclosing ate.         no          :       “. “at Beitbridge BorderPost ZANARA, offices on Friday,20th:
                                                                                                   - January,2012, at10.30a.m-.:
  13-1.2012,                               PiniOffer. State-
                                                           eteBear “ we a                          Tendersshall temainvalid for’aperiod of90daysfromtthe oe
                                                                                                      tenderclosing date.Tender: documents-are avatlable upon’.
 Tenderruimber                                                                                        paymentofa non-refundable cashdeposit of US$80,00 from +.
’ ZETDC.13/2011.‘Tenders, are invited for the:surly and delivery                                   “othe Head‘Administration, Second_Floor, Kurima House, 89,
Of A tonne:pick-up ‘trucks. Bidding:‘documents::for ‘the:                                           “Nelson Mandela Avenue, bétweenThitd and Fourth Streets _
     ” tendercanbe inspected and areobtainableupon paymentof . |                                     Harare. ‘The: closing dateis.14thFebruary, 2012:
    “: “anon-refundable fee of US$10,00, payable by cash only for © |:
       _--each set of bidding documents from The ZETDCProcure-                                                       _ CHANGE© NAME
     "nent Administrator, ZimbabweElectricity Transmission &: {~.
      ~~" Distribution Company; Offices 222 ‘and 223,.Second Floor; “NOTICE4is:berebygiven that, onthis 13th day of£ Decettber, ~
   ~. ©:Electricity: Centré, 25, ‘Samora’ Machel Avenue,’ P.O.Box : ‘2011, before’me, Mashwell Machingura,’ a’ legalpractitioner, :
     cen 371, Harare. The closing:dateis. 14th February212.:      | -conveyancerandnotarypublic, appearedCharity RudoPaguwain
                                                                  |. her capacity as the natural mother of Tetidai Sasha Paguwa(bom.
 General Notice 3of 2012. oe                                        :                       On. 26thofJune,:1998):who.in her own capacityabandoned that’:
                                                                                            “name and’ assumed the ‘name ‘Tendai'Sasha’ Chirimuta for“ber0
         Oe "STATE PROCUREMENTBOARD                                                         ‘minor child-which name. shall -be: used inall
                                                                                                                                         | deeds, |                             we
                                                                                            : and transactions whatsoever: os               =
                             © Tenderavited
                                                                                      ve *Machingura,clo Defence Lewal Services, Sixthb Foot"Linguenda2 _
: TENDERS mustbe enclosediin ‘sealed‘envelopes, endorsed on the siutside with the.          ~House, FirstStreet/Nelson Mandela's
                                                                                                                               ‘Avenue, Harare...               ~325623
“advertised tendernumber description, closing dateand must be posted in timeto be.“
“portedinto Post Office Box Number CY:408, Causeway, ordelivered: by hand tothe ©:
" Principal Offices, State Procutement Board, FifthFloor.Old Reserve ‘BankBuilding; :
   amorMachel Avériue, Harare,before 10.004
                                          am: on:athe‘losing                :     |
                                                                                            | NOTICEis hereby.‘given“that;by’notarial deed‘executed befor
                                                                                            “me; SarudzaiChatsanga, a legalpractitioner andnotarypublic, at:                     .
                                                                     “Harare, on3rd January, 2012, Godfrey Samunda appearedin’his’ 7
                                                                  * + personal‘capacity and changedhis.Tameto.GodfreySadziwaand’: °
“Tender mimber         =                       oy               a_| the ‘appearer-shall henceforth be      non all occasions:by
“MUTAREPOLYTECHNICIOW/2012 “Tenders-are‘invitedfor the» . “TameGodirey.Sadziwa:. ws
“oh supply of: three: mechanical workshop ‘machines. Tender. |.~: Dated: at: Harare‘this:rd day:of. Tanuaty,'2012.—               os
      “documents: for ‘the: above’tender:are. obtainable ‘from’the ‘Chatsanga,c/oRobinson& Makonyere LegalPractitioners, Second
      “NicePrincipal’s Office, Mutare PolytechnicCollege, corne!       Fioet, Eagle House,105, Jason.Moyo Avenue,Harare, ee325620:
                                                                                                                                of “
         : Josiah TongogaraStreetandVincentAvenue,      lone,.:
         Mutare,upon:Payment0ofLUS$LOK00.‘The closing d
                                                      date:is                                                         . CHANGE OFNAME©
                                                                                              NOTICE:is5 hereby given‘that, ¢on:1the 6th ay of.January, 2012, ws
‘ General Notice 4 of 2012.                                                      tk Shepherd Muperi ‘(born on 8th June;.1972) in his capacityas the
                                                                                   ‘|tatherandlegal guardianofhisminorchild LangtonTapiwaCallisto oo
                                                                                  |. personallyappeared before me,.Belindah, Maruwa..                  Bee
                                                                                   "| Jegal practitioner and notary public, andchanged the wninorchild'sPoe
                                 “TendersTavited                                            "namefromLangtonTapiwaCallisto to Langton Tapia Muperiby’.
                                                                                            notarial. deed.—Belindah Maruwa’ Machanzi, c/o-C..Mpame:and’
““PENDERSniust:be enclosedfri sealed:envelopes: ‘endorsed on the ontside with the .
                                                                                      ‘Associates, legal: practitioners, FighthFFloor,
                                                 date and must beposedintimeetobet
z advertised tender nuraber, description,closingde                                 . 108,8, LeopeltTalawiraStreet, Harare...
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