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23 March 2012

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2012-03-23 number 16

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       GOVERNMENTGAZETTE                                           Published by Authority

  Vol. XC, No. 16                                                   23rd MARCH,2012                                                  Price US$2,00
General Notice 130 of 2012.                                                               a                  CHANGE OF NAME
                                                                                  .      TAKEnoticethat,on the 12th of March,2012, beforeme, Shepherd         _
                                                                                      ..Lanyaradzwa Matsika,a legalpractitioner and notary.public;appearéd:; -
                 oe      Y “TendersInvited’ .                                          Pascal Shambi Mukondiwaand changed his namie to Pascal Sharnbi
                                                                                       Nyamukondiwa,so that, henceforth,in all transactions of whatever
TENDERSmust be enclosed in sealed envelopes, endorsed on the outside with the          nature and on all occasions and for whatever purposes he shall be.
advertised tender number, description, closing date and mustbe posted in time to be    knownby the name Pascal Shambi Nyamukondiwa:
sorted into Post Office Box Number CY 408, Causeway, or delivered by handto the
                                                                                               Dated at Harare this 12th day of March, 2012.—Shepherd =
Principal Officer, State Procurement Board, Fifth Floor, Old Reserve Bank Building,
                                                                                       Tanyaradzwa Matsika,c/o Matsika and Associates, applicant’s legal .~
Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, before 10.00 a.m. onthe closing date.
                                                                                       practitioners, P.O. Box 8087, Harare.                   396354f :
                                                                    C. NYANHETE,
23-53-2012.                             Principal Officer, State Procurement Board.
                                                                                          aa     woe         CHANGE OF NAME
Tender number               ~                      i        5%
                                                                                          NOTICE is hereby given that, by notarial deed executed before ,
ZPC/HO 02/2012. Design, supply,installation and commissioning                           me, Ticharwa Garabga, a legal practitioner and notary public,
         of coal weighers: Munyati Power Station.                                       Passmore Moyo (bom on 24th February, 1993) changed his name to
                                                                                        Passmore Chivhima, by which nameheshall henceforth be known
ZPC/HO.12/2012. Supply and delivery of hardware andelectricals:
                                                                                        for ali purposes.
         Hwange PowerStation.
                                                                                             Datedat Harare this 20th day of February, 2012.—Ticharwa
      The closing date of the above tender is 10th April, 2012.                         Garabga, c/o Garabga, Ncube & Muzondo,legalpractitioners, First
ZPC/HO.17/2012. Construction and design of canteen according to                         Floor, Nicoz House, 53, Nelson Mandela Avenue, Harare,359
      approvedarchitectural drawings: Kariba PowerStation. The                                                                                           f
         closing date is 17th April, 2012.
                                                                                                              CHANGE OF NAME
         There will bea compulsory site visit at Munyati PowerStation
         for tender ZPC/HO.02/2012 on 23rd March, 2012 at 11.00                           NOTICE is hereby given that, by notarial deed of change of
         a.m. and Kariba Power Station for tender ZPC/HO.17/2012,                       name executed before me, George Mhlanga,a legal practitioner and
         on 27th March, 2012 at 11.00 a.m. Security clearance period                    notary public, at Harare, on the 5th day of March, 2012, Geoffrey
         is two weeks before site visit date.                                           Itai Chizaza appeared in his personal capacity and changed his name
                                                                                        to Geoffrey Itai Makombe, so that, henceforth, he shall be known
         Interested bidders are required to obtain tender documents                     onall purposes andoccasions by the name Geoffrey Itai Makombe.
         that consists the instructions and scope of work from the
         Procurement Manager, Zimbabwe Power Company Head
                                                                                          Dated at Harare this Sth day of March, 2012.—George Mhlanga,
                                                                                        c/o Chihambakwe, Mutizwa & Partners, Eighth Floor, Regal Star
         Office, Eleventh Floor, Megawatt House, 44, Samora Machel                      House, 25, George Silundika Avenue, Harare.          396438f
         Avenue, Harare, upon payment of a non-refundable fee of
         US$10,00, per tender.                                                                                CHANGE OF NAME
         Your submission should reach the State Procurement Board no
         later than the closing date as stated above. Late submissions                    TAKE noticethat, on the 16th day of March, 2012, Ellinor Pris-
         will not be accepted.                                                          cilla Gupo (née Mugumira) (born on 2nd April, 1981), appeared
                                                                                        before me, Tichaona John Muhonde,a legal practitioner and notary
                            CHANGE OF NAME                                              public, at Harare, and changed her nameto Priscilla Gupo such
                                                                                        that she shall henceforth be knownas Priscilla Gupo.—Tichaona
   NOTICE is hereby given that, by notarial deed executed before                        John Muhonde, notary public, No. 26, Blakiston Street/Chinamano
                                                                                        Avenue, Harare.                                           427605€
me, Christopher Ndlovu, a legal practitioner, at Mutare, on the 28th
day of February, 2012, Nyamadzawo Shepherd Mahwendepi, did                                                    CHANGE OF NAME
abandon and renounce the name Nyamadzawo Shepherd Mahwendepi
and assume the name Shepherd Mahwendepi, which nameshall be                                TAKEnoticethat, onthe 16th day of March, 2012. Egfa Patience
used in all records, deeds, documents and transactions.                                  Mugumira (bornon 29th April, 1985), appeared before me, Tichaona
   Dated at Mutare this 28th day of February, 2012.—Christopher                          John Muhonde,a legalpractitioner and notary public, at Harare, and
Ndlovu, c/o Messrs Gonese and Ndlovu,legal practitioners, Second                         changed her nameto Patience Mugumirasuchthat sheshall henceforth
                                                                                         beknownas Patience Mugumuta—Tichaona John Muhonde, notary
Floor, Palias House (Old Passport Building), Stand 535/6, Fourth
                                                                                         public, No. 26, Blakiston Street/Chinamano Avenue, Harare.coat
Street, Mutare.                                         396303f
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