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21 June 2012

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2012-06-21 number 34A

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                                                       Published by Authority
   Vol. XC, No. 34A                                      21st JUNE, 2012                                                      Price US$2,00

) General Notice 268A of 2012.
  Notice of Intentionto Suspend Passenger OperationServices of

 and Infrastructural
                  al Develop      thas, in terms of section 45(1) of
 the Road Motor Transportation Act [Chapter.13:15], given the
 following.notice— oo
                                                                                                       General Notice
    One monith’s notice ds hereby. given ofth Minister’$, intention
 to suspend for six months, _passenge ‘operation services. of          Number                                                                     Page
 MegalinkInvestments (Private) Limitedwhose:‘headquarters iisin        268A. Road Motor Transportation Act [Chapter 13:15]: Notice of Intention
 Harare. The ‘Minister hereby calls uponparties to submit written            to Suspend Passenger Operation Services of Megalink Investments
 representations with regards this proposalto theSecretary for               (Private)Limited 2 2 2. ke                                           446A
  one month from the date of publication. Any representations made
  thereafter will not be considered.
                                                     N.T. GOCHE,
                            Minister of Transport, Communications
-:21-6-2012.                     ~and Infrastructural Development, —
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