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21 February 2014

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2014-02-21 number 13

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                                                                        VT GAZETTE
                                                        Published by Authority

  Vol. XCII, No. 13                                   21st FEBRUARY,2014                                                Price US$2,00

General Notice 26 of 2014.                                              Name and location of warehouse     Description ofbonded warehouse
                                                                        Harare Airfreight Zimbabwe        Being a warehouse that will be used for
                                                                        Revenue Authority Office,           warehousing and securing of goods
                                                                        Zimbabwe Revenue Authority,         that have been detained pending
   Notice of Election of Members of Council of Land Surveyors           Harare Airport Office,              paymentof duty and other charges.
                                                                        Harare International Airport,       The warehouseis a rectangular
   IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 4 of the Land Surveyors   Harare.                             room, measuring 101,37 square
Act {Chapter 27:06], as read with section 6 of the Land Surveyors                                           metres (16,35 metres x 6,2 metres)
(General) Rules, 1990,thatthe registered land surveyors whose names                                         in area with a depth/height of 5
are listed in the Schedule are candidates contesting for election to                                        metresof brick underasbestos and
the Council of Land Surveyors.
                                                                                                            wooden board ceiling.
  Every voting form mustbe addressedto the Registrar ofCouncil of
Land Surveyors, RO. Box HR 5446, Harare,or alternatively brought                                 CHANGE OF NAME
to Suite 505, Fifth Floor, Regal Star House, 25, George Silundika
Avenue, Harare, on or before 28th March, 2014, which is the date          NOTICEis hereby given that, by notarial deed executed before
appointed forthe receipt of voting papers.                              me, Tamuka Moyo,.a notary public, at Harare, on the 9th dayof
                                                                        January, 2014, Ryne Neubein his capacity as the father and guardian
                                                    W. MATAVIRE,        of his minor children Darryl Rhy! Ncube and Raleen Ncube did
21-2-2014.                Registrar of Council of Land Surveyors.       abandon and relinquish the names Darry] Rhyl Ncube and Raleen
                                                                        Ncube andintheir places assumed the names Darryl Rhy! Mpofu
                                SCHEDULE                                Mashonganyikaand Raleen Mpofu Mashonganyikasothattheyshall
                                                                        be knownas Darryl Rhy! Mpofu Mashonganyikaand Raleen Mpofu-
           CANDIDATES CONTESTING FOR ELECTION                           Mashonganyika in all records, deeds, documents and transactions.
         Terence Mabasa Juru.                                             Datedat Harare on this 28th day of March, 2008.—Tamuka Moyo,
AUR w=

                                                                        c/o Tamuka MoyoAttorneys, Fifth Floor, Trust Towers, 56, Samora
         Booker Masasi.                                                 Machel Avenue, Harare.                                     442445f
         Emanuel Mate.
         Stanley Mupedza.                                                                        CHANGE OF NAME
    . Jabulani Sithole.
                                                                          NOTICEis hereby giventhat, by notarial deed executed before
    . Robert Tombindo.
                                                                        me, Tamuka Moyo, a notary public, at Harare, on the 9th day of
                                                                        January, 2014, appeared Ryne Ncube(born on 24thJanuary, 1982)
General Notice 27 of 2014.                                              and changed his name to Ryne Mpofu-Mashonganyika, so that,
                                                                        henceforth, for all purposes and occasions he shall be known by
          CUSTOMS AND EXCISE ACT [CHAPTER23:02]                         the name Ryne Mpofu-Mashonganyika.
                                                                           Dated at Harare onthis 7th day of January, 2014.—Tamuka Moyo,
  Appointment of State Warehouse: Harare Airfreight Zimbabwe            c/o Tamuka Moyo Attomeys, Fifth Floor, Trust Towers, 56, Samora
                   Revenue Authority Office                             Machel Avenue, Harare.                                         442444f

                                                                                                 CHANGE OF NAME
  IT is hereby notified that the Commissioner-General of the
Zimbabwe Revenue Authority has, in terms of section 232 of                NOTICEis hereby given that, by notarial deed executed before
the Customs and Excise Act [Chapter 23:02], appointed as a              me, Pepukai Mabundu, a legal practitioner and notary public, at
State warehouse, the warehouse specified in the Schedule for the        Harare, on the 17th February, 2014, Panashe Rudo Chiwetu did,in
warehousing and securing of goods which have been detained              herpersonal capacity, abandonthat nameand assumeinits place the
pending the payment of duty and other charges.                          name Tafadzwa Panashe Mkabeta Nhemacena, which nameshall be
                                                                        used in all deeds, documents, records and transactions.—Pepukai
                                                       G. T. PASI,      Mabundu, legal practitioner, c/o Mabundu Law Chambers,ooat
                                       Commissioner-General of the
21-2-2014.                            Zimbabwe Revenue Authority.
                                                                                                 CHANGE OF NAME
                                                                           TAKEnotice that, on the 14th day of February, 2014, before
                                                                        me, Charles Mutsahuni, a legal practitioner and notary public,
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