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7 March 2014

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2014-03-07 number 16

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                                                   _. ZIMBABWEAN

                                                                         Published by Authority

    Vol. XCII, No. 16                                                    . 7th MARCH, 2014                                                 Price US$2,00

General Notice 32 of 2014.                          ;                                 23. Gape Link Enterprises (Private) Limited.
                PROCUREMENTACT [CHAPTER22:14]                                         224. Global
                                                                                                al Printing
                                                                                                     Printing Services
                                                                                                               Services (Private)
                                                                                                                           (Private) Limited
                                                                                                                                       Limited. :
                                                                                      25. Graphco Investments (Private) Limited.
                       " ApprovedList of Suppliers                                    26. Havier Distributors (Private) Limited.
                                                                                      27.    Huberglo Trading (Private) Limited.
    NOTICE is hereby given, in terms of section 25(1) of the                          28.    K.P. L. Enterprises (Private) Limited.
Procurement Regulations, 2002 (Statutory Instrument 171 of 2002),
                                                                                         .   L.M. T Enterprises (Private) Limited.
that the companieslisted in the Schedule are approved tenderers for
the supply and delivery of stationery witheffect from 1st March,                         .   Lotryle Trading (Private) Limited, trading as Bamm
2014, to 28th February, 2015.                                                                Stationers .
  Anyotherinterested suppliers mayapply to the State Procurement                             Lotus Stationery Manufactures (Private) Limited,
Board for inclusion onthelist.                                                               trading as Rank Zimbabwe.
  In terms of section 25(3) of the Procurement Regulations, 2002,                      2.    Loworld Media (Private) Limited.
the Board reserves the right to add or remove from the list any
person whom the Board considers no longersuitable to undertake                           .   M.G. Printers (Private) Limited.
Govermentcontracts.                                                                   34.    Mapridge Investments (Private) Limited.
    This notice amends General Notice 535 of 6th December, 2013,                      35.    Midscan Investments (Private) Limited, trading as Promrun
by the addition of the listed suppliers.                                                   Printers.
                                                                                         . Mindology Enterprises (Private) Limited.
                                                        C. NYANHETE,
 7-3-2014.                  Principal Officer, State Procurement Board.                  . Mindology Enterprises (Private) Limited.
                                                            hetero                       . Niclem Investments (Private) Limited.
                                  SCHEDULE          ae                   eee             . OK Zimbabwe(Private) Limited.
                    APPROVED LIST OF SUPPLIERS                           oy en           .   Pacprint (Private) Limited.
                                                                                         .   Paroan Vista (Private) Limited.
           Absolute Systems (Private) Limited.

                                                                                         .   Petra Global Investments (Private) Limited.
           Alquip Enterprises (Private) Limited.
                                                                                         .   Planas Trading (Private) Limited.
           Alternatives Incorporated (Private) Limited. -:
                                                                                         .   Priter Marketing (Private) Limited.
           AnamayDistributors (Private) Limited.
                                                                                         .   Procure Investments (Private) Limited.
           Agbays Investments (Private) Limited.        *        ven
                                                                                         .   Rubineck Investments (Private) Limited.
           Art Corporation Limited.

                                                                                         . Satlish (Private) Limited.
           BeyondAfrica (Private) Limited, trading as Just Books.
                                                                                         . Savvy Enterprises (Private) Limited.
           Bitmark Enterprises (Private) Limited.
                                                                                         . Seanwell Investments (Private) Limited.
     Browns Whilesale (Private) Limited.

                                                                                         .   Serda Investments (Private) Limited.
 10, Chatterlink (Private) Limited.
                                                                                         .   Shoneglo Trading (Private) Limited.
 1. Cliptag Services (Private) Limited.                              *
                                                                                         .   Silvercote Enterprises (Private) Limited.
 12. Commercial Suppliers (Private) Limited.
                                                                                         .   Smervo Investments (Private) Limited.
 13. Copier Kings (Private) Limited, tradingas Nashua Zimbabwe.
                                                                                         . Sodiac Enterprises (Private) Limited.
 14. Crumple-Zone Investments (Private) Limited.
                                                                                         . Stationery Box (Private) Limited.
 15. Dawson Enterprises (Private) Limited.
                                                                                         . TapnamEnterprises (Private) Limited.
 16, Drenel Distributors (Private) Limited.
                                                                                         . Tropgrat investments (Private) Limited.
 17. Eazyfile Systems (Private) Limited.
                                                                                         . Truspac Enterprises (Private) Limited.
 18. Envigorated Marketing (Private) Limited.
                                                                                         . Trustway Enterprises (Private) Limited.
 19. Eshcol Harvest (Private) Limited.
                                                                                         . Upperwill Investments (Private) Limited.
 20. Faithwave Computers (Private) Limited.
                                                                                         . Westville Investments (Private) Limited, trading as Omni
21. First Pack (Private) Limited.
 22. G.M.S. Printers (Private) Limited.
                                                                                             Zincopiers (Private) Limited.
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