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17 June 2014

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2014-06-17 number 35

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  Vol.XCII.No. 35                                         17th JUNE, 2014                                                                       Price US$2,00

General Notice 251 of 2014.                                                  The consequence of this approval is that all licensed operators
                                                                           shall, from the date of publication, be mandated to sell unleaded
             PETROLEUM ACT [CHAPTER 13:22]                                 petrol blended at E15.

  Petroleum (Exception from Levies of Mandatory Blending of                                                                       D. C. MAVHABRE,
    Anhydrous Eflianol with Unleaded Petrol) Notice, 2014                  17-6-2014.                     Minister of Energy and Power Development.

  IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 4 of the Petroleum
(Mandatory Blending of Anhydrous Ethanol with Unleaded Petrol)
(Amendment) Regulations, 2014 (No. 2), published in Statutory
Instrument 81 of 2014, in the Government Gazette dated the 9th
May, 2014, that the Minister of Energy and Power Development                                                       General Notice
approves the current level of mandatory blending to E15.
                                                                           Nastier                                                                                       Page
  The blending levels of ethanol and unleaded petrol could not be
maintained at E20 because of floodsin the sugercanefields hindering         25i. Petroleum Act [Chapter 33:22]: Petroleum (Exception from Levies
harvesting to adequate supply of ethanol for blending in the market.             on Mandatory Blending of Anhydrous Ethanol with Unleaded Petrol)
                                                                                 Notice,2014 .....              ......................................................    465

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                                                    Primed by the Government Printer, Harare.                                                                             465
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