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27 June 2014

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2014-06-27 number 38

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                                                                  [ENT GAZETTE
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          Vol. XCII, No. 38                                       27th JUNE, 2014                                                             Price US$2,00

        General Notice 256 of 2014.                                                   3.     Deed of Transfer 125/78, registered in the name
                                                                                             of Vrystaat Estate (Private) Limited, in respect of
                      CONSTITUTION OF ZIMBABWE                                               certain piece of land situated in the district
                                                                                             of Kadoma being Subdivision C of Sabonabon Estate,
                                                                                              measuring two hundred andsixty-seven commaeight nine
        Notice of Acquisition of Agricultural Land Under Section 293(1)                      one three (267,891 3) hectares.
                                  of the Constitution
                                                                                             Deed of Transfer 366/62, registered in the name of Jacobus
                                                                                             Johanes Nicolaas van Aswegen, in respect ofcertain piece of
         IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Lands and Rural                          landsituated in the district of Lomagundi, being Remaining
       Resettlement, acquires for and on behalf of the State, the land                       Extent of Nidderdale, measuring one thousand one hundred
        identified and described in the Schedule for purposesof agriculture                  and twenty-five commanineeight onetwo(1 125,981 2) acres.
        settlement under section 293(1) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.
          Furthertake notice that the ownership of the acquired land with
       full title therein vested in the State is with effect from the date of
       publication of this notice in the Government Gazette.
                                      :            D.T. MOMBESHORA,
      _ 27-6-2014.             Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement.
          1.   Deed of Transfer 6308/99, registered in the name of                                                   General Notice
               Dora Getrude Erasmus, in respect of certain piece of                                                                                              Page
               land situated in thedistrictofHartley, beingMaraofGaramwe,
               measuring six hundred and twenty-seven commaseven six                  256.     Constitution of Zimbabwe: Notice of Acquisition of Agricultural
               seven nine (627,767 9) hectares.                                                Land UnderSection 293(1) of the Constitution        oe            501
          2.   Deed of Transfer 8441/96, registered in the name of
               Kaskay Properties (Private) Limited, in respect of
               certain piece of landsituated in thedistrict of Kadoma,being
               Wick, measuring one hundred and twenty-three comma two
               nine seven three (123,297 3) hectares.

                                                            Printed by the GovernmentPrinter, Harare.                                                                  501

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