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18 July 2014

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2014-07-18 number 42

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                          YR                                      ZIMBABWEAN

                                                                       [ENT GAZETTE

        GOVE! g
                                                                    Published by Authority

   Vol. XCH, No. 42                                                     18th JULY, 2014                                             Price US$2,00

General Notice 269 of 2014.                                                                    te,                    SCHEDULE
                   STATE PROCUREMENT BOARD                                                     o                CONFISCATED GOLD
                           .     ——                                                    Case                                           Description ofgold
                            , Tenders Invited                                          The State v J] Mutusva (S.M.766861)                  2.80gm gold
                                                                                       The State v W. Munjodzi (S.M.766861                 10.13gm gold
  TENDERSmustbe enclosed in sealed envelopes, endorsed on the outside with the         The State v M. Murambiwa (S M.766861                 3.73gm gold
advertised tender number, description, closing date and must be posted in time to be                                                        1.35gm gold
sorted into Post Office Box Number CY 408, Causeway, or delivered by handto the        The Siate v B. Mujajati (S.M.766861)
Principal Officer, State Procurement Board, Fifth Floor, Old Reserve Bank Building,    TheState v T. Gazimbi (SM 766861)                    0.73gm gold
Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, before 10.00 a.m. on the closing date.                   The State v E. Chaoma(SM.766862)                    17.36gm gold
                                                                                       TheState v E. Takawira (SM .766862)                  1.73gm gold
                                                                     C. NYANHETE,
                                                                                       The State v K Mpofu (SM. 766862)                     0.08gm gold
18-7-2014.                               Principal Officer, State Procurement Board.
                                                                                       The State v B Mpofu (SM. 766862)                     2.03gm gold
Tender number                                                                          The State VM Maposa (SM. 766862)                    28.88gm gold
                                                                                       TheState v P. Mutonhori (SM. 766862) -              61.06gm gold
NSSA.01/0214. Request for proposal for SAP Quality Assurance
        Advisor (SAP QAA).                                                             TheState v E. Ndhovu (SM. 766863}                    1.29gm gald
                                                                                       The State v E. Ngaza (SM. 766863)                   13.87gm gold
         Tender conditions                                                             TheState v T. Matara (SM. 766863)                   11.24gm gold
         1.   Bidders must be registered companies contributing to                     The State v J. Ndhovu (SM. 766863)                   3.15gm gold
              NSSA Pension Schemes and attach a current NSSA                           The State v T. Chibanda (SM766863)                   1 S6gin gold
              Contribution Clearance Certificate obtained from any                     The State v A. Masiya (SM. 766863)                  20 S1gm gold
              NSSA Regional Manager’s Office nearest to you.                           The State v N Virimai (SM. 766864)                   4.09gm gold
        2.    Bidders must attach Certificate of Incorporation and                     The State v K.Chvende (SM .766864)                   3.56gm gold
              current Tax Clearance Certificate.                                       TheState v P. Mbera (SM.766864)                      9.61gm gold
         3.   Tender documents must be obtained upon payment                           The State v N Ncube (SM.766864)                       0.9gm gold
              of a non-refundable fee of US$10,00, from NSSA                           The State v R. Chandinga (SM766864)                  0.53gm gold
              Procurement Office, Room 13, Seventh Floor, NSSA                         The State v P. Moyo (SM.766864)                     1454gm gold
              House, corner Sam Nujoma Street/Selous Avenue,                           The State v M. Phiri (SM.766864)                     9 88em gold
               arare.                                                                  The State v N. Neube (SM .766865)                   16. 5igm gold
   4,         The closing date is 19th August, 2014,                                   The State vL. Mpofu (SM.766865)                      0.24gm gold
                                                                                       The State v P. Munoonei (SM.766865)                  0.95gm gold
General Notice 270 of 2014.                                                            TheState v L. Ari (SM.766865)                        0.08gm gold
                                                                                       TheState v L. Lawe (SM.766865)                       0.04gm gold
               GOLD TRADE ACT [CHAPTER 21:03]                                          The State vS. Muchimba (SM.766865)                   0.1lgm gold
                                                                                       The State vB. Mahara (SM.766866)                    10.02gm gold
                              ConfiscatedGold                                          The State v P. Nemhara (SM.766866)                   0.21gm gold
                                                                                       The State vC, Mushangwe (SM.766866)                 20.15gm gold
  Ilis hereby notified, in terms ofsection 27 ofthe Gold Trade Act                     The State vM. Mugomeni (SM.766866)                   0.27gm gold
[Chapter 21:03}, that the gold described in the Schedule which has                     The State v K. Ncube (SM.766866)                     2.84gm gold
beenforteited to the State,is in possession ofthe Ministry ofMines                     The State vS. Ncube (SM. 766866)                     Q.18gm gold
and Mining Development.                                                                The State v P. Mpofu (SM 766866)                     081gm gold
                                                                                       The State v D Nzou (SM766867}                       21.70gm gold
  The gold may, by prior arrangement, be inspected by a person                         The State v S Gwandu (SM766867)                       2,09gm gold
Claiming a legal nghtto the gold at the Ministry ofMines andMining                                                                           0.03gm gold
                                                                                       TheState v E Makumbi (SM.766867)
Development, Fifth Floor, ZLMRE Building, Kwame Nkrumah                                                                                      2.93gm gold
                                                                                       The State v E Dube (SM.766867)
Avenue/Leopold Takawira Street, Harare, during the two months                          The State v E Chikombo (SM.766867)                    0.19gm gold
following the date ofthe publication ofthis notice.                                                                                          0.06gm gold
                                                                                       The State v M Nyaya (SM.766867)
_ Any person claiminga legal right to any of this gold may apply,                      TheState v G Guta (SM.766867)                        10 96gm gold
in wniting, within two months from the date ofpublication of this                      The State v LWadura (SM.766868)                        3.8em gold
hotice, to the Secretary for Mines and Mining Development, Private                     The State v B Maposa (SM.766868)                      0.13gm gold
Bag 7709, Causeway,for delivery to him or her ofsuch gold.                             The State v E Mugadza (SM.766868)                     0.25gm gold
  Tfno such person establishes a legal right to any ofthis gold within                 The State v S Mpofu (SM.766868)                       1.30gm gold
the afore-mentioned period, it may be disposed ofby the Secretary                      TheStatev P Sithole (SM.766868)                       0.03gm gold
for Mines and Mining Development.                                                      The State v E James (SM.766868)                       5.60gm gold
                                                                                       TheState v L Shinjira (SM 7663868)                   088m gold
                                           PROF. F. P. GUDYANGA,                       The State v M MikeMutemachani (SM .766869)           0.68gm gold
18-7-2014.              Secretary for Mines and Mining Development.                    The State vM Magwisa(SM.766869)                      7A9gm gold
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