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10 October 2014

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2014-10-10 number 65

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                                                                             ZIMBABWEAN |

              FOVERNK                                                                   [ENT GAZETTE
                                                                                 Published by Authority

  Vol. XCII, No. 65                                                              10th OCTOBER, 2014                                                          Price US$2,00

General Notice 424 of 2014.
                                                                                                  Month        Viewing dates    Sales dates          Place          Venue
              LAND SURVEY ACT [CHAPTER20:12]                                                      January      Tuesday 13th     Thursday 151         Masvingo       Masvingo
         _.                   :                                                                   2015 —       Wednesday 14th     purstay      to"   Port              suing
   Decision on the Application for the Cancellation of Portions                                                Monday 19th                           Kwekwe,        Gwent
  of General Plan No. CG2336 of Stands 533—534 and 657-661                                                     Tuesday 20th     Wednesday 21st       Gweru and      Customs
                  Sinoia Township: LomagundiDistrict                                                                                                 Kadorma -
                                                                                                                                                                    noe Ta
                                                                                                                                                                      janica   iransi!
                                     TO:                                 .                                     Monday 26th      Tuesday 27th         Beitbridge
    FURTHER to the application notice of which appeared as                                                                                                          Shed (EFZ)
advertisement 274469f m the Goverment Gazette dated 24th                                                       Thursday 29th    Friday 30th          Harare         Shenround
January, 2014, the Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement, in
terms ofsection 47(3) of the Land Survey Act [Chapter 20:12],                                     Feoruary     Monday2nd        Tuesday 3rd          Kariba         Kariba
hereby gives notice that he has consented to the cancellation of the
portions of General Plan No, CG2336 represented by Stands 534,                                                 Monday 16th      Tuesday 17th         Chirundu       Chirmnda
657 and 659-661 Sinoia Township (inclusive of a 24m road), and                                                                                       Plomuce
defined by the following beacons:—657a, 657y, 657», 659b, 533e,                                                Thursday 19th    Friday 20th          Border         Plumtree
533d, 660g, 660h, 661g, UMA and 657a,situate in the district of                                                                                      Post
Lomagundi.                                                                                                     Monday 23rd      Tuesday 24th         Beitbridge     seer

                                                                         E. GUVAZA,                            Thursday 26th    Friday 27th          mwas           Bulawayo
10-10-2014.                                                          Surveyor-General.
              .                                                                                                                                      Nyamapand:
General Notice 425 of 2014.                                                                       March        Wednesday 4th    Thursday Sth         BoadesPosat.   Nyamapanda
         CUSTOMS AND EXCISE ACT [CHAPTER 23:02]                                                                Wednesday 11th   Thursday 12th        Mutare         Maresnd

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority RummageSales forthe Year 2014                                                       Tocsday 17th                          Kwekwe,        Gweru
                                     and 2015                                                                   uescay          Thursday 19th        Gwem and       Customs
                                                                                                               Weduesday 18th                        Kadoma         House

  NOTICEis hereby given,in terns of section 39 of the Customs                                                                     . 27th             Chiredzis         sags
        :                                                :                                                     Thursday 26th    Friday                 ure          Chiredzi
and Excise Act (Chapter 23:02], that uncleared and forfeited goods                                                                     °             Sango
in the following places will
                        +   ge be sold by public auction within the                                                                     .               aan              ica Transi
venues and on the dates indicated below—                                                                       Monday 30th      Tuesday 31st         Beitbridge     Shed (EPZ)
                                                                                                               Monday 6th       Tuesday 7th          Nyanapanda     Nyamapanda
 Month        Viewing dates       Sates dates      Place                         Venue            April 2015                                                        Victoria Falls

 014          Tuesday Lith        Wednesday 12th   Beitbridge                    Manica Transit
                                                                                 Shed (EPZ)                    Wednesday
                                                                                                               22nd             Thursday 231d        pay
                                                                                                                                                     Kazungula      State

                                                   Bulawa                    ,                                    ‘                                         “        i i
              Monday 17th         Tuesday 18th     Port yo                       Bulawayo                      Monday 27th      Tuesday 28th         Beitbridge     hae

              Thursday 20th       Friday 2ist      Kariba                        Kariba                                                              Kwekwe,        Gwenn
                                                                                                               Monday 4th       Tuesday Sth          Gwer and       Customs
                                                   Nyamapanda                                     May 2015                                           Kadoma         House
              Monday   24th
                       9,         Tuesday 25th     Border Post                   Nyamapanda                                                          Plumtree
                                                      +       adyi                                             Monday 11th      Tuesday 12th         Border         Phuntree
              Thursday 27th       Friday 28th      Seco                          Chiredzi                                                            Post
                                                     -                            7                             1    ,                                    .         Harare
 pscember     Wednesday 3rd       Thursday 4th     ree                           Showeroum"i                   Monday 18th      Tuesday 19th         Harare         Showsround

                                                   Vietoria                      Victoria Falls                Monday 25th      Tuesday 26th         Beithridge     BatieaDransit
              Monday8th           Tuesday 9th      Falls!                        wechou e                                                            Bul
                                                   Kazungula                     Yard       s                  Thursday 28th    Friday 29th          Por°           Bulawayo
              Thursday ith        Friday 12th       Border                       Piuntree
              Monday 15th         Tuesday 16th      Beitbridge                   Manica Transit
                        °                y                           &           Shed (EPZ)
              Thursday 18th       Friday 19th       Chirundu                     Chirundu
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