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26 February 2016

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2016-02-26 number 11

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                                                                 Published by Authority

    Vol. XCIV, No.11                                        26th FEBRUARY, 2016                                             Price US$2,00

 General Notice 38 of 2016.                                                                          CHANGE OF NAME
               INSURANCE ACT [CHAPTER 24:07]                                    TAKE noticethat, on the 29th day of January, 2016, before me,
                                                                             Maxwell Mavhunga,a legal practitioner and notary public, at Harare,
                     Lost or Destroyed Life Policies                         appeared Janet Mapanga in herpersonal capacity and abandoned
                                                                             the name Janet Mapanga,so that, henceforth, she shall be knownas .
                                                                             Jannet Muchaneta Maphanga, which namesheshall use in all deeds,
   NOTICEis hereby given, in accordance with section 12 of the
                                                                             documents, proceedings and transactions of whatsoevernature.
 Insurance Regulations, 1989, published in Statutory Instrument 49
 of 1989, that evidence has been submitted to the insurers, whose               Dated at Harare this 29th day of January, 2016.—Mavhunga
 names and addresses are mentioned in the Schedule, of the loss or           & Associates, legal practitioners, Suites 2 and 3, Ground Floor,
                                                                             Raymark Court, No. 64, George Silundika Avenue,cnr. Fifth Street,
 destruction oflocallife policies described opposite thereto.                Harare.                                                 205344f
    Any personin position of any suchpolicy, or claiming to have
 anyinterest therein, should communicate immediately by registered                                   CHANGE OF NAME
 post with the appropriate insurer. Failing any such communication,
 the insurer will issue a correct andcertified copy ofthe policyin             TAKE notice that, on the 9th day of February, 2016, before
 accordance with section 54 of the Insurance Act [Chapter 24:07].            me, Thabisa Sibanda, a legal practitioner and notary public, at
                                                                             Bulawayo, appeared Hopulang Mguni and changed his surname
                                                                             from Mguni to Dube.
                                                                M. MPOFU,
 26-2-2016.                                  Commissionerof Insurance.          Dated at Bulawayo this 9th day of February, 2016.—Thabisa
                                                                             Sibanda, c/o Messrs James, Moyo-Majwabu and Nyoni Legal
                                SCHEDULE                                     Practitioners, Second Floor, Exchange Building, Leopold Takawira
                                                                             Avenue/JMN NkomoStreet, Bulawayo.                       205420f
  Name and address    Policy     Date of     Amount      Life       Policy
  of Insurer         number       policy     Insured   Insured      Owner                            CHANGE OF NAME
 Old Mutual, P.O     01011474   01.07.2015   $10000    Tafadzwa “Tafadzwa
 Box 70, Harare                                        Mudondo Mudondo         TAKE notice that, on the 8th day of July, 2008, Bhekisisa
                                                                             Mhlanga appeared before me, Robert Ndlovu,a legal practitioner
                                                                             and notary public, and changed his surname to Neube,so that he shall
                         CHANGE OF NAME                                      be knownas Bhekisisa Ncube.—Robert Ndlovu, c/o R. Ndlovu and
                                                                             Company,legal practitioners, Second Floor, John Pocock Property
  NOTICEis herebygiventhat, by notarial deed ofchange ofname
                                                                             Centre, cnr. Leopold Takawira Avenue/Josiah Tongogara Street,
                                                                             Bulawayo.                                              205419£
executed before me, Takunda Wilson Make,a legal practitioner and
notary public, appeared Fortune Nhlanhla Ndhlovu and assumed                                       CHANGEOF NAME
the name Fortune Nhlanhla Ndlovu, which nameheshall use in all
records, deeds, documents andin all transactions whether private               NOTICEis hereby given that, by notarial deed executed before
or public.                                                                   me, Sonford Tsumele, a notary public, at Bulawayo, on the 28th of
                                                                             November, 2015, Trevor Hlabangana(born on 15th December, 1963)
   Dated at Bulawayo onthis 16th day ofFebruary, 2016.—Takunda               abandoned and renounced the nameof his minor child Nhlanhla
Wilson Make,notarial public/legal practitioner, c/o Ndove, Museta            Sibanda (born on 2nd November, 2001) and shall henceforth, be
& Partners, Seventh Floor, Pioneer House, Eighth Avenue/Fife                 knownas Nhlanhla Hlabangana, which nameshall be usedinall
Street, Bulawayo.                                       _ 205418f            deeds, documents, records and transactions.
                                                                               Dated at Bulawayo on this 28th day of November, 2015.—
                        CHANGE OF NAME                                       Sonford Tsumele, c/o Dube-Banda, Nzarayapenga & Partners,legal
                                                                             practitioners, Suite 3, Second Floor, Astra Complex, 106, Herbert
  NOTICEis hereby given that, by notarial deed of change of                  Chitepo Street, (P.O. Box 149), Bulawayo.                  205417£
name executed before me, Vhurandeni Makuku, a notary public,
on 15th October, 2015, appeared Bruce Benson Mugabe (bom on
                                                                                                    CHANGE OF NAME
15th July, 1984), and changed his name to Benson Mdumo,sothat,
                                                                               TAKE notice that, on the 18th day of February, 2016, before
henceforth, for all purposes and occasionsheshall be knownby the             me, Svinurai Dawn Chivore,a legal practitioner and notary public
name Benson Mdumo.                 é                                         appeared George Kapfurutsa (born on 13th September, 1985) who
  Dated at Harareon this 10th day ofFebruary, 2016.—Vhurandeni               changed his name to Collins Joe Basa, so that, henceforth, for all
Makuku, c/o Makuku Law Firm‘Legal Practitioners, 22, George                  purposes and occasions he shall be known by the name Collins
Silundika Avenue, Harare.                                          205345f   Joe Basa.
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