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13 May 2016

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2016-05-13 number 28

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                                                          Published by Authority

  Vol. XCIV, No. 28                                          13th MAY, 2016                                                          Price US$2,00

General Notice 84 of 2016.                                                     3. Deed of Transfer 7500/96, registered in the name of John
                                                                                  Murray Garfield in respectof certain piece of land situate in
               CONSTITUTION OF ZIMBABWE                                           the district of Salisbury, being Lot 2 of Rainham, measuring
                                                                                  one hundred and nine commaone onenine zero (109,119 0)
 Notice of Acquisition of Agricultural Land under Section 72(2)                   hectares.
                       of the Constitution                                     4. Deed of Transfer 428/98, registered in the name of Andrew
                                                                                   Raymond Morrisbyin respectof certain piece of landsituate
   ITis herebynotified,that in termsofsection 72(2) of theConstitution             in the district of Umzingwane, being Lot 4 of Kirtons Estate,
ofZimbabwe,the MinisterofLandsand Rural Resettlement, acquires                     measuring one hundred and one commafive seven zero one
for and on behalf of the State, the land identified and described in               (101,570 1) hectares.
the Schedule for purposes of agricultural settlement.
  Further take notice that the ownership of the acquired land with
full title therein vested in the State is with effect from the date of
publication of this notice in the Gazette.
                                             D. T. MOMBESHORA,
13-5-2016.               Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement.

                    DESCRIPTION OF LAND
 1. Deed of Transfer 1899/55, registered in the name of Samuel
    Shemerin respectof certain piece ofland situate in the district                                           General Notice
    of Gwelo being Chertsey, measuring one thousand six hundred
    and twenty commaeightnine zero nine (1 620,890 9) hectares.              Number                                                                    Page
 2. Deed of Transfer 11199/98,registered in the name of Marcasite               84.   Constitution of Zimbabwe: Notice of Acquisition ofAgricultural
    (Private) Limited in respect of certain piece ofland situate in the               Land under Section 72(2)of the Constitution. . . .               379
    district of Hartley being Lambourne Extension A, measuring
    thirty-five comma nine onesix nine (35,916 9) hectares.

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