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30 June 2016

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2016-06-30 number 75

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   Vol. XCIV, No. 75                                   Sth DECEMBER, 2016                                                    Price US$2,00

General Notice 417A of 2016.                                                        annum, and commitmentfee of zero point twofive percent
                                                                                    (0.25%)perannumon the undrawn amount and management
                   CONSTITUTION OF ZIMBABWE                                         fee of zero point twofive percent (0.25%) per annuma once
                                                                                    off payment.
Loan Agreement between the Republic of Zimbabwe and Export-                    (c) the loanwill be utilised for the purpose of the construction
                     Import Bank of China                                          of Hwange 7 and 8 Thermal PowerStation Expansion and
                                                                                   ancillary structures.
   IT is hereby notified, in termsofsection 300(3)of the Constitution
of Zimbabwe.that Zimbabwe, represented by the Minister of Finance                                              HON P. A. CHINAMASA (MP),
and Economic Development, concluded a loan agreement withthe                5-12-2016.         Minister of Finance and Economic Development.
Export-Import Bank of China dated 30th June, 2016, on the following
  (a) the loan amount is US$997,723,244.20 (nine hundred                                         CONTENTS
      and ninety-seven million seven hundred and twenty-three
      thousand, two hundred andforty-four point two United States                                        General Notice
       dollars):                                                           Number                                                             Page
  (b) the period of the loan is twenty (20) years with a grace period       417A. Constitution of Zimbabwe: Loan Agreement betweenthe Republic
      of seven years at an interest rate of two percent (2%) per                  of Zimbabweand the Export-Import Bank of China. . . . .      1055

                                                    Proued hy the Government Prauer, Harare.
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