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1 July 2016

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2016-07-01 number 39

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                                                       Published by Authority

  Vol. XCIV, No. 39                                       Ist JULY, 2016                                             Price US$2,00

General Notice 106 of 2016.
                                              ROAD TRAFFIC ACT [CHAPTER 13:11]

                                     Proposed Sale of Abandoned MotorVehicles at V.1.D. Depots

        IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development has, in terms of section 81(3) as read with
section 3(8) of the Roads and RoadsTraffic (Rules of the Road) Regulations, 1974, published in Rhodesia Government Notice 308of 1974,
that if the motor vehicles and motorvehicle parts, particulars of which are given in the Schedule, are not claimed and removed from the
Vehicle Inspection Departmentdepots at Beitbridge, Belvedere (Harare), Bindura, Bulawayo, Chinhoyi, Chiredzi, Chitungwiza, Eastlea
(Harare), Gwanda. Gweru, Kadoma, Kwekwe, Marondera, Masvingo, Mutare, Plumtree, Victoria Falls and Zvishavane on or before Ist
of September, 2016, they will be sold by the public auction.
                                                                                '                                         M.E. GUMBIE,
1-7-2016.                                                                 Acting Secretary for Transport and Infrastructural Development.

NUMBER         REG No.           MAKE            TYPE          CHASSISNo.                NAME OF OWNER         ADDRESS
        1      ACH6113           TOYOTA          H/BACK        0368669                   UNKNOWN               UNKNOWN
        2      AAY3669           H/MADE          LT            V000946                   UNKNOWN               UNKNOWN
        3      ABI3585           PEUGEOT          SEDAN        N/SEEN (LOCKED)           UNKNOWN               UNKNOWN
        4      ABW6743           TOYOTA           H/BACK       0334865                    UNKNOWN              UNKNOWN
        5      ACW3685           MAZDA            SEDAN        N/SEEN (LOCKED)           UNKNOWN               UNKNOWN
        6      NIL REG           PEUGEOT          Siw          112834                    UNKNOWN               UNKNOWN
        7      ADG2613           NISSAN           H/BACK       N/SEEN (LOCKED)           UNKNOWN               UNKNOWN
        8      ABGILI5           TOYOTA           L/TRUCK      N/SEEN (LOCKED)           UNKNOWN               UNKNOWN
        9      ACP0519           NISSAN           H/BACK.      N/SEEN (LOCKED)           UNKNOWN               UNKNOWN
       10      ACH6936           TOYOTA           S/W          0041438                   UNKNOWN               UNKNOWN
       11     ADK0613            NISSAN           H/BACK       747068                   , UNKNOWN              UNKNOWN
       12     ACA9948            TOYOTA           H/BACK       0496747                   UNKNOWN               UNKNOWN
       13     ACP4483            TOYOTA           SEDAN        0022037                   UNKNOWN               UNKNOWN
       14     ABT3341            NISSAN           H/BACK       886708                    UNKNOWN               UNKNOWN
       15     AAVS4I1I           NISSAN           H/BACK       N/SEEN (LOCKED)           UNKNOWN               UNKNOWN
       16     ACP4373            TOYOTA           SEDAN        N/SEEN (LOCKED)           UNKNOWN               UNKNOWN
       17     ACP4291            TOYOTA           SEDAN        5098724                   UNKNOWN               UNKNOWN
       18     ABT3987            DAIHATSU         H/BACK       N/SEEN (LOCKED)            UNKNOWN              UNKNOWN
       19     455-066L           DATSUN           SEDAN         14452)                    UNKNOWN              UNKNOWN
       20     ABR3761            TOYOTA           SEDAN        5099962                   UNKNOWN               UNKNOWN
       21     ACH6109            TOYOTA           SEDAN        N/SEEN (LOCKED)            UNKNOWN              UNKNOWN
       22     ACH1600            TOYOTA           SEDAN        N/SEEN (LOCKED)            UNKNOWN              UNKNOWN
       23     ABU6073            TOYOTA           H/BACK       N/SEEN (LOCKED)            UNKNOWN              UNKNOWN
       24     ADK9730            TOYOTA           SEDAN        N/SEEN (LOCKED)            UNKNOWN              UNKNOWN
       25     AAJ7489            MAZDA            P/UP         N/SEEN (LOCKED)           UNKNOWN               UNKNOWN
       26     ADB2748            TOYOTA           L/TRUCK      0005902                   UNKNOWN               UNKNOWN
       27     ACT 1974           H/MADE           LT            197988                    UNKNOWN             ‘ UNKNOWN
       28     ADH2098         NISSAN              P/VAN        036843                     UNKNOWN              UNKNOWN
       29     NIL REG         NISSAN              H/BACK       035015                     UNKNOWN              UNKNOWN
              DATEIN 23/11/15
       30      U/R               JINLUN           M/CYCLE       1030101                                         11/09/15
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