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21 October 2016

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2016-10-21 number 65

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                                                     Published by Authority

                                                    21st OCTOBER,2016                                                           Price US$2,00
  Vol. XCIV, No. 65

General Notice 379 of 2016.
             ELECTORAL ACT {CHAPTER2:13]

      Chimanimani West National Assembly Constituency
          By-election: Appointment of Constituency
                       Elections Officer
  IT is hereby notified that, in termsofsection 4 of the Electoral
Regulations, 2005, published in Statutory Instrument21 of 2005,
                                                                                                          General Notice

the Chief Elections Officer has appointed Mr Godfrey Machowato                                                                                .   Page
be the Constituency Elections Officer for the Chimanimani West          antoer
                                                                          379, Hlectoral Act (Chapter 2:13]: Chimanimani West National Assembly
National Assembly Constituency.
                                                                                 By-election: Appointment of Constituency Elections Officer        938
  The Constituency Elections Officer’s address for the purpose of
the by-election shall be Nhedziwa High School, Chimanimani.
                                               C. CHIGWAMBA,
                                          Chief Elections Officer,

                                                     Printed by the Government Printer, Harare.
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