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18 November 2016

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2016-11-18 number 11

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                                                         Published by Authority

                                                       18th NOVEMBER, 2016                                             Price US$2,00
     Vol. XCIV, No. 11

General Notice 403 of 2016.

                                              CUSTOMS AND EXCISE ACT [CHAPTER 23:02]
                                          Zimbabwe Revenue Authority: Notice of Unclaimed Vehicle

                                                                   Excise Act [Chapter23:02], that the following vehicles will be dealt
   ITis hereby notified, in termsofsection 39(2) ofthe Customs and                                                              tion of
                                                                Act [Chapter23:02] if not claimed within 30 daysofthe publica
with in termsofsection 39(3) and (4) of the Customs and Excise
this notice in the Gazette.
                                                                       Inspection Depot in Bulawayo. Currently they are being held
   The vehicles are accident damaged and were abandonedat Vehicle o,and will be disposed of by auction.
                                                                , Bulaway
at Container Depot, Stand No. 3041, Institute Avenue, Raylton

                                      .           Registration}   Engine          Chassis
        Detention     Date of                                                                         Status        Year       Location
                                     Make           Number        Number          Number
No.       details    Detention
                                                                  Unknown   |ADMTFS550GM814477|   Accident        Unknown Manica Container
 1     RLH 156267 19/01/2015] ISUZU KB280 DNT 331GP                                               Damaged                 Depot-Bulawayo.

                                                                  Unknown   KMHUF31NP5U189720           Non       Unknown| Manica Container!
 2     RLLH. 156268 27/01/2015]    HYUNDAI         JGJ268GP                                                                 Depot-Bulawayo.

                                                                     -            Unknown             Accident    Unknown] Manica Container
 3     RILH172011    04/07/2015      Trailer       NPG356GP                                                                 Depot-Bulawayo.

                                                                  Unknown         Unknown              Non        Unknown} Manica Container
 4     RLH 156291    24/04/2015] Toyota Corolla} CY 136-482                                           Runner               Depot-Bulawayo.

                                                                  Unknown     FRR32FB-3003953           Non       Unknown| Manica Container]
       RLH 128589    16/09/2014] ISUZU Truck       AAK 3140
 5                                                                                                     Runner              Depot-Bulawayo.

                                                                     -      AA9B1SSUB8GPU1332|        Accident     Unknown] Manica Container
 6     R.LH 188507   22/10/2015]   Home-Made       XYS939GP
                                                                                                      Damaged               Depot-Bulawayo.

                                                                  Unknown       YX72R9000823          Accident     Unknown} Manica Container
 7     RLH 188514    12/11/2015) Toyota Cressida DDX767GP                                                                    Depot-Bulawayo.

                                                                                   B133353            Accident     Unknown} Manica Container
       RLH 188518    16/12/2015]    Nissan Exa     LHT566GP B15S000878B;
8                                                                                                     Damaged               Depot-Bulawayo.

                                                                  Unknown      MCR30-0024507          Accident     Unknown} Manica Container|
9      RLLH 188353   25/06/2015] Toyota Estima      B389AXB                                                                 Depot-Bulawayo.

                                                                  Unknown    MHL68408311004411        Accident     Unknown| Manica Container
 10    R.LH 023163   13/12/2011]   M/benz Rigid    NBY908GP                                                                 Depot-Bulawayo.

                                                                                                                           H. KUZVINZWA,
                                                                                                               Acting Commissioner-General,
                                                                                                                Zimbabwe Revenue Authority.
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