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5 May 2017

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2017-05-05 number 27

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                                                                   Published by Authority

  Vol. XCV, No. 27                                                      5th MAY, 2017                                                 Price US$2,00

General Notice 270 of 2017.                                                                   opposite Main Rail way Station, Bulawayo, contact numbers
                                                                                              +263 9 362191 and +263 9 362974 or Supplies Assistant
                  LABOUR ACT [CHAPTER 28:01]                                                  (Distribution) Harare Buying Office, corner Kenneth Kaunda
                                                                                              Avenue/Simon Vengai Muzenda Street, Harare, contact
    Notice of Accreditation Proceedings: Zimbabwe Banks and                                   numbers +263 4 78604295 and +263 4 78604701 ; or email
                      Allied Workers Union                                                    addresses supman@nrz.co.zw and tenders@nrz.co.zw. upon
                                                                                              proof of payment of a non-refundable fee ofUSDl0,00 (ten
  IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 42 of the Labour Act
                                                                                              United States dollars). The closing date is 4th July, 2017.
[Chapter 28:01], that accreditation proceedings are proposed to
be held for the purpose of determining whether or not Zimbabwe                                               CHANGE OF NAME
Banks and Allied Workers Union to include the interests of asset
management firms, building societies, security services, stock                            NOTICE is hereby given that, by notarial deed of change of name
broking, money transfer services, micro-finance institutions, bureau                   executed before me, Knowledge Dingani, a legal practitioner and
de changes and insurance services in financial industry, should be                     notary public, at Bulawayo, on the 11th of April, 2017, Dumisani
approved. The application for variation of scope was notified by                       Tshuma changed his name to Dumisani Ncube, so that, henceforth,
General Notice 239 of 2015, published in the Government Gazette                        he shall be known as Dumisani Ncube, which name shall be used
of 28th August, 2015.                                                                  in all deeds, documents and transactions whatsoever.
   The accreditation proceedings will be held on the 20th of June,                        Dated at Bulawayo this 11th day of April, 2017.-Knowledge
2017, at 10.30 a.m. in the boardroom in the Twelfth Floor of                           Dingani, legal practitioner/notary public, c/o Mlweli Ndlovu &
Compensation l;[ouse, at the comer of Simon Vengai Muzenda Street                      Associates, Suite 404, Fourth Floor, CIPF Centre (Bradlows),
and Central Avenue, Harare.                                                            between Ninth & Tenth Avenue, Bulawayo.                   417988f
   Any person who wishes to make any representations in the                                                  CHANGE OF NAME
matter should lodge them, in writing, with the Registrar of Labour,
at Compensation House, at the corner of Simon Vengai Muzenda                             TAKE notice that, on the 20th April, 2017, before me, Queen
Street and Central Avenue, Harare, or post them to Private Bag 7707,                   Chimbo, a legal practitioner and notary public, appeared Khulekani
Causeway, and state whether or not he or she will be attending the                     Ngulube (born on 15th June, 1982), and added his surname to
accreditation proceedings.                                                             Mpofu , so that, henceforth, for all purposes and occasions and
                                                  N. N. SIMANGO,                       in all deeds, documents and transactions whatsoever he shall be
5-5-2017.                               Acting Registrar of Labour.                    known by the name Khulekani Ngulube Mpofu.
                                                                                          Dated at Bulawayo this 20th day of April, 2017.-Queen Chimbo,
General Notice 271 of 2017.                                                            c/o T. Hara and Partners, applicant's legal practitioners, Suite 202,
                                                                                       Second Floor, CIPF Centre, Jason Moyo Street/Ninth Averiue,
                   STATE PROCUREMENT BOARD                                             Bulawayo.                                                   417987f

                                Tenders Invited                                                               CHANGE OF NAME

   TENDERS must be enclosed in sealed envelopes. endorsed on the outside with the         TAKE notice that, on the 13th day of April, 2017, before me,
advertised tender number, description, closing date and must be posted in time to be   Simon Gregory John Bull, a legal practitioner and notary public,
sorted into Post Office Box Number CY 408, Causeway, or delivered by hand to the       appeared Brett Leonidas Pissas (born on 3rd July, 1968)(!.D. No. 63-
Principal Officer, State Procurement Board, Fifth Floor, Old Reserve Bank Building,
Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, before 10.00 a.m. on the closing date.
                                                                                       641528 Y 00) and he abandoned the surname Pissas and assumed in
                                                                                       its place thereof the surname Harmstrong-Pissas, so that, hencef01th,
                                                             S. MUTANHAURWA,           for all purposes, documents and occasions he shall be known only
5-5-2017.                        Acting Principal Officer, State Procurement Board.    by the name Brett Leonadis Harmstrong-Pissas.-Simon Gregory
                                                                                       John Bull, c/o Atherstone & Cook, P.O. Box CY 1254, Causeway.
Tender number                                                                                                                                      385077f
6599:5642. Request for proposal of funding for recapitalisation
                                                                                                              CHANGE OF NAME
      of National Railways of Zimbabwe. Compulsory pre-bid
      conference is on 30th May, 2017, at 1000 hours, at NRZ                             TAKE notice that, on the 17th day of March, 2017, before me,
      Board Room, Thirteenth Floor, NRZ New Headquarters,                              Daglus Pundu, a legal practitioner and notary public, appeared Laiza
      Bulawayo. Documents for the above tender are obtainable                          Sibanda (born on 19th September, 1960) and in her own capacity
      during normal working hours, physically or electronically,                       formally abandoned the name· Laiza Sibanda and adopted Laiza
      from Manager Supplies and Stores, National Railways of                           Ncube, so that, henceforth, for all purposes and occasions she shall
      Zimbabwe, Room 204, Second Floor, Area Headquarters,                             be known by the name Laiza Ncube.
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