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16 February 2018

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2018-02-16 number 15

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                                                            Published by Authority

     Vol. XCVI, No. 15                                    16th FEBRUARY, 2018                                               Price US$2,00
   General Notice 136 of 2018.                                                westwards so as to exclude Hwaramba and Manyara village passing
                                                                             through three tributaries so as to include Chawasarira Villageup to
         TRADITIONAL LEADERS ACT [CHAPTER 29:1 7]                            Kakovakemuganhu.Follow Kekovakemuganhu westwardsso as to
                                                                             include Tongogara 2 village to Kamp Haven Dam soasto exclude
     EMPLACEMENT OF RESETTLEMENT AREAS UNDER                                 Boarder Gezi Village. Then follow Gwetera River northwards
      TRADITIONAL LEADERSHIP: SHAMVA DISTRICT:                                                                                           so
                                                                             as to separate Nyamaropaarea and Madziwaarea to the confluen
          MASHONALAND CENTRAL PROVINCE                                       of an unknown stream.

     IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Rural Development,           3. CHIEF BUSHU
  Promotion and Preservation of National Culture and Heritage
                                                               , after       Starting from the confluence of Mupfurudzi, River and Mazowe
  consultation with the Rural District Council and Chief                     River. Follow Mazowe River southwards then southwest to
                                                          of the
  concemed, in terms of section 29 of the Traditional Leaders area           confluence ofMazowe and Nyaguwe, FollowNyaguwe southwa
                                                                  Act                                                                rds
  (Chapter 29-17], has declared an alteration of the Chief Mutumb            to the confluence of Nyaguwe and Umwindsi River. From the
  Chief Madi and Chief Bushu boundaries as specified in the                  confluence of Umwindsi and Nyaguwe follow Umwindsi south
  Schedule.                                                                  westwards to the south eastern comer of Mumugwifarm and follow
                                                                             the southem boundary of Mumugwi farm which connects to the
                                                  HON. A. NCUBE,             southern boundary of Bython farm upto south to western corner of
                     Minister of Rural Development, Promotion and            Bython farm. Then follow the western boundaries of the following;
   16-2-2018          Preservation of National Culture and Heritage,         Bythora,the Poort, Woodlands estates up to the north western corner
                                                                            of woodlandsestate so as to include them. Thenfollow the northern
                               SCHEDULE                                     boundaries eastwards to the western boundaries of Ceres A then
                                                                            northwards to the southern corner of Woodlands B. Then follow the
  1. CHIEF MUTUMBA                                                          southern boundary of Woodlands B westwards to the western comer
 Starting from the eastern boundary of Teregwai where Nyama                 of Woodlands B. Then follow the western boundary northwards,
 river crosses the district boundary follow Nyamaruro river ruro            then eastwards as to include it. From the north eastern comer of
                                                                   north    Woodlands B follow the western boundary of Bumleigh to Pote
 eastwards so as to include Chihuti clinic up to the confluence
 Nyamaruro river and Mupfure river, then follow Mupfur                of    River. Follow Pote river south westwards then southernwards, then
 Northwards so as to include Ganza village up to Kaziro dip      e river
                                                                    tank    eastwards to the eastern boundary ofthe Avilion Farm of Bindura so
 follow a straight line up to Kaziro Hill peak so as to includ              as to exclude it, then northwards to the eastem comer ofthe farm,
                                                               e the dip
 tank. From Kaziro Hillpeak turn southwards then curving eastwa             then follow the northem boundary of the bend farm eastwards to
 so as to include Katsimevillage up to Zvitokwe stream. Contin              the south western corner of Usaramo Farm. Follow the westem
 moving eastwards so as to include Muchenje Hill up to Bindur         ue    boundary corer ofthe following farms Usaramo and Sunray so
Mt Darwin road. Follow the main road southwards up to               a to                                                               as
                                                                            to include them. From the northwestern of Usaramo Farm follow
Hail follow a straight line so as to include Madziwa RuralMadziwa           MazoweRiver eastwards to the southem comer of Caldon A farm.
and MadziwaPolice station up to Gwetera River near Dikira Dam.              Then follow the western boundary of Caldon A farm asto include
Turn southwestfollowing a straightlineup to Haramba hills, contin           it to the south eastem comer of Umurudzi ranch, then along the
moving southeastfollowing ChinzvinzviRiver up to Marimira Hill        ue    western boundary so as to include it to the south corner of Cloud
From Marimira Hill movesouth eastwardssoas to include Kajevh               end farm. Follow the southern boundaries of Cloud End Fann and
village up to Eben Dam. From Eben Dam follow Mupfurudzi                u   Roxlyn Farm. Then follow the western boundary of Roxlyn Farm
westwards up to its boundary with Maringe village turn River               to the south western comer of the Derries so as to include them.
eastwards so as to include Madzivanzira and Hore village                   Then follow the southem boundary of the Derries Farm. Follow
                                                                s up to
Chimburukwahills,                                                          the western boundary of Derries Farm to the Mupfurudzi River.
                                                                           Follow Mupfuridzi River eastwards to Eben Dam as to include
2, CHIEF MADZIWA                                                           Damasto includeit from Eben Dam wall. Follow Mupfuridzi River
                                                                           eastwardsso as to includethe following farm lot8,7,6,4, 3,2,1 up to
                                                                           the confluence of Mupfurudzi River and Zvirungurira River, Then
                                                                           follow Mupfurudzi River eastwards, northwards then eastwards,
Mupfume River. FollowMupfure River northwards so                           then to its confluence with Mazowethestarting point.
Kaziro dip tank, up to Mabhonzo bridge, from
                                                         as to exclud
                                             Mabhonzo bridge               General Notice 137 of 2018,
turn nosth east towards to the climax of Kaziro hill
Gorejena village. From the peak of Kaziro hill so as to include                         INSURANCEACT[CHAPTER 24:07]
curving towards the eastern direction so as to turn southwards
village. Then follow straight line to the northem foot e Manyika                            Lost or Destroyed Life Policies
Hill upto the main roadthatis Bindura-Mt-Darwin ofHambadye
main road follow straightline eastwards so as
                                                     road. From the
                                               to includ                     NOTICEis hereby given in accordance with section 12 of the
dam up to Goora-MadziwaMineroad. Fromthis road e Zvisokwe                  Insurance Regulations, 1989, published in Statutory Instrument49
                                                      proceed south
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