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16 March 2018

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2018-03-16 number 23

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                                                                 Published by Authority

      Vol. XCVI, No. 23                                           16th MARCH,2018                                                                 Price US$2,00

@   General Notice 159 of 2018.                                                      General Notice 161 of 2018.

         LEGAL PRACTITIONERS (COUNCIL FOR LEGAL                                               ZIMBABWE REVENUE AUTHORITY(ZIMRA)
                  EDUCATION) RULES, 1992                                                                        Formal TenderInvitation
                         Notice for Examination Dates
                                                                                       TENDERSmust be enclosed ina sealed envelope and endorsed on the outside with the
                                                                                     advertised tender number, description and closing date and must be deliveredin the tender
       NCTICEis hereby giventhat, in terms of Rule 10(2) of the Legal                boxsituated in the Fifth Floor, Old Reserve Bank Building, 76, Samora Machel Avenue,
    Practitioners (Council for Legal Education) Rules, 1992, published               Harare, addressed to: TheActing Chief Executive Officer, Procurement RegulatoryAuthority
    in Statutory Instrument 447 of 1992, Professional Examinations                   of Zimbabwe, Fifth Foor, Old Reserve Bank Building, 76, Samora Machel Avenue, P.O.
    for those with law degrees or diplomas but who donot qualify to                  Box CY408, Causeway, Harare.

    register as legal practitioners in Zimbabwewill be held during the               Tender number
    following penod—                                                                 ZIMRA CB3/2018. The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA)
      (a) winter session, 25th to 29th June, 2018;                                           invites prospective suppliers to participate in the construction
      (b) summersession, 26th to 20th November, 2018.                                        of proposed block of flats (Option C) on Stand 480 at
                                                                                              Beitbridge Border Post. Pre-bid/site meeting date/time 22nd
      Anyperson(“the candidate”) who qualifies and wishes to sit for                          March, 2018, Beitbridge Border Post 1100 hours. Tender
    these Professional Examinations must send written notification of                         documents are obtainable from the office of the Head
    his or her intention to do so to the Secretary of the Council for Legal                   Administration upon payment of a non-refundable fee of
    Education, 7, Walter Hill Avenue, Eastlea, Harare, by no later than                       US$$80,00. The tender shall remain valid for a period of 90
    30th April, 2018 (for the winter session) and 31st August, 2018 (for                      days from the tender closing. Bidders may attend the tender
    the summersession) and must—
                                                                                              opening process to be held on the samedate and timeas the
      (a) setoutin the notification his or her qualifications, whether he                     closing date, 10th April, 2018 at 1000 hrs.
           orshe has been granted exemption from any written subjectof
            the professional examinations, and the subjects he or wishes             General Notice 162 of 2018.
            to write;

                                                                                            ZIMBABWE MANPOWER DEVELOPMENT FUND
      (b) remit with this notification the appropriate fee for the
          examination or examinations that he or she wishes to write,                                            Formal Tender Invitation
      (c) pay the exemptionfees forthe subject in whichthe candidate
            has been exempted from writing.                                             TENDERS mustbe submitted in sealed envelopes and endorsed on the outside with the
                                                                                     advertised tender number,the description, closing date and must be posted in time to be
                                    MRS. JUSTICE A.M. GOWORA JA,                     sorted into Private Bag 7739, Causeway, or delivered by hand to the Accounting Officer,
                                                                                     Zimbabwe ManpowerDevelopment Fund, FourthFloor, ZIMDEF House, 18572, offMother
    16-3-2018.                 Chairperson, Council for Legal Education.             Patrick Avenue, Rotten Row, Harare, as per the closing date and time for cach tender.

                                                                                      Tender number
    General Notice 160 of 2018.
                                                                                     ZPCR.02/2018. Tenders are invited for the provision of cleaning
                        LABOUR ACT [CHAPTER28:01]                                             and landscaping services at ZIMDEFHouse, 102, Fort Street,
                                                                                              Bulawayo. Theclosing date is 4th April, 2018, at 1000 hours.
      Application for Registration of a Trade Union: Funeral Service                  ZPCR. 03/2018. Tenders are invited for the provision of maintenance
                         Provider Workers’ Union
                                                                                              and servicing of Ottis elevators at ZIMDEF House, 102,
                                                                              Act             Fort Street, Bulawayo. Theclosing date is 4th April, 2018,
       IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 33 of the Labour                            at 1100 hours.
                               applica  tion has beenrec eived   for registra tion
    [Chapter28:01), thatan
                                                                        union to      ZPCR. 14/2018. Tenders are invited for the provision of catering
    of Funeral Service Provider Workers’ Union as a trade
    representthe interests of non-managerial employees in the
                                                                          funeral          services to ZIMDEF Head Office Staff. The closing date is
    services  industr y in  Zimbab  we.                                                    Ath Apnil, 2018, at 1130 hours.               >
                                                                          relating         Tender documents are obtainable from the Zimbabwe
       Any person who wishes to make any representations
       the applic ation  is invited  to  lodge  such  represe ntation  s with the              Manpower DevelopmentFund, Fourth Floor, ZIMDEF House,
    to                                                                                         West Wing, 18572, off Mother Patrick Avenue, Rotten Row,
                                                                         f Simon
    Registrar of Labour,at Compensation House, at the comero       or post them                Harare, and ZIMDEF House, 102, Fort Street, Bulawayo, upon
    Vengai Muzenda Street and Central Avenue, Harare,                                          paymentof a non-refundable fee of US$10,00.
    to Private Bag 7707, Causeway, within 30 days ofwishes      the publication
                   and  to  state whethe  rorn othe    or she           to appear              Compulsory pre-tender site visit for tender numbers
    ofthis notice                                                  procee  dings.
    in support of such representati     ons at any  accredi tation                             ZPCR.02/2018 and ZPCR.03/2018 will be held on 21st March,
                                                                                               2018 at 1000 hours and 1400 hours, respectively, at ZIMDEF
                                                                G. KANYAYI,                    House, 102, Fort Street, Bulawayo, whilst for tender number
                                                           Registrar of Labour

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