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13 April 2018

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2018-04-13 number 30

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                                                                         Published by Authority

     Vol. XCVI, No. 30                                                     13th APRIL,2018                                                             Price US$2,00

 General Notice 185 of 2018.                                                                    * Must have certificate of incorporation.
                                                                                                * Must have a vendor number.
                                                                                                * Must be registered with Procurement Regulatory Authority
                             Formal TenderInvitation                                              of Zimbabwe (PRAZ) and attach proof.
                                                                                                * Must be registered with ZIMRA witha valid VAT registration
    TENDER documents must be clearly marked (supply and installation of Web Based                   number (applicable to local suppliers).
 Employment-Secker and Retrenchees Information System (ERIS)). TendernumberMLSW                 * Must accept payment through Government Purchase Order
 02/2018 and addressed to The Procurement Management Unit, Ministry of Labour and                 System.
 Social Welfare, Private Bag 7707, Causeway, Harare, Please deposit the tender documents        ¢ Mustbe in the particular field of business.
 into tender box at Office 704, Seventh Floor, Compensation House, not later than 10.00
 a.m on the 30th April, 2018. Contact 0712 875 689/250634, 0714 904 531.                           Tender documents are obtainable from the Procurement
                                                                                                   Office: Programme Coordination Unit (PCU) Offices, Fifth
 Tender number
                                                                                                   Floor, Kaguvi Building, Harare, upon payment of a non-
 MLSW.02/2018. The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare is                                        refundable fee of US$10,00. Tenders are bought in Second
         inviting tenders from reputable system developers to supply                               Floor Cashier’s Office, Room 89.
         and install aWeb Based Employment-Seeker and Retrenchees
                                                                                                   Tender documents are sold between 1100 hours and 1230
         Information System (ERIS). Tender documentsare obtainable                                 hours during working days only.
         from Office 704, Seventh Floor, Compensation House,
         corner Simon Muzenda Street/Central Avenue, Harare, upon                                  Tenders will close on 10th May, 2018, at 1000 hours.
         paymentof a non-refundablefee of $10,00,as from 9th April                                 Please note that this advert is not to be construed in any way
         to 30th April, 2018. Prospective suppliers should furnish                                 as an offer to contract with your organisation.
        copies ofthe following documents along with their bids:
        * Companyprofile;                                                                  General Notice 187 of 2018.
        * Tax Clearance Certificate;                                                        MINERALS MARKETING CORPORATION OF ZIMBABWE
        * Certificate of Incorporation.                                                                               Formal TenderInvitation
        Theclosing date is 30th April, 2018.
                                                                                              BIDDERSmust submit three G3) copies of proposals in sealed envelopes clearly marked
General Notice 186 of 2018.                                                                with the tender number, tender description, and should be addressed to the Procurement
                                                                                           Charman, MMCZ Building, 90, Mutare Road, Msasa, P.O. Box 2628, Harare, Zimbabwe
         THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND CHILD CARE                                             and deposited on or before 1000 hours on 15th May, 2018.

                   Formal TenderInvitation                                                 Tender number
                                                                                           MMCZ/3/2018. Bids are invited from reputable, reliable and well-
   TEND!                                                                      4
                t be enclosed and iin sealed envelopes antid endorsed on the envelope(s)
                                                                    hand delivered and             established companies to tenderfor the supply and delivery of
and rotations) ath the advertised tender number, closing date,
deposited into the tender" box (foundat    First eee watiat eet RegentPee          ne)             operational vehicles andstaff bus. The closing date is 15th May,
                                 .   Please note that no appucation Wr accepted af
                                                                                                  2018,at 1000 hours.
                                      these deadlines. Suppliers are
ohne:= Sehee shall be no extension of
                                                                      before the expiry    MMC7Z/4/2018. Bids are invited from reputable, reliable and well-
eieeiaanake all the neccessary formalities to submittheir application
of the deadline.                                                                                  established companies to tender for the provision of canteen
                                                                                                  services. Compulsory site visit is 2nd May, 2018, at 1000 hours.
  THE Ministry       ofHealth andChild Care would like to solicit bids from
qualified entities for the supply and delivery ofthe following, financed                          Theclosing date is 15th May, 2018,at 1000 hours.
                                                                  Tuberculosis and                NB. There shall be a compulsory site meeting for MMCZ.
through a Grant from the Globa 1 Fund, to fightAIDS,
                                                                                                  tender number 3/2018 for the provision of canteen services
Malaria (GFATM)
                                                                                                  at MMCZ Head Office, 90, Mutare Road, Msasa, Harare, on
Tender number                                                                                     2nd May, 2018, at 1000 hours.
                                 on of insurance                          for motor
MOHCC-PCU-RFP.01/201 8,ITProvisi
                         equipment and health commodities.                                        Tender documents are obtainable at a non-refundable fee
        vehicles, motor cycles,                                                                   of USD10,00, from the Accounts Department at MMCZ
                             ervice and maintenanceofbiosafety                                    Building, 90, Mutare Road, Msasa, Harare.
MOHCC-PCU-RFP. 02/2018. § htfield Light Microscopes.                                              Any queries about technical matters should be made in
    cabinets Level 1 and brig                                                                     writing to the Chairman (Procurement Committee) MMCZ,
MOHCC-PCU-RFP, 03/2018. Servicing and maintenanceofdigital                                        90, Mutare Road, Msasa, Harare.
       X-ray machines.                                                                            Tenders whichare not received by 1000 hours on the closing
                                                                                                  date, whether by hand orbypost will be treated as late tenders
Mandatory requirements:                                                                           and will be rejected. Tenderers are free to witness the opening
                                                          years,                                  ofbids on the closing date and time.
   * Must be registered for a period ofnotless than three
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