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14 February 2020

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2020-02-14 number 11

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                                      Zimbabwean Government Gazette, 14th February, 2020                                            167


                                                    Published by Authority

  Vol. XCVIII, No. 11                              14th FEBRUARY, 2020                                       Price RTGS$20,00

General Notice 188 of 2020.                                                Bidder: Fine Rain. Bidder amount: US$218 588,25.
  MINISTRY OF LANDS, AGRICULTURE, WATER AND                                Bidder: Grindale Engineering. Bidder amount: US$300 732,50.
                 RURAL RESETTLEMENT
                          _______                                   General Notice 189 of 2020.
       Invitation to Tender and Contract Award Notice
                          _______                                                       RUWA LOCAL BOARD
     DOMESTIC COMPETITIVE BIDS INVITED                                                Invitation to Domestic Tender
MLAWRR IRRIG/CB/12/19. Supply, delivery and installation of
    irrigation equipment at Kanyemba Irrigation Scheme, Mbire       Tender number
    District, Mashonaland Central Province. Site visit: 24th        RLB09/2020. Supply of grader. Closing date: 28th February, 2020.
    February, 2020. Closing date: 3rd April, 2020. Retender.              Closing time: 1200 hours. Tender opening day: 28th February,
MLAWRR VET/CB/37/19. Supply and delivery of dipping                       2020. Tender opening time: 1210 hours.
    chemicals. Closing date: 6th March, 2020. Retender.                   Interested eligible bidders may obtain the bidding documents
MLAWRR/RSD/CB/01/2020. Supply, delivery and installation of               upon payment of a non returnable fee of 150,00 RTGS plus
    cold-rooms at Seed Services Research Institute. Closing date:         15% VAT per tender document from Town Secretary’s office
    6th March, 2020.                                                      at Ruwa Local Board main office, 855, off Chiremba Road,
    Interested bidders can obtain bid documents that consists the         Ruwa.
    instructions and procurement requirements from Office No.             Sealed bids clearly marked with tender number and tender
    32A, Accounts Section at the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture,          description must be deposited in the tender box in Town
    Water and Rural Resettlement, Ngungunyana Building, 1,                Secretary’s office not later than 28th February, 2020, at 1200
    Borrowdale Road, Harare, upon payment of a non-refundable             hours.
    fee of RTGS$20,00.                                                    Bids will be opened in the presence of bidder’s representative
    Your submission should reach the Ministry of Lands,                   who choose to attend on the 28th February, 2020, at 1215
    Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement not later than              hours in the Council Board Room at Ruwa Local Board
    the closing time and date. Late submissions either by post            Offices, Ruwa.
    or hand delivery will not be accepted.                                                                          K. M. MADANHI,
                                                                    14-2-2020.                                          Town Secretary.
  Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement      General Notice 190 of 2020.
(MLAWRR), in terms of section 68 of the Public Procurement and                           RUWA LOCAL BOARD
Disposal of Public Assets Act [Chapter 22:23], do hereby publish                                _______
the following contract awards:                                                            Cancellation of Tender
Bid number                                                            NOTICE for cancellation of Tender RLB.05/2019 (as per section
MLAWCRR/MSD/CB/33/19. Supply of air chartering services for the     42 of the Public Procurement and Disposal of the Public Assets Act
      National cloud seeding programme at Harare and Bulawayo       [Chapter 22:23].
      2019–2020 season. Bidder: Cypritaf–Vet (Private) Limited.
      Bidder amount: USD$388 125,00.                                Tender number
MLAWCRR/HQ/CB/36/19. Supply and delivery of computers and           RLB.05/2019. Supply of insurance services for 2020 calendar year.
      printers for food and agricultural organisation.                    Reason for cancellation: No responsive bids were received.
      Bidder: Space Creations. Bidder amount: USD$166 090,00.       General Notice 191 of 2020.
      Bidder: Zodsat Bridging Possibilities. Bidder amount:
      USD$14 481,77.                                                                    RUWA LOCAL BOARD
MLAWCRR/IRRIG/CB/27/19. Supply, delivery and rehabilitation                           Invitation to Domestic Tender
      of irrigation schemes damaged by Cyclone Idai in Manica-                                   _______
      land Province.                                                Tender number
      Bidder: DeanBeth Enterprises. Bidder amount: US$1 463         RLB.10/2020. Supply of insurance services. Closing date: 21st
      962,82.                                                             February, 2020. Closing time: 1200 hours. Tender opening
      Bidder: Cornadic Investments. Bidder amount: US$930 407,50.         day: 21st February, 2020. Tender opening time: 1210 hours.
      Bidder: Majud Industrial and Mining Solutions. Bidder               Interested eligible bidders may obtain the bidding documents
      amount: US$110 537,95.                                              upon payment of a none returnable fee of 150,00 RTGS plus

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