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20 March 2020

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2020-03-20 number 23

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                                                        Published by Authority

  Vol. XCVIII, No. 23                                   20th MARCH, 2020                                    Price RTGS$20,00

General Notice 584 of 2020.                                                (4) Colourmart USD13,949,00.
 MINISTRY OF PRIMARY AND SECONDARY EDUCATION                               Total USD506,453,49.
           MASHONALAND EAST PROVINCE                                AGRF.05/2019.Supply and installation of email security. Winning
                                                                         bidder: Axis Solutions. Bid amount: ZWL$227,369,68.
            Invitation to Domestic Competitive Tender
                                                                        AGRF.06/2019. Supply and delivery of 10 single cab vehicles. Winning
   TENDERS are being invited from reputable bidders registered with          bidder: Croco Motors. Bid amount: ZWL$4,113,332.49.
the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe to participate AGRF.08/2019. Customisation of Agribank Nyanga Branch.
in the following tender:
                                                                             Winning bidder: Falcon Shopfitters and Joinery. Bid amount:
Tender number                                                                ZWL$203,345.70.
MEP/PO/03/2020. Supply and delivery of sanitary wear.                   AGRF.09/2019. Engagement of pension fund administrator. Winning
        Tenders must be submitted in triplicate and enclosed in sealed       bidder: First Mutual Life Assurance Company. Bid amount:
        envelopes and endorsed on the outside with the advertised            Contract.
        tender number, the description to the tender and tender closing AGRF.10/2019. Renovation and extension of Maphisa Branch.
        date and time.                                                       Winning bidder: NN Joinery. Bid amount: ZWL$762,401,75.
        The Provincial Education Director,                              AGRF.11/2019. Renovation and extension of Mataga Branch.
        Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education,                         Winning bidder: NN Joinery ZWL$1,965,911,89.
        Mashonaland East Province,
        Private Bag 752,                                                AGRF. 12/2019. Renovation and extension of Wedza Branch.
        Marondera.                                                           Winning bidder: Twenty First Century. Bid amount:
        Documents for the tender are obtained upon payment                   ZWL$1,447,941,80.
        of a non-refundable fee of $200,00 RTGS, from the
        Administration Department, Ministry of Primary and              AGRF.15/2019. Supply and installation of solar systems at ten
        Secondary Education, Bisset House, cnr 4th Street/Posselt            Agribank Branches. Winning bidder: Hippo Energy. Bid
        Avenue, Marondera. Documents are sold at Accounts Office             amount: ZWL$1,840,260,00.
        from 0800 hours to 1600 hours during Monday to Friday.
                                                                                       Invitation to Domestic Tender
        Tenders which are not received by 1000 hours on the
        closing date, whether by hand or by post will be treated        AGRF.03/2020. Supply and delivery of office furniture. Closing
        as late tenders and will be rejected. Tenderers are free to          date: 8th April, 2020.
        witness the opening of bids on the closing date and time.
                                                                             Documents for the above tender will be issued to interested
General Notice 585 of 2020.                                                  bidders upon payment of a non-refundable tender fee of
                                                                             ZWL100,00, into Agribank Sundry Income Account (Private)
                                                                             Limited 62700 from:
            Contracts Awards and Invitation to Tender                      Procurement Management Unit,
                       Contract Awards                                     Agricultural Bank of Zimbabwe Limited,
                                                                           Sixth Floor, Hurudza House,
  AGRICULTURAL Bank of Zimbabwe Limited, in terms of section
68 of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act             14/16, Nelson Mandela Avenue,
[Chapter 22:23], do hereby publish the following contract awards:          Harare.
Tender number                                                              Submission of tender
AGRF.01/2019. Engagement of Local Oracle Partner. Winning                  Tenders must be enclosed in sealed envelopes and deposited
       Bidder/s: Fineart. Bid amount: N/A.                                 in the “Tender Box” addressed to Procurement Manager,
AGRF.02/2019. Supply and delivery of staff uniforms. Winning               Sixth Floor, Agribank, Hurudza House, on or before 1000
     bidder: Necst, Gea Zimbabwe, Colourmart and Palmrest.                 hours on closing date.
      Bids amount:                                                         Opening
      (1) Gea Zimbabwe USD233,976,00.                                      Bidders may attend the tender opening ceremony to be held
      (2) Palmrest USD197,337,49.                                          on the closing date and time.
      (3) Necst USD61,191,00.

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