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17 April 2020

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2020-04-17 number 33

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                                 Zimbabwean Government Gazette Extraordinary, 17th April, 2020                                              623


                                                       Published by Authority

  Vol. XCVIII, No. 33                                    17th APRIL, 2020                                           Price RTGS$20,00

C General Notice 674 of 2020.                                          be responsible for assisting in facilitating the trading (buying and
                                                                       selling) of listed shares as and when required.
      INSURANCE & PENSIONS COMMISSION (IPEC)                             The Insurance and Pensions Commission now invites eligible
                                                                       consulting firms (“Stock Brokers”) to indicate their interest in providing
         Invitation to Domestic Competitive Bidding                    the services. Interested Stock Brokers should provide information
                                                                       demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant
  The Insurance & Pensions Commission (IPEC) invites prospective       experience to perform the services.
suppliers to participate in the following tenders:
                                                                         The short-listing criteria is as follows:
Tender number
                                                                         1. The Consultancy firm or Stock Broker must be registered
IPEC/CB/01/2020. Supply, installation and commissioning of 25KV              with the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe
      solar power back up system. Quantity: 1. Pre-bid briefing              (PRAZ) in terms of Section 4 of the Public Procurement
      date: 28th April, 2020. Closing date and time: 15th May,               and Disposal of Public Assets Act Regulations (Statutory
      2020, at 1400 hours.                                                   Instrument 5 of 2018).
      Bids must be properly addressed to the address below and           2. Competencies and qualifications of key professional staff,
      enclosed in sealed envelopes clearly endorsed on the outside           team leader and any other Stock brokers who will be assigned
      with the advertised tender number, tender description and              to carry out the tasks and responsibilities on a large scale.
      tender closing date. Bids should be deposited into the IPEC        3. Track record and demonstrable experience of the Stock
      tender box located at the address below on or before 1000              Broker or firm in conducting similar assignments of the
      hours on the closing date.                                             same scope. A minimum of three (3) reference letters from
      Documents for the above captioned tenders are obtainable               traceable organizations must be submitted.
      upon payment of non-refundable tender fee of RTGS$200,00           4. Valid proof of membership with the Zimbabwe Stock
      payable in cash or into our IPEC Bank Account as below;                Exchange.
      Account Name: Insurance and Pensions Commission                    5. Valid copy of stock broking license certificates issued by the
      Name of Bank: CBZ                                                      Securities and Exchange Commission.
      Branch: Newlands
      Branch Code: 6129                                                  6. Prospective consultants to provide description of their cost
      Current Account Number: 68961347320011                                 build up.
      IPEC does not bind itself to award the lowest bidder or any        The following documents must be submitted in support of the
      bid and reserves the right to accept the whole or part of any       information provided:
      bid. Bidders are free to attend and witness tender opening.              (a) Detailed company profile;
      Late bids will not be accepted.                                          (b) Certificate of incorporation;
      Attn: The Acting Procurement Manager,                                    (c) CR 5 and CR 6;
      Procurement Management Unit,
      Insurance and Pensions Commission,                                       (d) Stock broking licenses issued by the Securities and
      160, Rhodesville Avenue, Greendale, Harare.                                   Exchange Commission;
      Tel: +263 242 443422/3358/61                                             (e) Proof of registration with Procurement Regulatory
      E-mail: procurement@ipec.co.zw                                                Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ);
      Web site: https://ipec.co.zw                                             (f) Valid Tax Clearance (ITF 263) certificate;
General Notice 675 of 2020.                                                    (g) Detailed curriculum vitae of key personnel and
                                                                                    professional staff
     INSURANCE & PENSIONS COMMISSION (IPEC)                                    (h) Valid NSSA certificate;
                                                                               (i) A minimum of four (4) reference letters from traceable
  Request for Expressions of Interest for the Provision of Stock                    organizations.
   Broking and Equities Advisory Services–(Firms Selection)
                           _______                                       Short-listed Stock Brokers will be invited to submit detailed tech-
IPEC/EOI/02/2020. Provision of stock broking and equities advisory     nical and financial proposals, as described in Part 1 of the Request
       services.                                                       for Proposals Procedures in the Standard Request for Proposals for
                                                                       the Selection of Consultancy Services.
  The Insurance and Pensions Commission wishes to engage
consulting firms or Stock Brokers with valid membership with the         A Stock Broker will be selected in accordance with the procedures
Zimbabwe Stock Exchange in relation to the provision of stock          specified in Part VIII of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public
broking and equities advisory services for a period of one year with   Assets Act [Chapter22:23] and Part VI of the Public Procurement
an option for renewal. The Consulting firm or Stock Broker will        and Disposal of Public Assets (General) Regulations, 2018 (Statutory

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