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24 April 2020

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2020-04-24 number 36

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                                                                 Published by Authority

  Vol. XCVIII, No. 36                                              24th APRIL, 2020                                                   Price RTGS$20,00

General Notice 679 of 2020.                                                          General Notice 680 of 2020.

                                                                                                           Invitation to Competitive Bidding
                      Invitation to Competitive Bid
                                                                                        Tenders are invited from registered and reputable companies in
  THE National Pharmaceutical Company (NatPharm) is a                                terms of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act
commercial Company under the Ministry of Health and Child                            [Chapter22:23] and the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public­
Care (MoHCC) which is involved in the procurement, storage and                       Assets (General) Regulations (Statutory Instrument 5 of 2018) for
distribution of medicines and medical supplies. In line with the                     the following goods: —
Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ) Circular
01 of 2020 NatPharm is inviting eligible suppliers to be considered                  Tender number
for Framework Agreements for the supply and delivery of goods                        ZINWA/GOO/2020/01. Supply and delivery of water treatment
for managing Covid-19 pandemic.                                                            chemicals (aluminium sulphate, soda ash, HTH and chlorine
                                                                                           gas). Closing date: 30th June, 2020.
Tender number
                                                                      Submission of Tender
DOMESTIC NAT FRMWK 02/2020. Supply and delivery of
      personal protective equipment to Natpharm Harare Regional               Tenders must be enclosed in sealed envelopes and endorsed
      Stores. Closing date and time: 28th April, 2020, at 1000                on the outside with the advertised Tender number, the closing
      hours.                                                                  date and description of tender. Tender must be deposited at
                                                                              ZINWA Head in the tender box at our reception on or before
      Tender documents are obtainable from the Procurement                     10:00 a.m. of the closing date.
      Management Unit upon request by sending an email to
      procurement@natpharm.co.zw. Hard copy for the same                      Documents are obtainable from Zimbabwe National Water
      can also be obtained from the Procurement management Unit               Authority Offices, on payment of a non-refundable fee of
      at NatPharm Head Office, 14, Lobengula Road, Southerton,                RTGS$150,00, in Harare.
      Harare, upon payment of a non-refundable fee of ZWL                     ZINWA Head Office (Accounts section),
      $250,00 during working days between 0900 and 1300 hours                 Block 4, Celestial Park,
      and between 1400 and 1600 hours.                                        Borrowdale, Harare.
      Tenders must be enclosed in sealed envelopes and endorsed on
      the outside with the advertised tender number, the description,
      the closing date and time and must be posted in time to:                                               CONTENTS
      PO. Box ST 23, Southerton, Harare, or delivered by hand to:                                      General Notices
      The Procurement Manager, NatPharm Company, No. 14,              Number                                                                                         Page
      Lobengula Road, Southerton, Harare, before 1000 hours on         679. NatPharm: Invitation to Competitive Bid:............................................... 629
      the closing date.
                                                                       680. ZINWA: Invitation to Competitive Bidding Tenders.............................. 629
      Interested parties should contact NatPharm Procurement
      Management Unit, procurement@natpharm.com, Tel: 0242                Statutory Instrument issued as a Supplement to this Gazette Extraordinary
      621991-5, or visit NatPharm Head Office, 14, Lobengula          Number
      Road, Southerton, Harare.
                                                                                       95. Mining (General) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 (No. 23).

                                                              Printed by the Government Printer, Harare.                                                          629

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